Second Chance For The Bullied

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Second Chance For The Bullied

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Jinhoo spent his whole life being bullied. He is the only child of his parents and he never told them about his condition in school because he never wanted to get them worried. Even after leaving school and becoming an adult, he never achieved his dreams. He was still at the bottom of the food chain. But even with his life being as hard as it was, jinhoo never thought of suicide. He always finds the light in his dark world. His optimistic attitude towards life didn't go unnoticed by the lords of the universe. So, when he was forty he saved a child from being run over by a speeding car, that was seen as an act of heroism and it earned him a reward. As a reward, Jinhoo was sent back to start his life again from when he was fifteen years old. That wasn't the only reward, he was also given a system that turns his accomplishments into points, and those points could be used to make him stronger if he chooses. When Jinhoo got his second chance, he vowed to make his life better, and the only way to do that is become a gangster or be corrupt. Jinhoo didn't want the two options so he made a third option and that is to become stronger than the gangsters. Jinhoo decided to become strong, strong enough to go against the gangsters and corrupt officials, he knew it was possible with the system Along the line, Jinhoo discovered he wasn't the only one with such a special ability and most people with the ability want to rule the world with an iron fist...

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    so many repeated chapters

    2023-06-13 04:18:59
  • dmacd


    Enjoying the storyline however am annoyed by the last 7 duplicate chapters. Please fix.

    2023-03-28 03:21:27
  • Akash Srivastava


    when you will update next chapter?

    2023-08-15 16:15:04
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208 chapters
Life Of The Bullied
It's never too late to become what you want. Many have always lived by this code while some always think it's too late for them, Jinhoo is among the formal. Regardless of how unfair life has been to him and how cruel people have been to him. Jinhoo had to pass through many hardships throughout his life that one may think he would give up and hate life but he never did. Not for once did he bear any ill feelings towards life."Beautiful." Jinhoo exhaled the word as he looked at the stars in the sky. Whenever his life is a mess, he always looks up to the sky for strength. He does that a lot since his life is always a mess. He is always in a situation that would easily make one think of giving up or committing suicide, but never in his life has he thought of suicide. While looking at the stars, he started reminiscing on his younger days, and what made his life so messed up.Jinhoo was once the best student in his middle school, though his parents weren't rich he was still among the most p
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What It Means To Be A Hero
Jinhoo opened his eyes and noticed he was in a white world. There was no sound and nothing could be seen except white."Is this heaven?" He asked."No, just a place in between." A voice answered him making Jinhoo turn around but he saw nobody."In between what?""Living and the afterlife." The old man that explained to the woman what happened materialized in front of Jinhoo."Who are you?" Jinhoo asked."Someone that saw your struggle and found it interesting." The old man answered."Do you have a name?" "That's beyond you. Well, I am here to offer you a chance.""What chance?""Chance to a better life." Jinhoo has no idea if this is a dream, but he has nothing to lose by listening to the man. "How?""You have two options, the first option is to survive the accident and become successful in whatever you do. To explain it in simple terms, if you want to become the president of the country, it would happen if you work towards it.""So it won't just magically happen, I still have to w
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The mother had no idea what sort of bad dream made her son so emotional in the morning but she didn't push him away, instead, she embraced him warmly. Mrs. Lee is a full-time housewife, she only leaves the house to get groceries or go on a date with her husband. Being a housewife wasn't something she wanted but because of how corrupt the country they live in is. In K-country, ladies as beautiful as Mrs. Lee doesn't stand a chance of getting a job unless they have an affair with an official, or they are from a rich home. So, since Mrs. Lee does not have any rich background, nor does she want to be an unfaithful wife, she decided to stay at home and live with the little her husband earns. The love her husband had for her only multiplied when he realized her wife was willing to let go of her dreams in order to be faithful. Another thing Mr. Lee was happy about is that their son took after the mother and not him."Your friends are outside, you just started your summer holiday, you sh
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I Will Get Stronger Than Them All
By the time Jinhoo got home, his father was already home. Mr. Lee works at a construction company, he wasn't educated and has always felt guilty that his wife has to sacrifice so much for him. Mr. Lee has always been proud of his son for his intelligence, that's why Jinhoo never told them when he started having issues in school. When Jinhoo came back, his father was eating dinner so he decided to join him."How was your day dad?" Jinhoo asked and the man was shocked by the question. He turned to his wife and the beautiful woman simply shrugged while smiling warmly."Fine." Mr. Lee couldn't help but answer."Alright, don't overwork yourself." Jinhoo said to his father. Jinhoo knows how his parents ended and it was his father that died first. Mr. Lee died due to overworking himself, Mrs. Lee followed soon after since she was so in love with her husband that she never got over it. "What about you, how was your day?" Mr. Lee asked."Well, I took a walk around the neighborhood. I discover
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Time For The Next Level
Jinhoo jumped up the moment he heard the voice in his head. Though the voice was in his head and he was alone at home, he couldn't accept the fact so he still had to ask if someone was with him."Who is there?" He asked while looking around. When he got no reply he looked under the bed and every possible place someone could hide but he saw no one."Is it truly a voice from my head?""YES, I AM IN YOUR HEAD." The voice came again."Who are you?" Jinhoo has seen unimaginable things to now accepts unbelievable things casually."I AM THE SYSTEM GIVEN TO YOU AS A PLAYER.""What player?" "I DON'T HAVE AN ANSWER TO THAT.""Then what do you have the answer to?""I REGISTER YOUR TASK AND THEN AWARD YOU WITH POINTS UPON COMPLETION. THE POINT CAN BE USED BY YOU TO GET STRONGER OR MORE HANDSOME IF YOU DESIRE.""Can it make me richer?""NO, IT CAN ONLY IMPROVE YOUR PHYSICAL QUALITIES."Jinhoo sighed. "It would have been great if it can make me richer. So can it make me strong enough to be conside
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Finding The Champion
Jinhoo could be seen standing outside a training center. The Signpost above the training center was written: "Best In The World." "What an irony." Jinhoo scoffed as the shabby-looking training center is different from its noble name. Jinhoo lives in a beat-up neighborhood so the only training center he could find is nothing to write home about, besides he doesn't have the money to register in a well-built training center."Here goes nothing." Jinhoo walked in expecting to see two or more personal training but he saw no one expected the person lying on the ground with his back facing Jinhoo. "Hello?" Jinhoo called as he went closer to the man while looking around to see the types of equipment the training center has. Though Jinhoo has not been to any gyming center before, he still has an idea of what a good gym should look like. The one he is currently seeing could barely pass as a gyming center, the equipments are all worn out, and some can't even be used anymore."Hello?" Jinhoo ca
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Encounter With The Bullies
On his way home, Jinhoo saw the crimson gangs trying to bully two teenagers, a boy, and a girl. They appear to be the same age as Jinhoo, they are lovers that were coming back from their date. Crimson gangs stopped the lovers and asked the girl to come with them."Your boyfriend would be safe if you agree to follow us to our party." One of them said as he touches the girl's chin. They were four in number, two of them were pinning the boy down and one was just standing and watching everything then the one that seems to be the leader of the group was standing close to the girl and he is the one speaking."Just let us go." The girl cried as she felt as powerless as her boyfriend. "How can you still defend such a weak boyfriend?" The leader said as he walked over to the boyfriend and placed his foot on top of him. "He can't even say a word to save you." The leader mocked.While this was going on, Jinhoo watched from a safe place. He recognized the four, they are second-year students and
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First Day At School
Bella always sneaks out of the house to enjoy her freedom. Today happens to be one of those days and fate had it that Jinhoo had to cross her path."Hope you are not injured." Jinhoo helped her to stand and she just smiled and shook her head but after seeing how Jinhoo was covering his face, Bella couldn't help but take a step back."You don't have to be afraid." Jinhoo was quick to understand so he removed everything that was covering his face and Bella's eyes widened."I know you." She said as her cheek got stained red."You do?" Jinhoo was genuinely surprised for he has no idea that Bella would be able to recognize him at the moment."Yes, you are the boy that always sits beside the window." Bella's voice was no longer loud and sharp as it first was."You are correct, I know you too." Of course, everyone in school knows Bella, she is not only the most beautiful girl but also one of the richest. "And because I know you, I am surprised to see you on this side of the neighborhood.""W
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What A Good Way To Start The School Year
Jinhoo was surprised about his recent task, not only was the point so high, but the task is also difficult, and never had the system ever said it would deduct a point if ever he failed to complete a task. While Jinhoo was thinking about the latest development, a car arrived and Bella stepped out of it. All attention went over to her, she was radiating like the sun, and as such everyone would certainly go to her for warmth. Bella looked around as if she was looking for someone in particular, but before she could find whoever she was looking for, her friends rushed over to her side."Hi, Bella." Su-Ho came and hugged her best friend. Su-Ho is Bella's best friend, and she never liked Jinhoo, her hatred further increased when Bella died. "Su-Ho, how was your vacation?" Bella asked. Just like Bella, Su-Ho is also from a wealthy family but unlike Bella, she loves spending her parents' money. Su-ho's parents are into automobiles, and they have done a lot of shady deals in order to keep the
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Everyone Thinks He Is A Gangster
After dealing with the bully, Jinhoo went to the notice board to see which class he has been assigned to. He wasn't surprised to see his name in class A. This was the same as his previous life, the only different thing was he became the target of the bullies."Maybe they noticed the attention I was getting attention so they decided to bully me in order to make themselves popular." Jinhoo thought to himself as he walked towards his class. He noticed how the hallway looked deserted and that is to say that students have all gone to their classes. Today being the beginning of the school year, the teachers that are assigned to new classes would introduce themselves and new students would also do the same. If nothing else changed, Jinhoo already knows who his homeroom teacher is."You are late on the first day." The teacher said to Jinhoo. Mr. Park is their homeroom teacher, and the only reason he is ever kind to Jinhoo was because of his intelligence. Mr. Park is only kind to the children
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