SE7EN: Transcendence

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SE7EN: Transcendence

By: Grant Koeneke OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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What would you do if you woke up and decided to look out at the dawning morning only to see yourself still lying in bed? What would you do if your 21st birthday was the last time you would ever age? What would you do if you were being chased by the NSA? How would you feel if you were hunted by a creature that could take any form it wished? That is Michael’s life. From the time he was fifteen he knew he was much different from everyone else. He had his own successful technology company and was at school at MIT. This is as far back as he can remember any true memory. He had always known things, whether it was about people or just events, and went with his feelings about whatever split in the road was set in front of him. Staring out the window of his bedroom, he turned around to find he was still in bed. Was it a dream? Before figuring out what was going on, the government was trying to catch him. Running from the NSA and trying to figure out how to control his new powers, he runs into something very evil that wants nothing less than to kill him. His new enemy can take on any form he wants at any time. Using his power to split himself in two, he spends his time trying to find out one other mystery. How did the government know about him before he did? Learning to split his body, trying to find his purpose in life, searching for the woman he lost and trying not to get killed, Michael comes to find out one truth to his reality. The only thing he has to fear in this word is himself.

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I’ve been sitting in a concrete, steel reinforced room with three two-way mirrors and a twelve inch thick titanium door since the turn of the Millennium. My prison has 238 digital micro cameras that let my keepers watch and record every single movement I make. Well, every movement the cameras are able to see and record. Truth be told, the normal human eye has no chance of ever catching my every gesture. You see, there is an unbelievable world under the everyday façade that you wander around in. That’s my world, the one you are oblivious to. Not that the world you are living in now isn’t the real world. By all means, it is. Your world is the only reason mine exists. My 21st birthday was the pinnacle. By pinnacle I mean just how self-aware I came to just how different I was from everyone else. Brutally, the world was flipped upside down and has never been nor will it ever be the same again. Not for me and a few others, that is.
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A Room with Twice the View
“Michael,” a voice said softly breathing heavy breath with a delicate whisper into my ear. “Michael, don’t you have a meeting?” My eyelids tried to unglue themselves and pop open. Where is here? What was that fluttering sound? Whose voice was that whispering in my ear? Turning my head to see the pale off white skin and pinkish cheeks of a blonde woman I couldn’t remember the name of. My mind was racing to come up with a name. “Sharon? No. Sara? No.” It was too early to try and remember names. “What, baby?” slyly. Of course it was smooth enough not to be noticed and went over fine. She looked at me with soft eyes telling me she had just woke up. “Don’t you have a meeting?” “Yeah,” looking at the window of blinds behind her. The sun was a bit of a pinkish orange with a hint of yellow reflecting onto the ceiling. At that moment I knew what time it was. “Let’s see. It’s 7:13, right?”
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20 is the New Weird
Bars had always been a fun place for me. Little did I know that someone in the bar that night was not my friend. Just watching me from the other side of the room as closely as they could. Of course, I was oblivious. “Michael!” My best friend in the world, Matt Hickson, was throwing me a birthday celebration at one of my favorite sports bars, Riled. “Get over here and take a shot, mate!” He yelled when he drank too much. The entire bar was aware of him that night. Matt worked for me. How could I not hire my best friend? He was the only one that actually tried to be my friend in college. I was the genius prodigy and he was the imported British guy. It worked for us. We were inseparable from the first pint together and the first shot of Tequila just sealed the deal. Jimmy, the owner of Riled, didn’t care that I was under 21. No one thought of me as a kid. They all saw me as the guy that owned a few successful companies an
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Beyond This Is That
Bathwater warm ocean washed over my feet as the shells rattled against one another. The sun was setting over the water to the west and reflecting all the way south. It resembled the Florida Keys with the palm trees and shells clanking around. To the north side of the sun was the Rocky Mountain range of Vale, Colorado as the sun went down. I could see the sloped snow range as the twinkling light reflected off every flake. My heart pounded faster to the north with the mountains than the south with the ocean. I could see myself sitting on the porch of the Chateau in Vale while I was sitting on the beach. I could see the shells of the beach on my feet in the sand from the rail of Vale. Could this be? As the sun went down, the light brightened in my eyes with the haze and glare. My eyes raced back and forth furiously. I could feel a cold hand on my face and echoes of a voice in the distance. “Michael!” The voice was growing loud
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Bob was Never a Builder
Sitting there catching my breath, I watched Bob coordinate everything for 30 minutes before he came back over to check on me. By then I had gathered myself and had plenty of time to focus my thoughts and memories of the last 35 minutes into some sort of single order. “You alright?” He didn’t seem to really know whether that was the right question to ask or not. It was obvious he did mean every word and was truly concerned with my state, but I could tell he thought it was a dumb question given the circumstances. Anyone else would have been in complete shock. “Yeah, I’m fine. How’s Fred doing?” Understandably, he looked over his shoulder at Fred and then back at me. Fred was active and animated talking to another detective. “I’m guessing you know him,” he said with what would become a normal look for me from that point on, puzzled. “No. I have no idea who he is. I just know his name.” Being honest was the best thing
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Paul Reubens has Nothing on Me
In comparison to everyone else’s life, mine has been bizarre. I’ve always done things a little different and really just felt my way through life. If something felt right or I felt like something was trying to tell me to do something I just went with it. I made money and did some things with it other people might not have thought of or even thought was realistic. The black limo filled with Matt and the girls pulled to a stop in the underground garage on my 20th birthday. The ’10 Car Monty’, as it came to be known, worked. Well enough to get us away from whoever was chasing us. Riled, the sport’s bar was fun but the chase seemed even more fun for everyone, except me. Matt looked at the girls as the opaque glass became see through again. He opened the door and hopped out of the limo. The girls followed him out and I just sat there for a moment. My mind was still preoccupied with who it was that followed us. It was the tactical boots that we
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Rules Were Made to be Broken
It’s funny how people will make what seems like a meaningless decision that turns into a stupid one. Seeing it over and over again in my life, people have a tendency to overlook the things that they think are mundane or small. I’ve been guilty of that so many times in the past. Standing in the snow covered hills of Vale, Colorado, I was starting to feel a little dumb for not grabbing my ski jacket instead of just the normal day to day rain Columbia I threw on as I rushed out the….window. Well, that was a strange set of events to begin with. The tactical boots were a good idea. They were woodstove warm and keeping my feet bone dry. Of course that’s what they are meant to do so, it makes sense. Even in the freezing snow. When I slipped them on all I was thinking about was they could handle any climate. With those boots, I really would have felt dumb if I’d chosen the Florida Keys with its hot dry sand. There was only one goal to
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A Sitting Room Isn’t Just For Sitting
Nine years had passed while I sat in a small concrete room. They were good enough to give me a box-less bed and a metal chair and desk. No doubt they were waiting for something to happen and they either wanted me to be bored while we waited or they thought it would happen fast. Everyday of the last nine years, since right before my 21st birthday, had been spent in my room. Locked away from the world, but never locked out of my own mind. Day after day I escaped deep inside my mind learning every detail of this bizarre ability I had and learning how to use it consistently. Still, I was always aware they were behind the glass. Some of the learning had to take place outside my head just by the very nature of what it was. The majority, though, could be learned inside my ever expanding mind where I didn’t have the mirrors. The very first thing I taught myself was how to be in two different places at once. Each time I had done it before
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Cash, It’s What’s For Dinner
Food has never been something I thought a lot about. Maybe it’s because I spent so little time between family dinners and posh restaurants. By the time I was sixteen I had my first college degree, though I didn’t graduate until I was seventeen with my masters in hand which I had setup that way. Before I was fifteen I had a company setup in my Dad’s name and was running it through him. I never really wanted for money so I always ate the same way, just enough for my stomach not to complain. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved food. Pulling up to the curb, I could see a sign that read ‘Mastro’s Steakhouse’. We were somewhere in Beverly Hills. Just a wild guess, but I figured this would be Bob’s choice. They had fantastic steak and I had been several times and at least once every trip to Los Angeles. I glanced over at Bob with a wide grin on my face. He looked down as to say “What”. “There goes getting out of my suit,” I chuckled and let my
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Not All Darkness is in the Shadows
Rain could always be a soothing experience for me. Tiny round droplets of cold water falling from the sky, crashing into whatever got in its way, to make a sound easing the tension. I could always count on the rain to put my pulse and my racing mind back in check. Spring in New York always had the potential to let loose the rain. That day it happened to be raining as I looked out my hotel room window to the street below. An ever moving and never sleep city that didn’t care the tiniest little bit about the water falling from the sky. I was in New York for business and a little bit more. Paranoia was starting to creep in and I wanted to start setting up some things that I could use later. I was buying some property while I was in town trying to show the board of one of my companies a new technology we were going to produce. Both Matt and Bob had made the trip and had lists of things I’d given them to do. Bob also wanted to check w
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