With a brick in hand and the full intention of breaking the damned window, I stood there frozen and unable to rationalize what I had just experienced. Was there really some bastard that had broke into my home and mocked me, or was it just another delusional dream, and I was about to wake up soaked like I had pissed myself yet again?

The innocent black kitten continued to bat around a small paper ball, oblivious to my staring inside.

I dropped the brick. The sound of it hitting wet wood on the deck was loud enough to echo, and the sound reached inside, making the kitten bounce on all fours before he ran to hide under my recliner.

Turning, I ran down the steps to the front yard, almost sliding on my ass, drenched and feeling the coldness of wet clothes. But, of course, no one was there when I spun in circles looking around me.


I had yelled loud enough that my voice cracked, but I knew if an intruder was there or not, no one would really answer

Sorry this is a slower then molasses upload. I have several novels I have to catch up on since Covid hit my entire household. Thank you for your support and patience. If you are interested in any of my other work, just search my author name, Natashia_Lou. XXo

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