Chapter 16

Promise Me, Ally

After a week of Masaf's trial

At the front of the prison junction, Vaan walks out of the gate, being much skinnier than he was. He is released from jail while his whole Skaletta people waiting for him.

Klethi watches him before running to hug him deeply, "Boss... you look skinny and did anyone hurt you in there?".

Vaan sighs weakly and shakes his head, "Forget about it... Is Vito safe somewhere?".

Klethi nods quickly, "Yes, boss. The agent you sent to him secretly is spying on him and sending support passively, you need to take a rest, boss".

Vaan coughs weakly before she takes him to the carriage while other members take care of his surroundings.

Vaan looks at her, "Klethi... we have to find Masaf's lawyer again or at least break him out of jail as soon as possible".

Klethi sighs, "Boss, the government is strictly against him from taking support. What can we do?".

Vaan coughs again, "I got a plan... Before that, I need to meet him".

After an hour, Vaan gets permissio
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