Chapter 17

Attack on Skargaz

At the Prison Junction C

Masaf punches some inmates as he is handicapped against 10 more inmates until Jake jumps in and kicks them off as the fights keep their way.

Jake grabs a shard of glass and stabs into another's neck then yells, "Masaf!", before throwing the broken bottle towards Masaf's head as he dodges it which ends up getting into the last inmate's throat.

Masaf laughs out crazily, "Bullseye!", stomps on some inmate's groin.

Jake grins before giving a fist bump to him, "Classic Masaf... Just keep enjoying the last fortnight here, eh?".

Masaf laughs, "Of course, just gonna miss my son, but no emotions to be left off!", and smashes a bottle on an injured inmate.

In the court at night

Masked Klethi sneaks in and looks for the place where the evidence of Masaf was there.

A guard walks in before she hides inside a room and sneaks around until the guard leaves sight of her.

Successfully enters the evidence room after pick-locking the door very silently.

There w
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