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Skaletta Family aims to protect their country, Bacein from their rival country, Aeradis. On the other hand, the political situation has become another obstacle to achieve the goal.

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Chapter 1
Chapter 1 History "A Century ago in this Bacein. There was a bloody war that killed countless warriors. Two warring factions called Toset and Kablan. We can say Toset was on the side of power while Kablan was for peace in the world. Each faction had three clans. Skargaz, Toro and Kempo clans for Toset who were really greedy and killers of peace. They were never whole human back then. However, Kolan, Zake and Skaletta clans were the heroes forever even now. After the war ended with the victory of Kablan in the sacrifice of the Kolan clan, all the clans were scattered over the nations and had their own lives instead of thinking about the war again that cost their loved one's life. Now all those clans are called Mafia clans or somewhat underwo.....Vito!", the bald white skinned professor with a grey mustache, chubby cheeks, snubbed nose, dressed in light blue and a suspended leather holder across his shirt with a name label on his sleeve 'Riktor Gorr' who is triggered and snaps out
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2 Be My Ally Rozan Field Vito with his white and black striped jersey and a symbol of Nilo Rovers printed on his left shoulder, and player number 23 behind his back, drops the football that was quite old textured, coloured in white, on the centre of the field. A young man of pale skin with wavy hair, age 17, runs towards Vito as his jersey was the same as Vito's but a name behind his back, "Wasa" and 23 underneath. Giving a fist bump to him. Wasa then speaks up, "What's the formation?". Vito turns to Wasa and nods, "Here you are, Wasa. Always late. We gotta hurry up with a formation." Wasa chuckles, "First of all, thanks to Mariada for pulling your ass out of Gorr. Lastly, we could lose if you weren't there". Vito nods, "Yeah, I should drink the most bitter coffee before joining the class." Wasa nods, "Then let's pipe in espresso into their asses as if they are planning a world war over there." Vito looks over at the red jersey players where Nasaf Skargaz is planning wi
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Attack on Kadiz 4 hours before Vaan entered the Kadiz Manor, At the Skargaz Manor Masaf coughs heavily before grabbing the elegant red coat off from the clothes hanger, he forgot to wear his Skargaz leadership ring on the table which he did not notice mistakenly, he instead turned to his lady butler, "The party, eh?" The lady butler walks towards him, "Boss Fourth, your horse carriage is ready".Masaf snaps his finger, "Good", he rushes to the horse carriage outside his house then he turns to his manager, "Why isn't my son home yet?" The manager shrugs regretfully, "Boss Fourth, unfortunately, he is having a party at his friend's house.", Masaf scoffs before glaring at the manager, "I believe his friend is a human. And humans have a name, don't they?", he gives a tight smile. His manager stammers while speaking, " is Gross Garson, Boss Fourth".Masaf went silent at the sound of his name while shortly scrunching his nose. The manager continued to give inform hi
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Chapter 4
Kidnapped In the dark hidden hideout filled with swarms and unhealthy atmosphere in the jungle that is far away from Rozan Field. Wasa Dihan in a weak state while his skinny hands were tied with a chair, a bruise on his side eyes that was turned into a bloody wound, and his nose is bleeding dark red looking down at himself and coughing up blood. A thug punches his nose more before taunting, "Yeah, nice bleeding, you are the example condition for Vito, so Vaan can get us a huge fortune.", the thug cackles over his face, "And you got no chance here to escape, orphan kid." Wasa looks up at him with a tight glare, "You are lucky that you had parents, if I were your father, I could have killed myself knowing what you are." Thug gets triggered by his words before kicking Wasa's gut brutally, "Your words are too mature for your age, kid", then grabs his hair tightly before punching his gut, hardly followed by Wasa's painful grunt. In the other room, Vito is covered by a sack until it
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Chapter 5
Take Me Instead The surrounding noises are vague to Vito as he starts to open his eyes slowly, watching a brute man getting attacked by a masked lady with a Skaletta badge on her right arm, his ailing knee couldn't move due to the impact against the wall. The masked lady punches the brute continuously as brute can't get a chance to hit her back until he lifts her. Brute yells in power, "Haaahh... I hate a cockroach!", he throws her against the wall but she jumps up and uses the wall as an instant support to her gravity and jumps back to sweep kick his face which didn't make an impact on him. She gasps before brute grabs her neck and places another hand on it, "Beautiful neck you go-". Brute gets his head shot by Masaf from his back and smirks, "No one hurts my allies. How dare they?". The masked lady unmasks herself as she appears to be Klethi, "Thanks Skargaz Fifth."Masaf rushes to Nasaf and carries him, "If you keep skipping the martial art, that's a disappointment, son.", he sla
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Chapter 6
In The Memory of Vaan SkalettaNilandoria HospitalAfter 2 HoursVito suddenly opens his eyes, lying on a stretcher inside a patient room. His arm was injected with healing serum from the stand, looking around while frowning, "Seriously?.... Hello? Why am I in the hospital?". There is no response, thunder rumbles outside causing the rainstorm. He thinks for a moment, "I hope Father didn't see me like this... He will be worried."All of a sudden, the door opens and Wasa rushes in being paranoid, "Vito!", runs to him and pants. Vito jumps and gasps, "Mate, you got me killed mentally. What happened?"Wasa tries to compose himself while breathing out, "Vito... Skaletta.....". Vito frowns slightly, "Yeah that's me." Wasa shakes his head, "I mean your father.... He is...", he again pants before speaking as his voice shakes, "He is killed", kneels being broken as he used to care about Vaan Skaletta from his childhood.Vito was shocked by his words, eyeing him in disappointment before speakin
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Chapter 7
ContradictionsGun shoots before the body thudding noise hits up. Klethi was shocked looking at what happened behind him with her eyes widened. Aisen grins evil, "Thanks, Borgis".Behind him, "Welcome, Aisen". Aisen gasps and turns around to see it is Masaf Skargaz who kicks his groin and punches his nose, sweeping his leg off then grabs his neck, "Such a coward, stealing a lady's kiss!", repeatedly punching him brutally as he turns unconscious. A group of gangs start holding Masaf from hitting him, but Klethi kicks their guts, and both keep fighting until the members of Skaletta get the gut and start forming to fight against the Aisen's gang. After a lot of gunfights in the graveyard, the grounds were covered with drops of blood, Aisen gangs lost while some Skaletta henchmen died. Skaletta members shoot the gun towards the sky as a victory, "Hail Skaletta!"They don't realize that Aisen already fled during the fight until Masaf notices and yells in frustration, "No! That bastard jus
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Chapter 8
Welcome to the Hell The clap continues as the person from the dark slowly marches towards them. Aisen frowns, "Walk faster, bastard. This isn't a film you are walking like", he aims the gun at that side. That person finally comes out of the shadow it turns out to be Vaan Skaletta who is eyeing him while his forehead touches the gun aimed at him.His gang members run away through fear of him until they try to unlock the exit door in panic.Vaan stays silent, giving a long cold look at Aisen. Aisen is in utter shock as his mouth shakes and his jaws open like a crocodile being suffering, "I killed you....impossible?". Vaan puts his forehead closer to his gun, "Long story short... I faked my death, Aisen. And I know your weakness... Your neck is the only part of it". Aisen immediately pulls up the trigger but the gun is bullet-less as he eyes it.Vaan scoffs silently, "Pity on you, kid". Aisen yells before his gang members aim the guns at Vaan, "Kill Him!".The stream of shotgun r
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Chapter 9
Dear Diary 14 years ago At Noran High School Young Masaf age 18, dressed neatly, clean shaved with his short hair, laughs with his group of friends, "And we heard that lil boy just got his pant shitty because he forgot to wear his undies", they laugh with him while that boy who hears them talking about him gets embarrassed, "please do not talk bad about me, Masaf". Masaf paused before eyeing him, "Oh yeah, you wanna stop me talking about your embarrassment?", he stands and walks towards that boy, "What you gonna do about it, Peepee poo poo?".The boy looks down and eyes him as he were scared but trying to make it casual, "My name is Riktor Gorr, not that name. And I'm gonna be the teacher in the future and punish bullies like you". Masaf kicks his gut before throwing him against the wall, "In your ass, poo", his gang laughs hard watching him beating Riktor, "Do it, Masaf. He deserves it".Riktor tries to cover himself while Masaf kicks his arms and legs until a young slender tall
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Chapter 10
Masaf's Childhood Next Day In front of the Noran Boys Collage A young beautiful lady, a golden necklace coated with diamonds on her neck, facing towards the Noran Collage. A slight wind blows her lovely blonde hair, her bright red lips turn into a heavenly smile when she watches Vaan walking out of the exit. She walks to him happily before hugging him deeply, "My love. How was your class?". He hugs her back gently before curling her soft hair playfully, "It was fantastic. Calculus isn't an obstacle for me to skip it for you, my Queen", he lies with a wink to her so she won't be worried about what things happened to him.She giggles before nodding, "Same for biology, never got my attention", she winks back. Vaan nods with a broody look before softly caressing her engagement ring where his name was curved in, "So tell me, my Sonya... Will Vito beat me up again?", he chuckles.Sonya rolls her eyes before shrugging, "Big brother won't do that anymore, he respects you from now on. I t
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