Chapter 19


A soft touch on his skin, a warm familiar breath on his cheek and a soft humming voice reach his ear before Masaf slowly opens his eyes, and finds himself in a dark room that is within the forest itself.

He softly looks up before realizing Mifa softly combing his hair and she looks at him with a longing smile, "Been a while, little brother".

Masaf opens his mouth in surprise before leaning to her touch like an infant and then smiling softly, "Finally I am in heaven, sister. But I died too horribly, couldn't say goodbye to my son-", suddenly she slaps his cheek which startles him.

Mifa frowns, "How stupid you are. You think heaven is dark like this?".

Masaf pauses while covering his cheek, getting out of her lap and gasps, "Sister? You are alive?".

She looks at him, "Isn't it obvious, Masaf?".

He looks at himself, "Vaan was right. I didn't believe him... I need a drink".

Mifa gets up and rolls her eyes, "We have to kill the president and the new president. Both are shit".

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