Chapter 20

Bitter Past

40 years ago

1759 AD

Nilandoria Middle School

Young Mifa at the age of 8, silently walks towards the classroom that is filled with children at her age. Her best friend, Raiqe comes to her and giggles as she shows her a blue stoned necklace, "Mifa, look, I got a beautiful necklace from my father".

Mifa smiles slightly before hugging her, "You look beautiful, Raiqe. I am proud of you".

Raiqe chuckles, "Thanks, So what are your grades for promotion, anyway? I bet you passed Politics".

Mifa looks down at her paper, "I got an F in politics".

Raiqe sighs, "You didn't study?".

Mifa shakes her head slowly, "It is boring. I just want to be a doctor in future, what will the politics do with me?".

Every kid stands as the teacher enters. It is Merfo Piu, a middle school teacher with a moustache, "Hello, I am Merfo, just call me sir, I love that".

Raiqe smiles, "Look, he seems friendly, maybe this quarter will be fantastic.

After 3 hours of mathematics study, Merfo lectures the timetab
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