Chapter 23


Mifa holds the detonator, "This... is the detonator for the treasury of President Piu... All that money he got from slavery revenue. We will capture it and donate it to a women's shelter institution. His finances will be weak, and so will his family who captures kids for slavery. No mercy".

Vaan nods, "Means lower armies, so also means, the last thing he will do is escape this country once again using his finances".

Masaf belches before reloading his shotgun, "Then kill his future president so the government won't allow him to leave the country until new one be there".

Mifa nods to his word, "Correct... So, Masaf, your task is to kill Kadiz. I will make the plan, Klethi shall go for killing Garry Loaf. Vaan, make a strategy where I can bring my black armies to the target".

Vaan nods gently, "Certainly. How many forgs?".

Mifa looks at the table, "15 forgs".

Vaan was impressed before nodding, "That's huge".

Mifa then turns to Masaf, "You go back to Manor and meet your son but r
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