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Adira was denied in most of the schools because of her long list record of reasons to be kicked out. Because of that, she stopped going to school and started to build the game station of her brother who disappeared years ago. The modern world evolved so fast that technologies have outdated in a short period of time. And that includes the virtual technology that her genius brother built. Not to mention, her brother’s game brought almost all the users of the said game in their country in a coma. That lead the government to shut it down. She studied everything that her brother wrote in his journal and succeeded in building it again. Just when she started playing, her eyes opened at the amazing virtual world. There she met a few friends of her brother and found out that they were stuck at the game for many years. And unfortunately, it was not a fun game to play. It was not just a virtual reality game. It was a game to kill or be killed.

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  • mauricioethan6


    Nice start author!

    2023-01-20 13:23:40
  • cupid


    Even I wanted to know the adventure awaits.

    2023-01-16 21:33:31
  • Marian Espinoza


    the flow of story is good, so far.

    2023-01-16 21:20:13
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7 chapters
THE LEGENDARY HEROFive years ago."Adira!"She could hear her brother calling out for her from the main door of their little home. She immediately put down her Hatsune Miku doll and ran downstairs, diving herself to the college guy who had just arrived.He was with a luggage and a backpack on one of his shoulders, that dropped on the floor to catch her little body.She giggled while hugging him tightly. "You better not forget what you promised me," she said."Of course. But I am going to ask mom if you are doing good in your school," he said as he walked into the kitchen, carrying her on his back."Hi, mom," he greeted their mother. "That smells good. Oh, how I missed home-cooked food.""Take a seat. This will be ready in a minute. I told you to stop eating instant foods at your dormitory.""At least, I am still smart," he boasted as he took his seat. "By the way, is Adira the number one in the second-grade class?" he asked.Their mother turned around, moving her hips to one side and
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A MAGICAL PARADISEAnother swift slap came on her other cheek after the other."I really don't like you the first day you transferred to our school," said the girl in a heavy black eye make up as she pulled Adira's hair.Her only answered was a spit after a laugh, and it made the bullies more angry."How dare you!" the girl with make up ordered her other minions to hold her. She grabbed her hair once more and raised a scissors."Oh, Nika. We didn't sign up for this. You are not going to stab her, do you?""No. Silly. I will just be a hairdresser for today," she grinned and started giving Adira a long cut from behind.She really cut her hair from waist up to her nape."I want to graduate high school and I am not going to be a criminal until that." The bully threw off her hair in front of Adira. "I am not going to be a murderer like her brother," she said.And with that sentence, Adira's eyes darkened. "You talked too much," she whispered. With all her might, she pushed the two girls wh
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 A DEADLY MISSION  The crowd were on its busiest. These different people diverse on age, built, and race. Some of these are races are those she just saw the first time in her real life. Others have various skin tones and hair colors extracted from the colors of the rainbow. Few of these people even have fancy-looking clothes, in combination of both traditional and modern era, that appear only in Japanese anime that she used to watch when she was years younger. These people are what they call avatars- the character of the player inside a game.Adira was standing on a bricked paveway on the center of stoned stalls. It looks like she was in a middle of a busy traditional marketplace. Some streetlights that has not lit candles stood by the alley between these stone buildings.She was like in a new world that can be called paradise. It was a place inside a technology where modern technologies n
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THE MAGE WITH THE INFINITY POTIONA loud growl was heard from her stomach. The place was really amazing, that even in the virtual world, she could still feel the same way in the real world. She can feel everything-- happiness, excitement, pain, and now, hunger.A group of several men walked in front of her, just a few meters away, tossed a wrapped burrito-like food to the man waiting for them outside the establishment where they had just come out. Their friend caught it and opened it immediately. The aroma of the hot long circled buns filled with various vegetables and a big chunk of a meat spread in the air.It went right through her nostrils and it made her belly roar, asking for something like it. She remembered Ayako explained this afternoon that she needed food to regain her life bar. She got herself her coins and there is nothing wrong with trying if her taste buds also work in that virtual world.It was already evening when she finished her first task and she did not even felt
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THE CREATOR WHO DISAPPEAREDThe squad made their move. Sammy moved faster and began to bury grenades on the feet of the giants. Kinn began attacking and aimed in the heads with his mighty word. Juliet attacked and shielded the giant's attacks on Kinn. However, she cannot find Night the first few minutes.She cannot stop herself from being amazed at how the team was playing professionally."Are you just going to stand here?" Night asked.She almost jumped in surprise. "How about you? You are not going to help them?" she asked back.He smirked. "Oh, I already did. There will be no second wave for I already finished them off alone," he boasted, stressing the word "alone".This guy is amazing. She can't imagine him finishing the second wave attack on his own. He must be too powerful for him to do that.She also began stepping towards the battle area. She raised her hands and started glowing. The moment she bend down, she put her palm on the ground, creating a big magic circle. It was enou
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THE COLD BLOODED DARK PRINCE"Players were stuck here in the game. Gossips roamed around easily and says that players who left the game never returns. Some would say that they probably die in the real world because of shame."She wanted to say that part of it was true. The government was blaming the game that Odin developed for the deaths of many players. Deep inside her, she don't want to admit it. And so, she remained silent. For now. Maybe in the right time, she will. But not now."Some really loves it. While most of the player hates it, especially Odin.""Where is he now?" she asked."We also do not know. He disappeared one day and no one knows where he is." Juliet looked at her teammates. "That is why, we are trying to level up for us to finish the game and finally meet Helios. Odin programmed the game but he never told us the ending of this game. And we think Helios can help us.""Helios?""Helios, the god of this world. He was like the administrator of this world. Another NPC w
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CHAPTER 6 DAMSEL IN DISTRESS "You going somewhere?" Pixel heard a voice echo along the corridors of that cold way out of Night's castle. It was already almost noon time and no one has been waking up, so she decide to take a stroll by herself. She tilted her head to see it was Sam. His eyes look heavy that he was trying to open up. With the way he walk, he still kind of sleepy and his head is still hazy. He is not yet fully waken up. But then, he still tried to open his dried lids that quite blinded by the morning rays of the sun passing through the opened wide windows of the towers. "I'm going to the Center Circle," she said, almost a whisper. "Alone?" he asked as his brows met in the middle top part of his nose. She nodded casually. "Yeah?" He shook his head and finally popped out those red half awake eyes of him. "I can't let a lady go alone. Would you care to spare me a minute?" Her brows arched in confusion. "I guess I'll be waiting for you at the garden." Sam nodded con
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