Son of the Lalan hero
Son of the Lalan hero
Author: Maguire35

After so much waiting and dreaming of my freedom, unfortunately I entered the intergalactic academy, a school that teaches you to pilot ships in the galaxy. The problem is that I was the son of the hero of the Lalan. Lalan was hope in an alien language, and that word was left to identify those heroes. He was still alive, and he was not the person that everyone believed, he had sequels for all the traumas that left him losing companions and the extreme places where he was. Although he tried to pretend he was someone normal.

My father was commanding and with a strong temperament. He had blond hair and black eyes, with a black beard. I was different from him, I looked like my mother in his words. I had short straight black hair, I was somewhat dark, I was also tall and round faced, but I never had a childhood like the other children, I was every day reading books and practicing with an old model ship, I even had to learn how to repair it. I had a brother who wanted to fulfill Dad's dream. He was already a pilot in that academy. This year he would receive his professional card and get out of here, but he had to continue at that academy doing some internships. He and I didn't get along well, we fought a lot. He was always trying to get me in trouble for some reason, maybe it was a sibling rivalry, but I never understood it. We hadn't seen each other for more than five years, and I don't know if he had changed.

My life was kind of frustrating, but there was nothing I could do about it. My father set an impossible goal for us, one that I might not reach. I was under his orders until I turned 18.

I was still months away from that age, and I only agreed to go to that academy to come up with a plan to get out of there. I had already tried to escape thousands of times, but I always ended up captured and punished in a place in an extreme climate or in a juvenile detention center.

My father was a hero, despite what he did to me, he would always have that title. He was one of the captains who participated in a brotherhood of 20 planets. They all joined together to eliminate some intergalactic pirates called the Ungeziefer at first they went to different worlds to steal, but then they started doing inhuman acts, They raped, enslaved and killed the people of the places they came to.

With everything they stole, they became so strong that they subdued any civilization. The land was one of their conquered places, but thanks to the Guild we were able to get rid of them. Our technology was very basic, so they gave us alien ships and weapons from a smarter planet in the galaxy, Meshua. My father was one of the people who traveled through the galaxy and together with other people eliminated almost all the pirates, as they are still known to be in different galaxies.

Unfortunately, the earth was one of the places where there was more mixing because of our poor technological advances, we were one of the first worlds to fall, the children of interbreeding with the Ungeziefer, were eliminated, since no one wanted them and brought bad memories, although in some cases their families did not want to kill them, but they had to step aside and let them kill them properly. For many, they were demons that should never have existed. That race of aliens was similar to a salamander, only they were red and yellow eyes, although they would not grow any part of the body if they were only cut.

Unfortunately, not everyone who participated in that battle was able to return, most of the people from Earth who were in that war died. Only the crew that was with my father on the ship and two others were able to return.

It was a milestone in human history, but the brotherhood began to weaken. Only 14 of the worlds that participated still exist, it is said that due to internal problems they disappeared, but perhaps the Ungeziefer were to blame for that, for now they are investigating what happened in those places and the planet earth is trying to prepare for any attack in the future.


On the first day at the intergalactic academy I felt free, luckily no parent would be there. I felt very happy that I would no longer have so much pressure with him around. However, the isolation made my personality not develop, and I chose to always be alone, plus my father was paranoid about other people. He always said to be careful that someone could betray me and kill me on my own ship or things like that. However, I didn't pay attention to that.

I didn't have my father's last name for security reasons and so that the teachers would treat me as just another student.

On the day of the welcoming ceremony at the school, we were welcomed like any other student. All the new 17-year-old cadets were separated from the girls. To avoid dating and the like. In this place it was forbidden, we only had to concentrate on learning. Almost at the beginning of the ceremony we were hosed down, only the men had to endure that.

"Wake up you sons of bitches" We were told by second level cadets with black uniforms and quite tight clothes. All with short hair like military men.

I felt humiliated and wanted to fight them, but they were all older than me, we all stayed silent and did not complain, even though we were more than them.

In this world, there were basically three social levels. Most of the people who were here. We were middle and lower class. Everyone's only goal in this academy was to be a pilot, however not everyone would be able to make it. Eighty percent of us would be eliminated. Even less than 200 people would be left, and that's where the navigation teams would be drawn from. At that time, there were two thousand or more new cadets. This was a competition to be a pilot.

We were in front of a runway where the ships were landing. There were almost twenty ships of various sizes and models, but they were about 200 meters from where we were. At that moment it was eight o'clock in the morning and there was a very cold breeze, it was just the end of winter and because of the weather my hands were shaking a little. Suddenly we saw how they gathered all our luggage, poured gasoline on it and a huge flame started to burn it. I laughed internally because I had some kind of explosive device. It was just a prototype I made to escape from this place.

I just felt a blast wave that within a few seconds stunned us all. Most of the people fell to the ground, as they could not stand that sound. Many ships suffered damage to their windshields. Sadly, I was laughing, I felt it was a stupid thing to do that could have been avoided if we had been asked.

A second level cadet with black hair, blue eyes, tall and with a scar on his chin, he didn't hesitate to approach me and speak to me.

"What are you laughing at, your fucking cadet?"

"At your stupidity, you should have at least asked what we had in our briefcase."

"Ah... Are you responsible for this?"

"I didn't do anything. I'm just giving my opinion."

Out of nowhere appeared the lieutenant of this small group of cadets. There were dozens of them. They all looked the same, just different sizes. He had a dark green square hat, black glasses and a full green uniform. They all for some reason wore that same weird uniform. He looked at all the damage the blast wave had caused and almost got something.

"What happened here, who did this?"

The second level cadet was nervous. He walked over to where the lieutenant was standing. I knew he would probably have to answer and pay for all that damage, and he blamed me.

"It was that weird looking black haired guy, he's in row number six."

All my classmates left me alone, they all took off and let the lieutenant see me. Although no one had proof that I was the culprit. The only thing was the sentence I said. So I tried to get out of that problem by removing myself from that responsibility.

"I didn't do anything, he's just accusing me because I asked him a question" He looked at me and then at the second level cadet.

"You're both going to pay for this, and I'm not going to accept claims."

"But sir, this is the norm. All the time it is done in this academy" He said in second level cadet.

"You are both to blame, you for not making sure it was what you burned and him for talking back to you. Teach him respect. You have two weeks to show these kids around the facility. You are the leader of these new cadets. If he can't, give the place to Lucia," replied the lieutenant.

That was my dad, he had a strange logic. Only what he said was done, so I preferred not to say anything and waited for my punishment like all my life.

I watched as medical personnel came here to attend to those affected by the explosion. Because today was the entrance ceremony, everyone had to be perfect. The windshields of the ships were fixed by a series of robots that were programmed for that.


Half an hour later, everyone was fine, and the welcoming ceremony for the new cadets began. Unfortunately, there were dozens of people in the stands. All important people in the country. Even my father would be there.

It all started with a somewhat military parade. The new cadets came out first, I was in one of the last rows because of my last name, so I was unnoticed.

In the area where the ceremony was taking place, all the cadets gathered little by little. I already knew all the protocol of the steps that were followed to welcome everyone. First the director would say a few words, then he would give a speech, followed by thanking the attendees for the event and finally the welcome. However, I noticed that the protocol had changed. A girl would make the welcome speech and there was a kind of stage where she would give us the speech. She had red hair and green eyes, she was kind of pretty.

She smelled of something rather strange, a typical chemical for exploding objects, and it was quite concentrated in that place. I had handled it a few times and I didn't feel like using it, it destroyed everything it touched, I damaged a house where my dad locked me up. So I never used it again.

I was worried about the people who were here. I wasn't sure, but I decided to do the stupidest and smartest thing in my life.

I got out of line, before the girl gave the speech. Everyone was shocked. No one knew what I was doing. However, I had no choice, this was going to set off an explosion in that place.

One of the lieutenants called out to me several times.

"Cadet, get back in line! Cadet, get back in line!"

I didn't listen to him, I was just heading there, but two officers went to where I was. They tried to stop me. However, I managed to get to where she was. They grabbed me by both arms and tried to talk to me. I did not hesitate to talk to her.

"There is a bomb on that dais."

"What do you say, cadet?"

She didn't know if what I said was true, but when in doubt, she asked them to leave me.

"Please leave him."

They immediately let go of me, but they didn't leave from there. The scene caught everyone's attention. Several lieutenants saw that what was happening was too strange and went to where I was. I hoped I wasn't mistaken, because I would look stupid in front of the whole academy.

Nearby was a robot that organized objects according to the lieutenants' orders. They were quite useful, as they did things that humans forget or couldn't do. One of them was carrying heavy objects, and cleaning places. The robot was bigger than a human, but was somewhat slow. It had a square shape and eyes like lights, moved by its wheels, and used sensors to understand its surroundings.

"Silver, please search the pallet immediately."

He scanned the area with an infrared light he had in his head and immediately made an alert.



He issued several alerts that scared everyone in the parade. I saw how in the bleachers they made everyone get out of there. Even I felt a little scared. The girl wanted to get down from there, but I had to warn her not to.

"Wait. Maybe it's a pressure bomb, just like a mine, if you get off there, it could explode and set off the rest. You're the only person who got up there today."

"There, I get it. Robot Match my weight and switch places with me."

Robot did as the girl ordered and she slowly climbed down from the pallet and started walking away from there. I felt calmer, but I preferred to leave that place too. When I tried to return to the rest of the cadets, I saw that they were meters away from us. They had heard the robot's warning.

I did not know if there was how information was handled in this place, but they were pretty fast.

However, a series of bombs exploded simultaneously in several places. Two ships went flying. Even the one that was close to me. I took part of the blast and fell to the ground. It was quite loud and stunned me. My ears hurt, and I couldn't get up from the floor. I saw the mouth girl, she was also affected by the explosion.

I tried to get up a little and looked at the rest of the cadets. They had all dropped to the ground at that moment. I didn't understand how in an academy this could happen.

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