Chapter 12 (part 5)

He was thankful he found her despite the circumstance thrust upon the first moments of their budding relationship. Physical or otherwise, he was built upon the loneliness and tiresome pursuit of something to occupy his time besides work. Building their camaraderie was the next best thing he ever thankfully was blessed. Thus their time apart is more bearable than the idea of going out as an observer.

Time passes, his eyes grow weary from typing too long while interpreting shorthand typography he can barely distinguish. Akyl seems to use a self-created type of acronym and abbreviation. Scribing it felt like a self-taught math formula for a problem you can answer with a guess. If it fits, it will sit. Fortunately, he can distract himself with his phone, which surprisingly received a message from the outside.

Opening the message showed him that it passed through the **** company app, which they all rarely used. Usually, he used the ones the IT team installed. That one is l

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