Chapter 14 (part 5)

Cristian still held his phone, but his arms raised chest level with the phone facing down. Sore muscles spasmed from his shoulder down to his elbow, making his hands shake. Everything had stoppered in his body as he realized that now security was guaranteed, bringing fatigue into his body like a vengeance.

“S...Sir. Pri—Primer inside, Jench—ch and Keli are...are still...” He tried talking but stopped only to look behind.

Captain Fairmont patted his shoulder, whispering he did well as he entered the room to observe the scene. Dismissing the Captain, Cristian looked at the massive grave in front of him. He held his camera as he shot the river blood around his comrades that sat in front of him, tending to the two.

He released a  breath, a heavy sigh of relief at the death in front of him. He didn’t know that he could feel this kind of relief in seeing death more prominent than in video games or movies.

As Cristian moved awa

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