Chapter 17 (part 2)

The list of cities the results showed varied from G, A, C-city, and five others in-between, all where the “couples” reside. They never strayed away from D-city yet managed to stay away from it during the course.

The creepy part was that each match was a spouse who varied in gender and age. Their ages in G-city from centuries ago as an old couple never strayed and all showed about the same. So was the way their gender or age gaps interchanged.

An exaggerated example of this would be the fifth couple on the roster. The couple is the last Caucasian on the list and what’s unique about their tandem is the glaring age gap they have from each other. The seventh in the list played with racial combinations. The eight wanted to come back as an old couple but with racial differences from each other. The variation goes on.

The interval between how long each couple lived in the city they chose differed by a factor Min-Ain can only guess, but it ranged from

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