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Dare Adebayo and Lexi Daniels,best buddies and CIA operatives. Both special and gifted Metahumans who have always been successful in their encounters with their team. Dare being the main character,gets a new job as a bodyguard to the president's granddaughter who was threatened on her arrival in Nigeria. As he grudgingly does his job as a bodyguard,he realizes the enemies aren't after her but are actually after him and Lexi for a reason,a reason which its answer may be why they were gifted or...cursed. Dare and Lexi have to race against time as there is little left,with Lexi trying to discover who he is and Dare struggling to balance his personal life and duties. Theyb both encounter danger, Mysteries and surprises as the they try to find answers and stop the enemies. Will they succeed? Or will they lose it all and be conquered? Find out in this intriguing thriller...OPPOSITES.

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The President of the Federal republic of Nigeria relaxed on his chair and smiled. It was barely 72 hours since his granddaughter arrived in the country to visit him, and he was elated. He glanced at his wristwatch and shook his head. It was 6:00 am.“She must still be sleeping.” He wondered.As he powered his laptop on to check his Itinerary for the day, he saw a pop on request for a call. He was amused, he wondered what was going on. Then, he figured that his IT department must have made the mistake and attempted to reject it.The notification was still there. He furrowed his eyeballs and cancelled it again but still, it remained on the screen stubbornly.He grunted in frustration and accepted the request. At first, the video loaded, then the call was on.He was taken aback to see someone in a dark overall wear. The person concealed his face with a Nose mask which a scorpion was imprinted on.He wanted to speak, but the stranger
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The Job
 Dare walked through the hallway, infuriated with the orders. He stopped before a huge, black door which DIRECTOR was written boldly on it.Taking a cool breath, he opened it, walking before the desk a huge, well-built man sat behind.“Morning sir. You sent for me” he said, bowing.“Dare. I know you're angry” the older man, replied,unfolding a grin.“Yes sir” the former replied, unable to cap his anger.“And why is that?”“She's the president's granddaughter. I find it absurd protecting her with my unorthodox methods” he stated, looking up to face the director.The older man just smiled, grabbing a pack of chocolate, he tore the wrapper off, devouring the sweet, brown bar.“The only reason I chose you is because you're special. I always saw that potential in you, and I wouldn't want self-doubt to destroy you. I could have chosen Lexi, but Dare, I see
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Messed up
Scorpio at with a relaxed mood in the stuffy, smoke-filled room. Before him was a middle-aged, black and bald man who had a tattoo running down his body.“Do you know why I called you snipe?” He asked.“Nope, I was surprised when you decided to call me” Snipe replied“Okay. You see, I sent my brother on a mission to kill Agent 10, but I'm sure he ain't. He's a good kid. I want you to follow him and finish the job if he doesn't” Scorpio instructed.“See man and he stopped that shit. I promised my Nephew that I wasn't going to kill anymore.” Snipe refused.Scorpio chuckled and dropped the Weed on the floor.“If you don't, be assured I can end your cousin. Oh, isn't he part of Dare's team and also his friend?” Scorpio threatened. Snipe had no other option, he had to accept.“Sure, it's a done deal” he replied and turned to face Scorpio again.“I don't kn
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Rescue Mission
CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY, LAGOSDare stormed into his team's quarters, angry. He walked up to Lexi, who was busy operating his laptop.“Hey Dare, I see you're here” Lexi greeted.“Yeah I am. Dude, I need you to help me save her” Dare replied.“I know bro. I've already done my tracking, but the Ninja probably took out every tracking devices off her.” The former replied, resting his gaze on his laptop.“Oh shit. I hope this would work” Dare said and smiled, removing a USB drive from his pocket.“What the hell did you do, man?” BJ asked, walking up to them with two cups of coffee in his hands.“When I fought the Ninja, I pierced him with a little chip.” He replied.“Cool, but he took everything in her out. So, how do you expect us to track him?” Lexi asked sarcastically.“Yeah, I thought about that but psychologically, he has taken
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 It's been over a week and Chelsea hasn't gotten over the fact that Dare was gone. She missed him. Even though the moments they shared was little,she felt them as fun. The only fun thing she ever experienced since she got to Nigeria.The President on the other hand seemed unaffected by his missing status. "Don't worry,I'll get you another Bodyguard" he always replied every time she made inquiries on Dare.She remembered seeing him die but his teammates could have at least done something to save him or give him a proper burial.Just then,repeated knocks landed in her room's door,jolting her out of her thoughts. "Who's there?" She asked."Chelsea,his Excellency instructed that I checked on you" The calm voice of Dana replied,easing her off her thoughts."I'm fine,don't worry about me" she replied,trying to dismiss Dana as soon as possible."Okay. Can I see you?" Dana asked.Chelsea groaned,she had no idea in why Dana was ki
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The Plan
GKIRIKIRI MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON,LAGOS STATE.Tom and Kabala alighted their SUV,both dressed in black,uniformed suits and their eyes were concealed in sunshades. The guard noticed this unusual drip from both strange,young men and approached them,stopping them before they could get into the prison gate."Who are you young men and what do you want?" He questioned,sounding as tough as he could be. Both of them chuckled and faced him."CIA, we're here to see your Oga." Tom replied confidently."Badg...?" He was stopped right on his tracks as he saw their badges."Would you let us in now?" Kabala asked. He frowned,several times CIA agents had visited but those crooks were worse than a corrupt police officer. They had ways made sure that they delivered errands for crime bosses who obligatorily had to be imprisoned and he despised them but something told him these guys were different and that they were here for justice."When you get inside,there's a door just before the passage to the pris
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Chelsea got out of her bathtub,letting the water drain from her body. She watched as the water dripped from her hair to her neck,then her 32 C-cup breasts then to her body frame. She grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her. She got out of her bathroom and walked into her room. She settled on her chair right before her dressing table. She took her hair blower,activating it. The air rushed out,blowing her hair backwards. Minutes later,she was done cleaning herself and left for the dining room. She was saluted by the soldiers stationed at different points and returned their salutations. She took another turn and was in a passageway. She stopped right before her grandfather's office,took a huge breath and knocked. "Come in darling." The old man indicated. She paused,wondering who her father had gotten for her. She knew her life was in danger and she had trusted Dare,he was the only one who could protect her,she had thought. She opened the door with her gaze on the floor and closed
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Fail Again
Chelsea opened her eyes,she at first felt light-headed and shut her eyes. She opened them again and was seeing clearer than before. She noticed she was in a dark room and was tied to a chair. She wanted to scream or shout because of her fear but she couldn't. She realized that her mouth had been sealed with Duct tape. She tried wriggling off the chair but her efforts were in vain. After minutes of struggling,she calmed down and sighed,then she began to cry."Is this how I'm going to end?" She wondered even though she wasn't assured of her fate,the movies she had watched and things she had heard were already deciding her fate.Her sobbing continued non-stop and for a few seconds she said a prayer."Oh God, please get me out of this bondage." Her prayer was more of a request but it didn't matter,all she needed at the moment was help.She then began to hear footsteps and shook violently,trying to get the attention of who was walking past,perhaps the person could be her savior. She was wr
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A Game?
It was a cool,breezy night. Right in the center of a calm forest was a building which seemed like a warehouse or an abandoned one from the outside. It seemed ordinary from the looks but the soldiers parading it mad with look important. The building was none other than the laboratory it all began,it was the laboratory were tests were carried out on metahumans which turned out to be a failed success. They had made the required metas but there was an accident,one that spread the effect of this experiment through out Nigeria. Amid the forest surrounding the building was Scorpio with RPG. They both seemed ready to do the job and they rushed forth, knocking all of the soldiers out. Suddenly they stopped and turned,noticing two mean looking soldiers."If I'm not wrong,you're part of the so-called SUCCESS?" Scorpio taunted. "I know you are here for the machines you criminals but I ensure you,you both aren't going get through." One of them vowed and rushed towards them. Scorpio stood,read
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The vice President walked out of the white house briskly. There were several thoughts running in his head as to what was happening. He had expected Scorpio's call to find out if he had gotten the requirements to finalize their plan but there hasn't been a call since the theft of the Generator. He greeted and waved at the soldiers standing at their assigned posts,a mode of commending them for their efforts and time spent there.He got to his Limousine and opened the door,entering the backseat. "Take me home." He ordered his driver and relaxed on the chair."Yes sir." A familiar voice, different from his driver's replied."Scorpio?" He asked. "Yes Second citizen,what's up?" He replied."Why the hell haven't you contacted me?" The vice President growled."I'm in contact with you now so relax." He replied calmly."What have you done?" He asked."Hungh?""What have you done to Chelsea? Those kids just mentioned that she is in danger and they had to go after her" He yelled."Oh that? *Ch
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