Chapter 21 (part 1)

Chapter 21

Visage of complex patterns between shifting stages of awoken second incident infected in-coma suddenly rising from where they slept and shouting at the top of their lungs for the satisfaction of pleasure rang inside each building that housed them. Though Prof. Tenorio stood behind the screen of the surveillance of both the southern area and the camp, he could not maintain his full focus when he anticipated the arrival of the rescue team and his fellow Good Will members.

The last recon message was that teams have been divided to lead each group to a safe pickup point. Two of the five teams have reported safely exiting through their chosen paths, securely delivered here in the camp. Cristian and Akyl are back and resting with the others who were civilians they found as willing escapees of the city.

Though not an ideal place for them to stay, Prof. Tenorio later pushed the two to rest in the second camp where the other survivo

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