Chapter 21 (part 5)

“I’m not certain but I sense her mind has entered a state of depression.” Said Betts, the concern vivid in her voice. “There’s no certainty, of course, but I’m not so sure this group of soldiers are reliable or people I want to believe in.”

Trust knew what she meant, he didn’t mind it at first, to be the creature. Becoming another being at will was something out of fiction, and the burden included as a secret to the people around them was easy to conceal.

Perhaps, there was no unluck in their life within the walls of the city, yet there is no freedom and resources in this place for him and Betts to live. He would rather risk living in the human world, away from a doubtful place ruined by an existence profoundly mysterious for many.

At first, he contemplated letting the world know of what he has become, although only in his internal mind. Knowing that there will be allies beyond his partner was better than nothing,

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