The Journey Of The Wretched Spring

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The Journey Of The Wretched Spring

By: Lostking OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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I’m Gareth Wells, which simply means Gentle Spring. I died in my first life full of regrets, pain, sadness, and sorrows, but now I’ll not be the gentle spring but the storm that will take everyone who looked down, insulted, and made my hellish life bow down to me.

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13 chapters
The End Of Spring
"Hey Trash, how's your mom and dad?"They always ask me this: Do I even deserve this kind of treatment when I have nothing to rely on in this pathetic, pointless world?My mom named me Gareth because I gently got out of her stomach when she gave birth to me, and my last name is Wells, which means spring, gentle spring. Isn't it beautiful?However, all I experienced in this life was nothing but pain, depression, anxiety, and the truth of life. My mom died when I was 6, and my dad's now disabled, and I'm being bullied at my school just because of my background and for being a loner."Hey Trash, how's your pops doing right now? Shouldn't you be nursing him?"Just as he knows what's happening to me, Christian Murphy, who is known as a tyrant in our class for being a bully and having a family with great connections with the government and known businessmen since his father is a politician. blonde hair, slim body, ugly face, and a rotten personality."He's fine without me; you don't need to
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The Beginning of the Storm
"What happened? Where am I?"As I woke up in this pitch-black space, all I could remember was having a conflict with Christian while being held by Gerald. I couldn't remember what happened after that!"Tally, look how handsome our son is."Tally? Wait!! That's my mom's name!I was overwhelmed by joy, sadness, anger, and excitement when I heard my mom's name. "Michael, our son looks happy. Look! He smile!! I couldn't keep my tears from falling as I looked at my parents, who were both smiling. It's been a while, mom. I missed you, I've missed you so much, and I am still missing you.I saw my dad's tears falling down while saying,"Gareth, you might not remember this, but son, your first breath took ours away." "Wait no!! Please let me see my mom and dad's faces for a while—"As I was being swallowed by the pitch-darkness, I couldn't hold my tears and began to break-down.Where am I again? This place looks familial. —"Tally!! Wake up!! Don't close your eyes! The ambulance is coming!
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The Continuation of the Storm
An unfamiliar and unregistered number? Who's calling me this early in the morning? "Hello? Who's this?"Yo Gareth!!"My heart trembled, and I shivered in anger when I heard this lunatic voice. Was it because of what he had done or just because I was a coward?Ahh, that's when Christian told me to come to the school and meet him at the alley near the convenience store."Yeah?""Come to school and come to the meeting place!""Why should I?""You really are a nutcase; how about you stop questioning and come here? You dipshit!""Alright."What a slave, doing whatever his master said. What can this lowly human do anyway? It's time to go and meet the devil.When I arrived at the school, I hesitated for a moment. I don't know why, but I was instantly filled with joy and sadness at the same time.What should I do now? I don't know what to say or how to face them after what happened in my life."H-hello Christian, what's up?"As he smirks and looks down on me, my eyes become sharp and full of
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The Nightmare In The Storm
"Dad! I'm home!""Where were you? Why are you covered in dirt? Did your girl dumped you? Hahaha!""I was at school doing some projects.""Alright, I've cooked some mojos for dinner, let's eat."This life, although it was a messed before I regressed, atleast it isn't that bad anymore. I loved the mojos made by my dad; he worked as a street vendor that sold different kinds of snacks before the accident happened that took my mom, my dad's ability to walk, a part of my life, and the accident that broke my heart.I don't know what to feel either; every time I'm reminded or think about that time, my heart always aches.It's midnight now, and I'm on my bed, but I'm still confused but happy at the same time. It's hard to even try to understand what happened. This time, I'll do my best to rewrite the life I had."Knock— knock—""Police! Anybody home?"I'm in my room, but I hear the voice of the officer. When I heard about it, I felt terrified, scared, and trembling. I knew this was going to h
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The Upcoming Winter
"Little shit! Get a grip!"W—what happened? Why can't I move? It hurts, it hurts so much! W—why?"Ready the —"Wha— Urgh!! Ha— Ha— I—m losing my — *beep—beep—beep*"You awake, little shit?"Am I— this room is so unusua— "Calm down first, I'll explain kid."Zuan? Explain? What? Urgh— my body hurts so much— What happened? I can't reca— "Little shit, calm down and listen. When you guys took a taxi, you remember there's a light, right?""The taxi you rode, it got hit by a dump truck."Huh?— wa—wait!! We got hit by a truck? Da—dad!! Shit! I'm truly hapless! "I overheard earlier from the police that, the truck driver was drunk and fell asleep."Dad!— where's dad? I can't— why can't I speak? Did I got injured so much that I can't move even my mouth? "It's unfortunate, kid. Just rest for now, and take your time to heal."Do I even have the leisure to do that! Where's my dad! I need him! I need to see him! I need to see my da—I just can't seem to calm myself, the pain, the numbness, and
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The Journey In Winter
I hurried to exit the hospital as stealthily as possible. I don't know what Zuan is thinking, but all I can do is follow what he's telling me.Zuan was guiding me in every move I should make; however, my sight was slowly being shadowed when I saw Christian in the hospital lobby while talking with someone. I don't recognize who it was."Kid, your priority now is to leave this hospital. Calm yourself and don't be swayed."I asked Zuan where to go with a down-to-earth face and a low, dead voice."Look for the nearest mountain where it's not populated. I will train you there; I'll teach you techniques on how to survive in this unfair world."My heart was already numb, but it always pains me whenever it crosses my mind what happened to my mom, my dad, and me.I lost my mom, and now my dad. What should I do now? Should I just pursue revenge? No! I should train and let them fear me!Just wait for it, Christian! Not only you, but your family and friends as well! You'll be the last one to die,
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The Approaching Storm
"As things stand now, you'll die before you fulfill your revenge. Try guessing my present to you, Little Gareth.""Stop mumbling and tell me.""You're being insolent, Gareth!""Hoho— it's fine, Zuan. I'm giving you another instructor; although Zuan's is unparalleled in his timeline, it won't work in the current timeline.""You exaggerate it, Master Kharon."Kharon's right; it's a different timeline with different technologies. It never crossed my mind. It's fortunate that Kharon thoroughly thought about it."You're right; tell me what's in your present this time.""I'll let another soul guide you on your journey. He's known as the best hitman in your world. His name is 015!""What?" I've heard of 015, the one who assassinated the former president of Haiton, the richest businessman in Grayling, and he was also known as the killer of generals.He never failed in his assassinations, and no one has ever succeeded in locating him. He died of old age. Even though he died, no one ever saw h
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The Coming Of The Storm
Two years passed, the weather's as beautiful as ever as it cover the ugly truth in this world. Contrary to it's beautiful nature, one will find itself getting swallowed as they leave the beautiful lie.When you enter the prosperous land of humanity, then you'll know the ugly side of it. People who are gifted with high intellectual, are the one who are responsible for exploiting their own kind.Taking advantage of everything, leaving nothing but despair. Some people prosper, but the majority faces despair and agony.The other ugly side of it, is Status. Normally, people with average status are those who worked hard and are determined to live a life they want.However, some of them despair, the cause of it are the people who have the high status. They exploit, took advantage, and milk the average people's handwork. Having high status means they will get more privileges than the ones below them. Some abused it, and some share it. People who are generous enough to share it are rare, som
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The First Companion
It's morning, but the sky's gloomy. The heavens are crying and seem to be pouring tears; it's time.As I was moving out of the mountain forest, the memories were pouring out. It's been a year since Zuan and 015 left, and I'm thankful for everything you guys have taught me so far.It's time to make use of it; I'll be the villain you guys always wanted. Wait for me, Christian.Days passed, and I reached my hometown. As I saw our broken house, it felt nostalgic. Christian, you didn't even spare our house.I sat down and prayed, mourning, and silently planning my next move. It's better to think this through. I was about to leave when I saw Jaymar drinking a beer; he had already finished two bottles of it.I walked in front of him; he seemed miserable. You betrayed me and had the guts to be more helpless than I am."What are you doing here, Jaymar?""It's been a while, Gareth. You seem to have changed.""I am; you still looked like a rat."As he crackled with his dead expression, he bowed
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The First Hurdle
The First HurdleThe day passed, and I'm here drinking my black coffee with milk like a normal citizen. It's almost time; I should finish this coffee and order another one before he comes."One more black coffee, ma'am.""Coming!"It's already my third coffee, and that bastard still hasn't come; maybe he can't do it?"Hey, Gareth! Sorry for making you wait.""It's alright; I've just arrived."It seems like a lie.""Let's start.""Wanna hear from the top or the bottom?""Top.""The top gang that's ruling the downtown is the North Kind. Their boss is called Nilo; I don't know about his full name, but he has dark skin, a tomato nose, is 6'5 tall, and has a scar on his cheek. They are located at the north end of downtown." (Tomato nose —button nose)"Nilo, huh?.""The second one is the high horse. Their boss is called Timothy Novak; he has white skin, a long nose,* 6'2 tall, and, uh, this is quite interesting.""Continue.""He's 17 years old; I don't know, but he had the gang under his co
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