Chapter 22 (part 4)

“Your side of experience seems like you’ve had a fun time getting to know the affected ones,” Cristian said as he sat up. “The two people affected by the incident on our end felt like they were sought after by the Primers.”

“That’s the same thing with us,” Akyl stated. “Perhaps it’s a kind of desirable change in their bodies but the affected ones tended to call out for the Primers of any kind. None would approach unless it’s been hinted or given to them by the others, did you also notice that?”

“Not really,” Cristian replied honestly. “At some point, my mind blanked when we got to the area we got hounded by the Primers. Though I did notice that there were specific ones that hunted us down if we had an affected, but they didn’t approach us, only lead one specific Primer.”

“They acted like minions or servants of those Primers,” Akyl said, a conviction

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