Chapter 23 (part 3)

Waterfall of straight narrative covered by the shallow representation of emotions but steeped in no more but painful truths within the story Bernice spilled was compelling to the records of the doctor who now held his clipboard, scribbling something now and then. Down on the table beside him stood a black rectangular device fit for a hand, a voice recorder, with its light blinking to indicate its activity.

A blank expression stayed on the doctor’s face while Bernice spilled water numerous times on the same spot for about half an hour now since she started. There were a few embellishments included in her story, but they were only paused. According to how the doctor determined these mild silly turns, whenever she reverts to her main point, she simply goes about it so matter-of-factly that you can easily dismiss it as nothing.

The doctor could easily tell that the only point this story can say is that there are humans from the incident that can, could, and have the capacity to become Pri
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