Mutants and Mutations

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Mutants and Mutations

By: Mastermind OngoingSci-Fi

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Human's are on the verge of extinction in Tantra thanks to an experiment gone wrong. A project that was supposed to save humanity could potentially be the end of life on Tantra. Without the adequate firepower to put down their enemies, humanity's efforts to bring down the creatures that plagued their homes seems fatuous. Even with the creation of super soldiers and development of evolved human species, putting down the Ostrians might be impossible. Will humanity's soldiers triumph, or will this mistake end life as they knew it? *

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Nothing was as it used to be, the unending series of attacks had left the country in a shell of its former self. It was all the effects of an experiment gone wrong. Following the outbreak of the corona virus, the government had spearheaded a research to create a vaccine that would make humans resistant to all form of disease outbreak, but this research had gone completely wrong.Without proper funds, the head scientist had decided to employ the use of pre-owned chemicals and equipment. And this single mistake had cost the entire country. Buildings were ablaze, and human carcass littered the entire street. Aegon was nothing like it used to be. In fact, Tantra was nothing like was two years ago. Ten states out of the twelve states have already been besieged by these rampaging creatures identified as Ostrians.Just like humans, these creatures had the ability to adapt and evolve, making them notorious homicidal maniacs. They were a product of mutation in the human generic makeup. Not on
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Test subjects OST341 And TRIAN404
April 29, 2021. Tantra Science Lab"The valves are leaking, and the subjects are dying from suffocation!" A lady said to the head scientist who was currently occupied with the system in front of him. It was obvious he was panicking, probably doing his best to contain the situation which had seemingly gotten out of hand."Inform the lab, have them evacuate any unaffected subjects. We can't risk the destruction of all our hard work" The tensed man said to the lady who seemed skeptical about the orders she had just received. "The test subjects are dying Mr. Alaric" She reminded, and her words were met with a slap to the face. "Didn't I give you an order?" The visibly annoyed man inquired, and instantly the girl ran off to carry out the duties that were required of her. Almost immediately, the alarms of the lab were blaring uncontrollably, and that clearly announced that things weren't going their way. "The power is down!" A voice cried out just before the entire place fell into dark
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"The capital has fallen! And the base is under siege! We need more Supersoldiers ASAP!" A middle aged man yelled over his walkie talkie. "Twenty two Supersoldiers have been deployed at the warfronts, they should arrive at the base within ten minutes!" The voice from the walkie talkie replied. "Tsk, bunch of useless assholes!" The middle aged man lamented before tossing his walkie talkie aside to pick up a rifle, an Ak-100. steadying himself on the floor, he began to release an endless stream of bullets at their incoming enemies, it probably wouldn't do much, he was only stalling time for the Supersoldiers to arrive. The ones who were sent here have already been killed off, and they were heavily outnumbered, long ranged combat was their only resort until backup arrived. "All of you get behind me!" He yelled out to his subordinates who promptly obeyed. In the same instant three waves of flames came surging towards the soldiers but were dispelled the moment they came within ten metres
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Survival Of The Fittest
"Captain Darwin, how was the trip to the capital?" "A successful mission, most of the Ostrians in that region have been taken care of.""And the Mutants? The evidence?""Unfortunately Commander Gregory was in charge, you know what he's capable of. As for the evidence, it's been taken care of. Even with their abilities they won't be able to find anything." Darwin paused before a door and after a retina scan was allowed into a huge conference room. "The chairman, isn't he coming today?" He asked the man beside him who gave him a negative feedback. "Not likely, he's been busy these days, I assume his vice would be in charge of today's meeting""Mr Murphy? I thought he was dead?" "I thought same too, but turns out his brain was saved, and he got himself an artificial body. He's probably just bolts and nuts now." Lewis turned around to catch a glimpse of the seated vice chairman before turning towards his captain. "I heard he's the strongest Supersoldier ever built, we shouldn't get on
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A Monster
"A bit of the population have been migrating into Aegon lately, should we do anything about that?" Gregory questioned his leader as they walked down a passage that lead out of Noah's lab. "I understand your skepticism towards everybody, but we should really let them be this time. I'm sure it's not what you're thinking"A light frown appeared on the commanders face before he glanced away from the compassionate eyes of his leader. "I'm just trying to keep everyone safe, those Borion bastards are sneaky rats, they might be hiding amongst the regular citizens." Gregory reminded. "Besides the Ostrians haven't fully been eradicated, the risk of infection is still there." "I guess you're right about that one, have Albert and his team go on one last survey around the city. After that we'll be heading towards the refugee camps." Aegon was mostly inhabited by mutants, but that didn't separate them from Tantra's government. Although Roman was basically in charge of almost everything in Aegon,
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"...Roman.." Came a light whisper from the ground. Beneath the first Mutant laid the mangled body of the governor. He was barely recognisable, and was probably only alive because most of his parts were gadgets, any normal human would be dead in those conditions. Crouching down to the floor, Roman took the remaining pieces of the broken man and settled them on an elevated plane beside the mass of rubbles and destruction. "Who did this?" Roman's voice was calm, yet sinister. His expressions didn't show it, but the bloodlust that coated him was enough to have his enemies trembling in fear. "...It's..a setup..." "A setup?!" Gregory questioned frantically while taking quick supervision of the environment. "Where's Michael?" "..You two have to leave now!" It was taking all the energy in him to say those words, but these two weren't yielding. They were overcome by their emotions and weren't paying attention to the threat he was trying to warn them about. "..Please leave now.." Before G
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foolish Idea
"Have you heard doctor?" "Heard what Alice? You know how much I detest unreasonable information. Tell me what you know already." "It's the Mutants.""What about them?"..... They've been declared as threats to mankind. They're to be killed or captured on sight using any means necessary." There was no expression visible on the face of the middle aged man even after receiving such an information. All he cared about was the data in front of him and how to process it into valuable information. "And?" Came a cold inquisitive voice. "Isn't your son the leader of the Mutants? According to the article I read this morning he's been captured by the Borion government, the date of his execution is yet to be fixed."The reply to her words was a light chuckle which was followed up by series of orders. "Confirm if the Valves in the storeroom are still good for reusing, then get me my lab coat" Without any signs of opposition, Alice left to carry out the duties as she was tasked. Ever since sh
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"You two don't seem too well, a little malnourished?" His question was met with no reply, but he didn't really expect any replies from either of them. "Don't worry, your execution is in less than twenty four hours, you'll be meeting with your subordinates pretty soon" "What have you done to them!" Roman slammed his fist into the Polycarbonate glass which made no effort in breaking. He was cuffed with one of those ability nullifiers, and was basically a normal human now. "I don't know, but I think one of the Pro's was killed yesterday, Noah Walker was it? And we also know about the little secret in his lab, you mutants are dirty creatures, cloning Ostrians is no small crime." The Supersoldier finished before walking away. "Roman I'm sure they're fi—""Don't! Don't you dare lie to me Gregory. We both know that's not true." "Michael's still there. Even if Noah's refuses to fight Michael and Allan can still protect them. let's have a little faith." Gregory assured. "What about the sp
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Faster Means of Transportation
"Not that, I meant shooting. You're gonna get us captured again." Gregory growled before brandishing a pocket pistol from the dead soldiers pocket. "Ohh.. the walls are soundproof, nobody heard." Lewis replied while taking steps away from the armed Mutant. "This way, there's an airship at the back, if we manage to get there without being killed then I can fly you back to Aegon before Captain Darwin gets there." "Why are you helping us?" Roman questioned as he trailed behind the slightly trembling Lewis. "Why risk your life for people who can potentially bring about your end?" "Because I know you won't." Lewis answered firmly. "I understand they're bad Mutants out there, but not you two. I also know the only reason why you haven't decided to destroy all of Borion is because you're not that kind of person. But that's not the same with these people, they kill for the fun of it. They do not care for human life.""He overestimates us. We're not holding back because you're humans. The on
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Secret Weapon
"Did we just teleport?" Lewis stared at the Mutants in shock. "I'm guessing we did." He answered himself after minutes of no reply. "Seems Darwin hasn't gotten here yet, we'll have to get the others to safety before he arrives." Roman suggested as he made swift moves towards the place that once served as their underground bunker. "Roman," Gregory called back. The man in question turned around to find Lewis bound to the ground by Gregory's smoke and he arched a brow at the sight. "Should I allow him in?" Roman shook his head affirmatively. "He'll be killed if we leave him out here." "I guess you're right. He did save us back there, leaving him to die will be a bit cruel" Lewis swallowed hard, moments ago he thought they were friends, and in the next moment they were deciding whether or not to leave him to die. Perhaps switching sides was not the best of ideas. Once freed of his restraints, Lewis chased after the commander before he could disappear out of sight. It was a bit dark
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