Chapter 33 (part 5)
Side eyeing Bernice, Belle leaned his body sideways and made a face that said, “in front of the kid?”. Bernice who was trying not to show any form of interest in the conversation focused her eyes on the screen of her phone. There’s a peak of curiosity in the topic of their conversation but there’s no limit to how interested she should be, nevertheless, Dr. Munar answered for her as his future guardian.

Before properly saying anything, Dr. Munar gave Bernice a look that told her that he considers her opinion on the matter, which on a side note was only noticed by her in her peripheral. It was subtle but Dr. Munar patted her shoulder, more out to make her notice the topic and nothing more. She looked up only to respond with a slight nod. Then that’s when the doctor told Belle of Bernice’s “unique form of treatment.”

Though not confident of the details, Dr. Munar told him why Bernice is being tightly monitored and requested therapy on every occasion. Though not upfront about the reasons
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