Chapter 36 (part 7)

“Stand… down,” Akyl said slowly to the escorts. Her eyes watched the one arm that clung to the tail.

She could tell that the tail, or the identity that controlled it, is strong today. There must be a correlation between their method of physical examination and their tail’s response to their body. Rather, she could sense that Horaz is just realizing that there was more to the process happening in his Primer body and just noticing it now.

The other escorts, with guns that bore metal ammunition, followed through but the tranquilizer bearer did not ease his aim. The escort shook his head in rejection of her request and Akyl had to acknowledge this.

Purce stood still, feeling her tension, more from fear, stiffen her body. The only part that could move was her eyes and she watched in anticipation if the doctor would do something first, or the Primer’s tail.

Because, by now, she could see that the Primer is not just fighting the tail but struggling to keep its hold. The twitching stopped for
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