Chapter 7 (part 2)

The chance of this current mission going down the drain has a high percentage. Since many aspects of the Primer and “Dimension Pocket” remain under study and research, their incentive needed a higher deal.

Money was an impetus for some, but the majority of people in this group are loyal to C-city, that it reflects well in the incentive versus equal performance rate. Somehow this made their group look like volunteers compared to the Hunters, as Prof. Tenorio remarked previously.

As Dr. Munar recalled Prof. Tenorio’s words before they left to each other’s assignments, “Rest assured, Kelvin. These men are trustworthy. Unlike them, mercenaries are worse. But...” His words cut off.

The next was mumbled under Prof. Tenorio’s breath that time, but Dr. Munar was sure he heard him say, “at any rate, they’re better fodder.”

The Captain continued discussing with the surveyor lead the situation. While the rest settled inside the cafe, a few did ground recon from

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