Chapter 9 (part 1)

Chapter 9

The Darmstadt house resides in the residential area. Built on a district known for its similar-looking middle-class citizen houses that sat border the urban and rural of A-city. At least, that’s how it was sold to residents, sitting in rows and rows of “ideal” home life.

Built twenty years from the birth of A-city, every house and lot in this urban neighborhood has experienced renovation after renovation for years. But, the structures remained similar and in the taste of the original developers of the land.

Different types of residents lived in this place, ranging from families to students renting houses. Partly, those students had the liberty to live minutes away from A-city Central College. Plus, previously mentioned, types of residents have the chance to live in a place with enough greenery the inner city cannot offer.

Nothing stopped this large community from celebrating events and becoming tight

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