Side Story: Nails on Coffee (part 25)

Amalie stands still as she reads a letter she found in the living room, as stated to her Nan, Mir and Ima left it for her as they went out for a while, on their own. She asked where they went or when they’ll be back, but Nan only said, with a solemn face, that everything she needed to know would be in the letter.

A second’s turmoil played in the girl’s mind of how it felt, again, to be left alone by people she liked to be around. Was it her fault that they leave her alone? Or was it just circumstances breaking their paths apart from each other? She did not know or try thinking further, all she could do was read the letter with indifference, as best she can.

“To Amalie,

There’s something you should know about us before anything else, we’re relatives of yours but not in the way you think. Either way, we’ve not lived in this town until two months ago, and our lives did not begin anywhere in this era. There’s a lot to unpack but we have little to no relevance to your life directly, except
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