Hi guys!

Nate here~

Just here to randomly greet a happy new year!!!


^work by @pansikoser

i'm thankful for all the good 2021 has brought to me~

especially getting to finally write this novel. may next year be forgiving enough for everyone to finally breathe without fearing of anything. more chapters to enjoy. perhaps a new novel to focus on? i'm going to post a few updates soon on my Twitter when i get the chance, right now i'm still in a bit of struggle and rut for things. artistic wise.

to all readers, thank you for reading my first online published novel. it may be weird to say things about starting, but it's fun to write. somehow, in the near future, i hope there will be reader comments soon! that's not exactly my goal, but it would be nice to get a few.

please do pass by my Twitter, even if i'm not much online.

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