Chapter 113 Mind Control Technique
Tolly was worried that something dangerous might come out of the box, so he kept a distance from it. He drove some of his vital energy to his hand to hit straight at the green box.

With a click, the box suddenly opened, glowing with a dazzling green light. Seemingly there was nothing dangerous coming out of it.

Tolly got closer to it and saw three things inside it.

The first thing was a beautiful green pearl that kept shining. The second thing that came into his sight was a pink pearl which was beautiful as the green one.

“Well, I think I can give these two pearls to Luna and Peggy. They will be glad to see the presents,” said Tolly happily.

“Great!” replied Fiona Dragon with a hint of excitement, “If I were a girl, I would surely love these pearls, too.”

“But what are these pearls used for?” asked Tolly in surprise, “They must be something valuable. Who left all these things here?”

“I don’t know, Tolly,” replied Fiona Dragon, “but I’m sure it must belong to a great cultivator a
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