The last spider (10)

Tejasv and Salina had a short conversation when Salina enhanced her skill to a better one, which was able to use the features of both [search] and [chaser strike].

That was the moment to mechanise the way Salina may use the skill, which should handle the use of this skill more appropriately and better than Sally. As a result, Tejasv and Salina talked things out, and Tejasv then suggested a method to her, which elevated her talent as a sniper to new heights.

Tejasv suggested to Salina that she may aim for a target and mark him with her skills. Then he asked her to act differently than Sally. Tejasv instructed her to strike her arrow in a different direction rather than releasing it to the target she had targeted with her skills.

Because her ability would direct and hover the arrow on its own, it will take a curve and strike the target with a different path after releasing the arrow. Even if someone tried to find the location of Salina, these events would lead to a different origin poin
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