ADOTH: the exiled system.

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ADOTH: the exiled system.

By: Goodluck Ernest. OngoingSystem

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After discovering the secret of the rich and why he was forever humiliated amongst his peers, Stan Gibson decided to leave the school made for the rich and elites back to the streets where he belonged. But on getting out, he was attacked by a group of tugs. At the blink of death, he was found and possessed by something called ADOTH. ***** “Adoth, what did you say you were again?” He asked with so much curiosity. [I have been called many names by different species in the universe, more often I was addressed as a system, so I guess you can call me that too. My aim which I already told you is to help my host save their planet from destruction but they have all failed in the planets which I’ve been to and now earth is next and it is up to you to save it or watch it being destroyed.]

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  • Sivaprakash


    Chapter 55 repeats itself

    2023-05-23 02:03:29
  • King Mohammed


    Awesome one Bro! Keep up the good work... Highly recommended.

    2023-05-07 15:40:21
  • Saviour Sorle


    Very interesting piece, nice one

    2023-04-08 03:28:40
  • Obinna


    what a master piece.

    2023-04-06 21:37:44
  • Marvin Grace & team LOF


    the structure and story formation of these book I would say is second to none.. I can't wait to continue till the end ..........

    2023-03-28 05:58:51
  • Goodluck Josiah


    this book is amazing and very wonderful, I love this book

    2023-03-27 21:17:53
  • EJS


    This book is so great and captivating. I can't stop reading it and I would like you all to check it out.

    2023-03-19 05:43:17
  • Prisca Ernest


    I love the pace and narrative. actually the best I've read. this is definitely something different when it comes to system and science fiction. Nice work author.

    2023-04-11 03:06:17
  • Goodluck Ernest


    I'm loving this book. This is the best of the best. You really don't want to skip this book. Never read a system-science-fiction like this one.

    2023-03-13 17:45:57
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147 chapters
Chapter 1: System activated.
INTRO….There have been so many stories, more like prophecies telling us about the end and destruction of the world but with science and technology going fast, no one believes in those stories anymore. As long as you are able to acquire and access these exotic techs then your safe and continued existence is sure. But the big question remains, will these techs stop the world from destruction or will they aid its destruction?*****“Enrolling in this school is the worst mistake I made. Why did they keep the truth away from the poor?” Stan Gibson, a twenty year old solicited to himself. He is looking very depressed and that was because of the things that had happened earlier in the day. He is alone in a lounge, sitting on his bed.It was late at night, yet he couldn’t sleep, the whole environment was very quiet. And he had been talking to himself since nightfall and this was some minutes past one according to the wall clock which hung in the room. For the past two months he had been fin
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Chapter 2: Endangered.
When Stan Gibson finally recognized himself again, he was in a desolate building, looking very old with most of its walls destroyed which anyone would clearly know was as a result of violence. But all the same, despite the look of the place, that was the best place he could stay for a moment.His wounds had been treated though not professionally, but at least whoever was responsible did a wonderful job and needed to be acknowledged. With the remembrance of his attack earlier, he believed someone brought him there and whoever it was should be around. “Hello…” he called out as he got to his feet to take a look around the place and find the good Samaritan that had helped him.[Quiet.]He heard in response to his call then he turned around to find the person that had said the word.[I’m in your head you moron.]He was shocked when he heard this. It was very impossible for him to believe such. so he froze for a minute trying to have a rethink on whether he heard correctly. [Stan Gibson,
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Chapter 3: [Yes or No.]
The speed at which he used to abandon Trisha was very surprising to her as soon she found it difficult to believe basically because he had just asked a question and hadn't gotten the answer. On the other hand, she liked the fact that he left without waiting for a response because she really did not know what to say to him was her reason for warning him.While she froze staring at the direction which Stan had taken, the door was broken and her colleagues barged in about seven of them, led by a staff.“Trisha! What are you doing here?” one of them by the name Atkinson exclaimed. He was one of the best in all aspects as his parents were very wealthy and so he was augmented so much that he could serve in any unit at all. He was top amongst the students and hated Stan with so much passion that the moment he heard that Stan should be hunted down he was so excited and eager to participate in the hunt.“Trisha, where is he?” master Sullivan asked her even though he knew that Trisha wasn’t am
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Chapter 4: First upgrade.
Just as predicted, the path was quiet with Stan hiding by a corner of the street patiently waiting for his target to come that way so he could make his move. He had been there for about thirty minutes as he listened to the voice of the men conversing in the open space as they patrol the environment, probably for someone who would fall victim to them.While the conversation continued, he heard clearly when one of them excused himself to take a pee and that was a clear sign to tell that the time to act was now, so he became more ready than before as his heart beat increased drastically. It was the first time he was going to attack someone and most of all he did all whether they had implants in them and what kind it was.The man walked casually into the dark path to pee and as he stood facing the wall while he urinated, Stan sneaked up to him and stood steadily behind waiting for him to finish his pee.At the moment the man finished and was about to make a turn around, Stan landed his fa
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Chapter 5: [Fight or run.]
As the footstep proceeded to the corner where he was, he took action, forcing the person to the ground before looking to see who it was.“Gibson it’s me.”“Trisha!” Stan was not expecting her but all the same he let go and helped her back on her feet as he was short of words to say next.“Where did you learn to do that?” Trisha asked him because he was not that skilled when he was in the school. “Why are you stalking me? You’ve delivered your message and I really appreciate it.” Stan was indirectly asking her to go away. He didn’t understand why she was being nice all of a sudden so he couldn’t trust her action of following him.Trisha understood the true implication of his words, and had to answer based on what he truly meant. “I can’t go back to the school. They’ve tagged me a traitor for revealing their plan to you now I am wanted too.”“Well that is your cross to bear. It has nothing to do with me. Besides, you are the one who is augmented.” Stan said as he picked his bag ready t
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Chapter 6: Real combat.
Trisha thought she was the one he was talking to because she was the only person there with him who did not understand what he meant by that question as she did not hear what Adoth said. Stan was the only one that could hear what Adoth was saying.“How am I to know how many minutes you have before they arrive here?” “Shh… I wasn’t referring to you.”“Wh….” Trisha opened her mouth as she looked around to confirm that there was no other person around whom Stan could be referring to because she began to get scared after he told her that he wasn’t referring to her. It was a very strange behavior for a person to be talking to himself and that was what he was literally doing at this point. All the same she kept quiet as instructed while she watched him continue talking to himself.[Time is up. You have to fight.]“But I haven’t made a choice?” Stan became confused as he was given a specific option to act upon.[You no longer have an escape route and that leaves you with the option to fig
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Chapter 7: Invaded.
Stan noticed he was being pursued and the moment he looked back to see it was Ling and Rudo whom Trisha had said was the weakest link, he was happy, so he looked for the next lonely street to take, somewhere he could easily take out the two of them, not necessarily killing them.As he took the turn, he stopped at a distance and waited for them. From his experience fighting those thugs, he knew that it would take some time before Sullivan and the other would end the fight but for sure, he knew that the thugs would lose. So it was for him to make good use of his time.Ling and Rudo were surprised to see that Stan stopped when he could have continued running, Rudo was the one to notice Stan’s fist showing that he wanted to fight them. “This is not necessary, Gibson.”“You know you can’t beat us, so surrender and come with us, you might be spared if we plead to the masters on your behalf.” Ling added.From the way they both sound, Stan could see the reason why Trisha said they were the we
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Chapter 8: Ruined plan.
At the hearing of this, Stan’s countenance changed totally, he did not know what to do again. He was still looking at Trisha but it was obvious to her that his mind was no longer in the thing which she was saying. So Trisha had to bring his mind back from wherever it had gone. “Gibson, are you even listening to me?” While Trisha was trying to get his mind to come back to what she was talking about in order for him to agree with her, Ling was taking note of his strange behavior. Meanwhile Rudo was so focused on getting loose from the chair as he also wanted to know how Gibson could hide the power of his chip all the days he was in the Elite academy. “Of course, I heard you right. By the way, why do you care? I know you are only after your benefit.” Stan replied to Trisha. “Oh! Is that what it is now? I risked my life to warn of their plot to kill you. I guess that was also after my benefits. You ingrate.” Trisha had to spark up, showing Stan that he was not the only one who could ge
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Chapter 9: First legal task.
“Ling, Ling, Ling….” Rudo kept calling out loud for Ling to stop.Initially Ling did not want to stop but since the call was becoming too loud that he could not resist again, he had to stop and wait for Rudo and Trisha who had followed him to come close.As they drew near, he did not give them a chance to speak, he first spoke. “Why are you two following me? I said you should return to Sullivan as you wish.” Trisha was quick to give him a response, “Rudo here refused to go without you.” Rudo had to now speak for himself. “You know how this works Ling, Master Sullivan expects us to come back together so it is not wise that I return alone. Stop going after Stan and let’s return to the others. Together we have a higher chance of beating him than if we are alone. You already saw that we couldn’t catch him alone.” “And who said anything about fighting him again?” Ling asked Rudo because he was not going after Stan to continue the fight but for something else.The question he asked was o
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Chapter 10: Please stay with me.
“Look out,” Rudo screamed the name of Trisha as he dived the alien that was about to smite her with its blade, removing focus from the one that was onto him. Now he had two of them facing him as Trisha laid on the ground because he had already been cut in her right leg therefore moving was very difficult.Rudo was onto the top of the alien that he had pushed to the ground and was releasing a series of blows on it even though it was pointless as they had hit those aliens with all they had yet there was no effect. While punching the alien hard, another stabbed him from the back causing him to cease the punch in pain.“Noooooo…” Stan showed up as he rushed the alien that had stabbed Rudo. Even Trisha the main reason why he chose to take on the task which Adoth had given him, he still did not want Rudo dead. Besides the system did not instruct him to save only Trisha, rather he was instructed to save the three of them meaning that if Rudo dies the task was not a success.Meanwhile the ali
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