Supreme Warlock System

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Supreme Warlock System

By: MKmanyr OngoingSystem

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William, an internationally recognized game developer and also the mafia lord of the underworld, was on every country's wanted list because of his unparallel hacking and large control over highly classified information and power. Betrayed by his biological brother, who shot him to death, he was reincarnated in the world of warlocks. In a world where magic reigned absolute, he was constantly abused for not having magical power and was eventually sold to some slave merchants by his new family, where life became even hellish. Beaten to coma after being caught trying to escape, he woke up with a system which provided him with a second chance to prove himself. Being granted the ability to copy other people's magic by writing their names in the ancient grimoire. Jerouch was set on walking a path where even gods have fallen. What end would be the path of a nobody who ascended with the system as his support in a world full of mythical creatures, gods, dragons, and demons…

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  • AATAnime


    Interesting read if I do say so myself, the book story is just so captivating, always wanting me know what will happen next and just the way I like it, reincarnation, system, a hint of Isekai, an mc with great goal and determination. kudos to the author, I will be awaiting more chapters.

    2023-02-09 09:58:24
  • De Law


    Intriguing if I do say so myself, from plot to character everything is so fascinating, it's the first reincarnation story I've read and I'm loving it, keep up the good work author

    2023-01-29 00:38:40
  • Prince Firelorn


    The story is exciting, contains isekai and has a hint of mystery in the world's background. The chapters are well written and neatly descriptive with little to no grammatical errors, the quotes may need to be corrected though. Albeit the bit of info dump at the beginning, the story has potential.

    2023-01-24 20:44:53
  • abdulwahab abdulsamad


    it's a nice piece going through! I acknowledge the writers talent! Good book!

    2023-01-24 01:59:19
  • Robert


    23 days since last update!!! Writers who ask for things should first focus on writing the book, or just delete it!!

    2023-04-06 00:12:28
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36 chapters
1 New life
Bang!William fell to one knee as his face twisted in pain. A bullet had pierced right into his heart and brick-red blood gushed out like a fountain. '' Y-you bastard, '' he grunted weakly as he watched the familiar figure standing before him. '' Brother, I'm sorry, but it's time we call an end to your atrocities. '' The other figure replied in a sombre tone. '' He-he, '' William giggled, regret filling his already pierced heart. '' You know, '' he paused, his body getting drained with each second passing. '' If a stranger hears your heroic words right now, they will think you're some messiah who is here to give people salvation, '' William's second kneel dropped on the blood covered marble floor. His left hand was weakly on the floor, and he covered his chest with his right. William lived a double agent life that wasn't known to many. However, for those who knew, no one dared to cross him, at least that was until now. To the outside world, William was a genius game developer w
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2 Near death
'' Urgh! ''A weak grunt escaped Jerouch's mouth as the thick wooden club struck his stomach. His hands were tied on two separate poles which were a couple of meters apart, and his body was left hanging in mid-air. Blood trickled from both corners of his mouth, and his grey robe was stained with dried blood. The hot wind blew his dishevelled platinum hair as he looked downwards to avoid the fierce sunlight. He had been in this state since three days ago when he was caught by the head guard of the slave house. Whenever a slave was caught trying to run away, they would tie them to this particular pole, torture them, starve them and watch as life slowly left their body. This was done in other to instil fear in the other slaves. If not, with the hundreds of slaves here, many could go rogue. '' You seem quite tough for your age. '' The guard in charge of the torture laughed as he struck the club on his thighs. The guard wore rusty armour just like the other guards here, and each str
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3 System
'' Take him to the edge of the Nega forest. '' The bulky head guard with tanned skin commanded and left the open space where Jerouch was being tortured. Jerouch had been starved for five days straight while being occasionally beaten. He had lost the strength to think, let alone see any strange thing up in his head. However, he could still hear little things from his environment amidst hallucinations. ' Nega forest, eh? ' he lamented inwardly. ' Embracing death for the second time I guess is not that bad with this daily torture uh? '' A soft self-mocking chuckle left his mouth but could barely be heard by even someone staying very close to him. ' However, if there's something they call third chance, I really want to step on these pieces of shit and let them know that they messed up with the very wrong person. '' he couldn't even vent out his anger due to the intense fatigue He could only watch as he was untied and pushed in a cart pulled by a horse alongside two guards who wer
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4 A Warlock?
Jerouch finally calmed himself after thinking about the whole situation. He was supposed to die, but somehow, he managed to come back to life with a screen clouding his vision. He was not new to the idea of dying and coming back to life. Furthermore, he was a specimen of that, anyway. However, he had woken up in the same body, although with little changes. And to cap it off, there was this screen that stuck to him like a louse. This was too familiar for him not to get an idea of what was happening. He used to be a game developer on earth, and he sometimes read novel to get inspiration for his gaming projects. ' So, a system of some sort? ' he frowned as he felt into deep thought. ' But why now? And most importantly, why me? ' His eyes sharpened as he read the previous notifications again. ' I guess my strong will to rip those rats apart triggered the system, and as for the two near death situations…' he smirked and his eyes twitched in excitement. ' Open notification' Jerou
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5 First Target
' Where's this? ' Jerouch muttered in a sceptical tone. He was still checking what the system was all about when the notifications rang non-stop. A few seconds after that, he felt as if space was twisting and by the time he regained his senses, he found himself here. The room looked like a traditional Japanese training dojo. It was fifty meters wide and long, with earthen walls that smelled of antiques. At the centre of the dojo, there was a brown cylindrical punching bag that hung down from the dark earthen roof carved with different runic symbols, which allowed no sunlight. Instead, there were oil lamps fixed at strategic places to illuminate the room. In one corner of the room, there was a section that appeared to be where weapons were kept, but currently, there was no weapon there. The floor was made of matte buttermilk stones that were a bit smooth, but not too smooth to make one slip. Jerouch walked closer to the centre, stepping on the brown mat that covered five meter
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6 An Expert
[New active skill unlocked.]Dash- +10 increase to host agility stat. Mana cost- 5 MPDuration- thirty seconds. ' Well, that was unexpected. ' Thought Jerouch as he picked himself up. He began to look around wondering where he was. Because of the chase, he had gone a bit deep in the forest. ' Ahh, I forgot. ' he dusted his hands as his focus went back on the system interface. [Status Page][Stats] [Skills] [Quests] [Shop]Choosing the stat panel, the figures were like this. Host- JerouchHealth: 60 Mana: 25Race- ???Level-2(5/200)Class-???Rank- FStrength - 2Agility- 2Mind- 15Perception-1( Stat point- 2 )Seeing the stat point, Jerouch didn't think much before he decided on what stat he needed to increase. His mind was already leading with great numbers and his strength and agility had already increased, hence he chose to spend one stat point on perception and one on agility. ' Better awareness and the ability to escape quickly. ' he smirked. Now his perception was 2
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7 Entering A Dungeon
[New quest received.]Build the strongest force. [Reward] @$#@#$' Is this system a stalker? ' Jerouch rolled his eyes while reading the notification. ' And just tell me what the rewards are,' he muttered, a bit annoyed. He had already left that place that was brimming with battle, and he was currently some couple of meters away from a dungeon entrance. Dungeons were said to be pocket worlds that served as bridges between this plane and the nether plane. It was believed that there used to be no dungeon before, and their origins were still unknown to many. What happened eons ago had been lost to history and no one fully understood the event that transpired. Dungeons had monsters of different levels depending on the rank of dungeons, and they were to some extent different from the monsters of this world. Each dungeon had different floors and the more the floors, the more powerful the dungeon is. Jerouch could see a red monolith and on top of it was one star shimmering with blu
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8 Meeting Humans
In a distant location that was unknown to many, two people were discussing in a serious tone. They both were clad in white robes with hoods that obscured their facial features, and the aura they exuded was overbearing. '' Are you sure of what you just said? '' One of the figures resting on the wall of the dark cave they were currently in questioned. '' Being sure of myself is an understatement. '' the other figure who was opposite to the figure that questioned him replied. '' Although it was brief, I definitely felt that Mana. '' he added, his voice a bit shaky. '' Is it happening again then… '' The first figure murmured, but the other one could still hear him. '' Just the thought alone is giving me nightmares, I think it's time we let others know of my findings. '' '' No, not now, we can't throw the balance into shambles because of what we are not even sure of yet. '''' But… '''' No but. '' The first figure reprimanded. '' For now, you should widen the search. '''' And rem
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9 Ability Copy
A thick, dark book with no extraordinary features appeared in thin air. A white page opened, and Jerouch picked up the jet-black pen he found on the Grimoire. Enoch. Ding![Target analysis in progress…]It wasn't even up to a few seconds when he saw the results. Target- EnochRank- FClass- Tank[Passive skills]Hammer- Lvl 5Hand to hand combat- Lvl 6[Abilities]TremorEarth spikeEarth wall. [Copy ability] Yes/No' Who in their right mind says no? ' Jerouch laughed as he said yes in his mind. The next thing, he felt as though he was connected to something. Opening the status page, he went straight to the grimoire tab, and there he saw it. [Grimoire. ][Copied abilities.] Tremor. Earth spike. Earth wall.Focusing on each skill, he soon got their description. Tremor- an earth related ability that made the ground two meters around the host vibrate, making his foes lose their balance while being unaffected. Rank- FEarth spike- the power to summon a couple of spikes made
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10 Dungeon Boss
Jerouch stepped inside the new floor and just from the interiors, he could tell that this place was far different from the previous floors. The wall here was smoother, and the flame torches were bigger too. The ground was covered in cobwebs and so was the roof. There were also rusty weapons scattered all around the place, and Jerouch could smell something familiar in the air. He focused his eyes on the distance, and he couldn't help but frown. He saw fresh corpses at the centre of the room and, counting them, they were four that lay on the floor. Krack!Jerouch subconsciously turned his head backwards, and he found the door to have locked by itself. He could feel that something ominous was brewing, which made him clench his fists and blood rushed to his face. '' Ggrrhh! ''At the end of the room, what seemed like an elevated platform suddenly shook. '' Fuck. '' Jerouch swallowed hard as he saw the three-meter-tall spider. Just looking from the distance, one could tell that i
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