Skythunder System

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Skythunder System

By: Scoco OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Andrew Smith, a pro player in the virtual reality game curia online, a game that models a magical world called curia. Andrew Smith and several thousand other players fought the last boss the demon sovereign and lost. No one on earth knew exactly what happened, but those several other thousand players who died in the game, fighting the demon sovereign, never woke up from their virtual capsules. Azraf Skythunder, a young man from an ancient World called Valens, hailing from the Ancient Skythunder clan, an ancient clan that has a glorious history and an age-long mission of protecting all worlds was sent on a mission to prove himself a worthy man who is worth upholding his Ancestors mission. Andrew Smith's and Azraf Skythunder, faith, crossed paths when Andrew smith died in the virtual reality game and when Azraf Skyrhunder died on the mission after slaying the mighty lightning blue dragon. Their souls intertwined and Azraf Skythunder reincarnated into Andrew Smith's modern world. A world that was bizarre in his eyes, was filled with wonders to him but at the same time, a disaster lurked behind the curtains. he could not understand the reason why he was sent into this foreign world, his father had once told him that nothing in this world is a coincidence, so coupled with Andrew Smith's memories, he tries to find out his place and mission in this endangered world.

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  • Yaseer


    Incredible fight scenes and amazing plot. will follow till the end. (•‿•)

    2022-07-08 18:06:39
  • Jibu


    this is by far the most interesting and hilarious system novel I have read

    2022-06-01 00:01:05
  • Scoco


    good system novel with facts. marvelous

    2022-04-19 23:07:36
  • Mahmud Bashir


    I like this story, the story line and set up is fantastic

    2022-04-08 04:25:28
  • Mohammed Aishat


    Interesting story, please release more chapters

    2022-04-04 04:02:15
  • Yahya


    badass system novel

    2022-04-02 02:31:31
  • Erwin


    I am in love with the plot. MC sounds badass too. good job author

    2022-03-29 19:23:00
  • Donald Leedy


    keep up the amazing work. love the storyline

    2022-10-11 04:26:09
  • Neenarh


    this story is fantastic with exciting plot twist, fighting and good drama, what I like about it is the mysteries it entail and how the mc have the air of confidence

    2022-07-17 04:46:58
  • Xenon5165


    Great story, the only downside is the author has no sense of proper distance evaluation, which impacts things like speed as well. Otherwise it's a very good read.

    2024-05-27 02:18:57
Latest Chapter
188 chapters
The blue lightning dragon
_ _ _ planet naria_ _ _ _ _ _ _ The frosted sky painted faint azure. tiny white specks, what was widely known to man as snow, swaying in the breezy climate, slowly dismounting to earth and glazing the earth with their beautiful color. Zooming further from the surface as the grains met the soil, a disoriented exhibition of snowy avalanches launched to the frosty atmosphere, creating a phenomenal landscape of no other. “Rustle” “Rustle” “Rustle” ”Rustle” Zooming to the faint sound that could be heard in this exhibition of avalanches, on the snowy surface of one avalanche, five, strong well-armed men, coated in defenses of different manners and colors, each with their own weapons, stride across the ice in search of a mystery, ascending towards the peak. Azraf was left behind the group, he was the youngest and weakest of the men, and he was new to this kind of adventure, as he toiled to move his half-frozen feet, striding along, pushing against the heavy wind, reflecting in his eye
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The Death of Azraf
Coated in the blue barrier, the dragon widened its mew, unleashing a sea of deadly electric shocks which spewed throughout the walls of the barrier. The flurry of the diverging snakes of lightning that wracked upon the impediment, impaired in a matter of an instant then like a vanishing flame, it gradually disappeared. the three men, all substantiated the occurrence before they conveyed to Azraf the notification he had been patiently awaiting. “ the dragon has been weakened.” “Do it, young lord.” “Deliver the killing blow.” Hearkening to their messages, Azraf dashed forward steadily, coming into the impediment, he heavily swiveled down at the dragon's head. In the eyes of the dragon, the zooming silhouette of Azraf reflected before his sword met with its skull. “ rooooooooooar.” The huge monster growled as it’s felt a splitting twinge on its skull, it instinctively retracted its head, its talons scraped on the ragged ground, leaving an extended claw mark. Azraf quickly made
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The dimensional space crack which led to another world
In a square-shaped compartment which was painted all white, an unconscious young and good-looking man of about twenty years old rested his back on a bed which was adorned with dark green folds of clothing. On his hand was an extended, narrow rubber pipe that connected him to a drip. On his head was a wireless electric helmet that connected him to the virtual reality capsule. This young handsome man is Andrew smith. The last surviving pro player among thousands of dead’s in the final level of the well-known virtual reality game, Curia online. although he was still alive, he remained in this inanimate state and refuse to either die or come back to reality, even after two years. From his arrangement in the room, it is easily recognizable that he is in a hospital. “swish” “swish” “swish” “swish” Right beside his bed, a woman dressed in a blue cardigan, scrubbing the floor, she was, of course, the janitor in the hospital who tidies his room regularly every day and dusk. Today, jus
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The call of duty
“is that not a space gate?” Azraf clamored in skepticism, contemplating the video which displayed a crack in space. Over the space crack, a blurred pentagonal boundary could be glimpsed by anyone who has seen the video. However, no one on earth saw this boundary as anything of importance as they do not recognize its meaning but Azraf did. Azraf linked this view to one of the most significant things that were protected at all times in his original world. A space gate that served as a boundary between two-dimensional realities. “ But why did they say that there is a world inside the space dimensional crack which looks exactly like the dreamscape curia online?, could the creation of curia online have something to do with this crack in the space gate, I hope this is not what am thinking otherwise, this world is about to experience an endangerment that may possibly lead to its extermination.” “maybe this phenomenon somehow has a hand in why am here and that does explain why I don’
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Meeting a weird scientist
Azraf first expressed his desire to join the expedition to his friend Jackson who told him what to do then he informed his aunt who vehemently disagreed with his decision. She stood in front of the exit and blocked his way as she tried to convince him not to join the expedition. “no you can’t do this to me, you can not go on that dangerous journey.” “you are staying here with me safe from any danger.” “Aunt? listen to me, even if you want to, you can’t keep me safe forever. I cannot always hide in here like a coward. The world is endangered and I am one of the people who can do something about it, do you think that I will be allowed to live a normal life under the eyes of the people who strive for the survival of the world?, how are you sure that I am saved from everything just because I hid in here?, even if you tried to hide it from me, do you think that I wouldn’t realize we are constantly under secret surveillance by the governments?.” Azraf replied to her refusal with a log
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Embarking to the world beyond
“modest, how do you have the face to call yourself modest after such an extravagant and boastful self-introduction?” Azraf reflected inwardly but on the outside, he only stared at the guy with a slightly startled look. “that face, that look, it’s just as I expected, you must be mind blown by my amazing identities.” Azraf did not comment this time. He just gazed seriously at the guy. “you don’t have to get this shocked, I am not at all that great. there might be someone better than I am. Ahhhh..” “I get what this is all about now?.” Azraf suddenly blurted. “got what? what are you talking about?.” “The exact reason you called me here. I know that I was called here for you to ask me about my experience in the final stage of Curia Online. isn’t that your goal?.” Azraf announced as his gaze turned sharp. “hahahah, as expected of a person who has an extraordinary mental capability able to survive the shock which leads to the death of thousands of players in Curia Online.” Eddy Matt
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Into the space dimensional crack
Into The Space dimensional crack “Wow,” Jackson clamored as they strode inside the place, his eyes peeking around in awe.“snap out of it, we need to move now? Azraf jerked his hand and pulled him forward.“hay, cool down dude, let me finish checking out this place.” Jackson sounded a little annoyed. “No way am going to let you waste any more time doing that.” Azraf retorted with a stern voice. This guy had already wasted enough time combing his hair at Azraf’s house, causing them to arrive here late. Now he’s thinking of wasting more time? When is he going to acknowledge how serious this is for both of them?.” They both continued hastily into the depth of the lunching station until they reached a row of spaceships that were assigned to earth’s defenders. Azraf and Jackson had to reluctantly split up , as they were posted in different spaceships. Coming into the spaceship, Azraf saw forty-eight recruits who were all patiently seated on the seats as
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First kill, System Awakening
Chapter8: First kill, system awakening “Ahhhh" As Azraf and the others marched forward, pitched screens that impeded one’s heart continuously resounded. While dashing furiously, Azraf couldn’t get rid of his excitement. It’s hunting time. Up ahead where the unprepared group rushed towards, an unexpected confrontation ensued between them and ten malevolent looking exoskeletal creatures exhibiting eight pointy organs depicting limbs which they used to change positions at an incredible pace. “Die, you freakish spider bug!.” A blue-haired Asian youth with a thin body blurted out furiously as he brought a long wooden staff down on the creature in front of him which was designed towards him, its small eyes which were visible on its dark triangular-shaped head had a ferocious glare. “What the hell?.” The Asian youth yelp in shock and terror when he retrieved the broken half of his treasured staff. Meanwhile, the fierce creature snorte
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Impending Danger
      “What tha?”   “Ahhh” this is impossible!!.”   With their sights fixed on the back view of Alres who remained in a trance, the naïve recruits who were standing and spectating from the side all voiced out utterances that exhibit their present perceptions. Utter awe and skepticism.   Azraf’s attainment may have awed them however, what comes about successively made their minds explode and shattered their forenamed logic.   “Ahhhh”, a huge Asian young man in his early twenties who had sparky brown hair and was dressed in an eye-catching golden kimono that was designed with yellow patterns exclaimed while drawing off a katana widely known as the Japanese signature sword from its sheath and horizontally flicking it speedily at a dark chopper spider that hurled towards his upper body, bearing its shark-like teeth to drill him and make him di
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Chapter 10
 “hay, you guys need to listen to me, we are in trouble,” Azraf announced.When his voice reached their already sensitive ears, it overwhelmed the ignorant recruit who have been left out of everything and spectating from the sidelines all this while with alarm.“trouble? what’s this guy even saying? he just gained a victory over the last dark chopper spider and cleared out the threat, what’s this talk about everyone being in danger? was he trying to scare them or something?.” “what are you trying to say, pal?.” While all others became unsettled by his remarks, a two meters tall westerner dressed in a regular caw boy tuxedo move over from the side and declared with a questioning voice as if he were some kind of detective.“we will soon be under attack by a hundred or even hundreds of these bugs,” Azraf answered while putt
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