I Steal The System

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I Steal The System

By: Secret Road OngoingSystem

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Lucius is a man who has seen how the world ended before his own eyes. Successfully seizing the supreme artifact called the "Eye of Time," consuming it and returning to the past. Here, the man who had seen the world's end began to plan. "Ten years from now, the great epicenter will break. I must gather all the strongest systems before that time comes." One by one, the man who already knew many secrets hunted down the systems scattered in his world. Uncover the meaning behind the system. Set foot back in a world where superpowers were taken for granted.


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End of the World
"Failure is your only legacy!" The accusation was bellowed into the crimson, smoke-choked sky, the cruel voice echoing off the barren expanse of shattered remnants of what was once a thriving civilization. The accuser bore little resemblance to the humans who once populated this desolate earth. His visage was more akin to a grotesque effigy of a man, his features marred by deep fissures that pulsed with an ominous glow. Flames danced within these cracks, flickering and flaring as though his very skin was a sea of molten fire. "Why?" he demanded, his tone chillingly calm despite the cataclysm around them. "Why did you betray humanity?" His adversary, a figure wreathed in the same incandescent glow, laughed bitterly. "How could I not?" The answer resonated, as stark and undeniable as the devastation around them. "I yearned for divinity," he confessed, a cruel smirk twisting his disfigured features. His gaze lowered, meeting the eyes of a man sprawled in the dust at his feet. The fall
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"Augh!" The young man awoke with a start, his heart pounding against his chest as if it wished to escape. He was a youth of seventeen, his body slick with sweat, his breaths heavy and jagged. His mind whirled, trying to piece together the fragmented reality he found himself in. "Wasn't I... wasn't I dead? What's happening?" He remembered the brutal end—the monstrous figure looming behind him, his skull crushed in an instant, too swift to perceive. Lucius, the elderly man who had met his demise earlier, seemed to have been flung back through the corridors of time. "What about the monster? The artifact it was after... Did the explosion I triggered manage to destroy it?" Confusion gnawed at him. He was the last man standing, the final barrier between the world's obliteration and its survival. But to what end? The odds were stacked heavily against him. The creature had nearly wiped out all of humanity, turning what should have been a battle into a one-sided slaughter. "Could I have..
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With a sudden jolt, Lucius' hair bristled and his eyes flew open. He had been lulled into a light doze at his desk when an abrupt disruption yanked him back to consciousness. His wide-eyed gaze scanned the room, seeking the source of the disturbance. "What was that?" he murmured, a note of bewilderment in his voice. His senses were alert, but he couldn't immediately pinpoint the reason for his abrupt awakening. [A system was discovered that was born about this time] The words, wrought in the ethereal light of a hologram, shimmered into existence before him. This was a recent addition to his arsenal of abilities, granted by the ingestion of a peculiar pearl-like object. As Lucius processed the information, a surge of adrenaline propelled him to his feet, his movement so swift that he knocked against his desk. The resulting cacophony drew the attention of his classmates, their murmurs hushed as their eyes fell upon the startling transformation that Lucius had undergone. His drastic m
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Lucius merely sidestepped, and the student's punch found nothing but air. "Assist our leader, Hari! We can't let this pretentious upstart get away!" Nevan, the group's apparent strategist, seemed to rally his comrades to attack Lucius in unison. "Arrghh!" A pained yelp pierced the air as Lucius' fist connected solidly with the chest of one of the assailants. The impact sent the young man reeling backward, leaving Hari, the group's leader, staring in wide-eyed astonishment. "Since when did he learn to fight?" Hari wondered, caught off guard by Lucius' nimbleness and his ability to deflect their onslaught. "Thwack!" The sound echoed as Lucius' punch landed, followed swiftly by a spinning elbow strike that connected squarely with Hari's face. The leader of this band of miscreants crumpled to the ground, blood streaming from his nose. "You scoundrel! That's illegal!" Nevan, the future King of the Dead, barked in response. "Ah, your name is Nevan, isn't it?" Lucius calmly approache
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The rhythmic patter of hurried footsteps echoed ominously through the high school's hallowed halls, growing louder and more frantic by the second. The staff and a few curious students were drawn towards the school's rooftop, their hearts pounding in rhythm with the footsteps. They had heard the gut-wrenching symphony of tortured moans echoing from above, each one chilling them to the bone. It was as if a macabre spectacle had unfolded up there, but they were yet to witness the aftermath. Upon reaching their destination, they were greeted by an eerie silence that hung heavy in the air. A stupefied teacher was the first to break the silence, his voice barely more than a whisper, "Is there nothing here?" His eyes swept across the expanse of the rooftop, finding it pristine and eerily devoid of any human presence. The bloodcurdling screams they had heard earlier seemed like a phantom echo, a chilling figment of their collective imagination. A bespectacled professor, known for his meticul
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The stale air of the interrogation room hung heavy as Lucius, a young man of austere countenance, shifted uncomfortably on the worn-out chair. He directed a look of disdain towards the one-way mirror, his dark eyes reflecting an eerie calm. "That detestable gym teacher," he muttered with a scornful snort. "He's the one who thrust me into this mess." The room was a claustrophobic cube, its meager dimensions of two meters by two meters seeming even more stifling under the feeble, flickering light of a solitary lamp. Its pallid glow threw long, dancing shadows across the grimy walls and the grim duo locked within this somber dance of accusation and denial. The interrogator, a slightly portly man adorned with a meticulously groomed curved mustache, sat across Lucius, scrutinizing him through hawkish eyes. His uniform, an emblem of authority, bore insignia indicative of a low rank in the police force. "I understand you were absent from class when the screaming started. Is that correct?"
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Superpower Prisons
Every nation has its shadows, and the tropical paradise where Lucius called home was no different. Nestled amidst lush greenery was an imposing structure, formidable and unapproachable. Its austere grey walls were lined with stringent security measures, a clear sign that it was far removed from ordinary human existence. Barbed wire wound around its perimeter, a menacing deterrent that even the most hardened of criminals would find daunting. "Have the new specimen been received?" A middle-aged man with an air of authority inquired. His shoulders were adorned with multiple stars, a clear testament to his high rank within the military. "Yes, Mr. Nefion, the new specimen was delivered a few minutes ago," came the reply from a woman engrossed in a pile of documents. Her hands darted across her desk, busily dialing numbers and flipping through papers. She appeared to be an assistant or secretary, her deft actions ensuring the smooth running of operations. Nefion sighed, his gaze distant.
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The cell was a dank, tiny space, more akin to a sewer tunnel than a proper holding cell. Bound hand and foot, Lucius found himself with limited mobility, perched on what could only generously be referred to as a mattress, its hardness more akin to a plank of wood than a bed. "So, I've finally made it here," Lucius murmured under his breath, his keen gaze taking in the room's meager details. His surroundings were depressingly sparse, with only five other cells occupied, contradicting his initial assumption that this clandestine prison would be teeming with prisoners. "From what I recall, a monstrous system was supposed to emerge here, around ten years from now," he whispered to himself, recalling fragments of his past existence. Lucius had deliberately charted this course based on the knowledge from his previous life. He had carefully orchestrated his actions, committing a crime and publicly confessing possession of the system to gain access to the birthplace of the future system.
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"I'm not certain why it selected me, but its voice was clear. It said, 'Awaken, my child. Awaken with the scarlet lightning,'" Lucius persisted, his voice hardly more than a murmur. "Interesting," the guard pondered, processing this additional detail. He felt as though fortune had bestowed upon him a golden ticket. This was the break he'd been hoping for, an opportunity to impress his higher-ups and advance his station. "Is that the complete account?" the guard inquired, ensuring he had gleaned every bit of information from Lucius. "Yes, that's the entirety of what I can recall," Lucius responded, his face contorted with discomfort. "Alright, remain here," the guard instructed, not that Lucius had other options. The guard hastened to relay this newfound information to his superiors. The prospect of promotion was simply irresistible. "At last, the scheme is underway," Lucius muttered under his breath as soon as the guard had left. His prior display of fear was merely a facade, a ta
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Martial Arts
Lucius hadn't appreciated that the general also wielded considerable power. This fact was underscored when he jumped without a parachute and managed to land unscathed at the bottom of the mine shaft. "I may need to reevaluate my tactics," Lucius pondered as he landed with the parachute strapped to his back. Casting his gaze around, he observed the massive boulders and mining machinery that painted a vivid tableau below. "They're engrossed in extracting gold, yet they overlook that the most vital commodities in times of upheaval are sustenance and water," Lucius reflected, observing several trucks laden with gold. "Welcome, General," a guard saluted the arriving group, recognizing the general responsible for the covert prison who had ventured into their domain. "Oh, Nefion, what's occasioned your unexpected visit?" Before the general could answer, a robust man hastened towards him. The man sported blonde hair and a somewhat square face. Upon sighting General Nefion in the mining a
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