I Steal The System

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I Steal The System

By: Secret Road OngoingSystem

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Lucius is a man who has seen how the world ended before his own eyes. Successfully seizing the supreme artifact called the "Eye of Time," consuming it and returning to the past. Here, the man who had seen the world's end began to plan. "Ten years from now, the great epicenter will break. I must gather all the strongest systems before that time comes." One by one, the man who already knew many secrets hunted down the systems scattered in his world. Uncover the meaning behind the system. Set foot back in a world where superpowers were taken for granted.

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End of the World
"You've failed!" The speaker was no longer recognizable as human. His face was a network of cracks filled with flames, reminiscent of ocean waves, but aflame. "Why have you betrayed mankind?" "Why did I betray mankind? Isn't it obvious? Because I want to become a god," the figure declared arrogantly. He lowered his gaze to the man sprawled before him, bloodied and battered. The man was in his sixties; his hair had turned white, and wrinkles lined his face. But there was something remarkable about him, a defiant spark in his eyes. "God? Do you think you're a god now?" the man rasped, seemingly stalling for time against the menacing figure. "Ha, of course not. But I'm on the brink of gaining that immense power." "Ah, Lucius. I know you cherished this land. You fought for forty years, serving the people. Now look at us, the last humans on this planet. Everyone you loved is dead, Lucius." "To hell with you." Mustering the last of his strength, the elderly man tried to rise, reac
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"Argh!" "What happened?" the young man looked up from his bed. A seventeen-year-old teenager, drenched in sweat. His breathing was ragged, and he seemed to be grappling with his reality. "Didn't I already die?" "Why am I here?" He vividly remembered how the monster came and crushed his head. An action that was too swift for the young man's eyes to track. Lucius, the old man who had been killed earlier, seemed to have unexpectedly traveled through time. "What happened to the artifact he was seeking? Was the underground bomb I set up able to destroy him?" He was immensely confused about it all. Especially since Lucius didn't live to witness the final outcome. He was the last human left, the one who should have stopped the world from being destroyed. But Lucius was merely an old man, and his opponent was a monster that had almost wiped out the entire human race. It was a one-sided battle that ended in a massacre. "Did I really travel through time?" he continued to question the b
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"Bzzt!" With a swift jerk, Lucius roused from his apparent reverie. His hair seemed to stand on end, as if touched by an invisible current. The young man who had been nonchalantly lounging at his desk was now alert, his attention snatched by the unidentified pandemonium unfolding around him. "What's going on?" He mumbled, his brow furrowed in confusion. The clamor, while undeniable, held no discernible source or explanation. [System birth detected in the vicinity] The holographic message hung in the air before his eyes. An added feature of his holographic device, post consumption of the pearl-like artifact - the Eye of Time. "Thud!" In his haste, he knocked against the desk, rattling it. The abrupt noise pulled the attention of the entire class towards him - Lucius, the recent cynosure of all eyes due to his striking transformation. Post ingesting the Eye of Time, Lucius' skin had become as smooth as a newborn's, while his physique had grown more muscular and defined. He was alm
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Lucius effortlessly avoided the initial attack with a slight shift of his posture, his movement as graceful as a feather riding the wind. "Assist Hari! Don't let this scoundrel get away!" Nevan, the thin, skeletal student acting as the brains of the gang, commanded his friends to coordinate an attack on Lucius. "Ah!" One of the attackers wailed as Lucius' powerful punch landed squarely on his chest, sending him flying backwards. The display of unexpected martial prowess had the gang's leader, Hari, blinking in stunned disbelief. "Since when did he become a warrior?" Hari whispered to himself, shocked at Lucius' agile maneuvers. "Poww!" The air echoed with the impact of Lucius' spinning elbow landing on Hari's face. The leader of the mischievous group crumbled to the ground, his nose bleeding profusely. "This is illegal!" Nevan shrieked, his skeletal frame trembling with rage. "Ah, your name is Nevan, correct?" Lucius strolled towards the frail boy, stepping over the groaning bodi
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A cacophony of footfall echoed louder and louder, an ominous sign of the swarm of people rushing towards the school's roof. The ear-piercing wails of agony that they had heard multiple times appeared to originate from that place, like a gruesome theater of torture nestled above their heads. "Is this place devoid of life?" A teacher, first to arrive, remarked in disbelief. He surveyed the school roof that stretched out immaculate before him. It was deserted, not a soul in sight, as if the bone-chilling sounds they heard moments ago were mere hallucinations. "Sir, there is no trace of anything unusual," confirmed another teacher, who had painstakingly inspected every inch of the rooftop. Not even the tiniest speck of dust could escape his keen eye, yet he failed to find any signs of abnormality. "But there were unmistakable cries of pain. You heard them too, didn't you?" the principal appealed to the students who seemed equally intrigued by the mysterious sound. "This couldn't possib
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"That pest of a gym teacher. He really has me pegged as the prime suspect," Lucius muttered under his breath, finding himself in a dingy interrogation room. The room was a cramped square, barely spanning two meters in length and width. Its only source of light was a single, dim lamp suspended above two facing chairs. "You were missing from class when the incident occurred, weren't you?" probed the interrogating officer. He was a man of medium build with a distinctive curved mustache, apparently not holding a high position within the precinct. "Indeed, I was," Lucius responded nonchalantly. His breath remained steady, demonstrating his lack of concern over the ongoing interrogation. "Son, I know you're looking for an alibi, and you probably have a plausible story ready. However, I want the truth. Where have you stashed those missing students?" "I have no idea. I pay little attention to such things," Lucius dismissed the officer's concerns with a casual shrug, clearly enjoying the s
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Superpower Prisons
Every nation hoards its secrets, and the tropical country where Lucius resided was no exception. A fortified structure, ringed with layers of razor wire and security patrols, stood imposingly in the distance. The intense vigilance suggested that the place was far from an ordinary dwelling—more akin to a maximum-security prison. "Has our latest subject arrived?" asked a middle-aged man, identifiable as a high-ranking official by the array of stars adorning his shoulders. "Yes, Mr. Nefion. The new subject was delivered minutes ago," replied a busy woman, juggling documents and persistent phone calls. "If it wasn't for my military career, I'd find it hard to believe these anomalies," the man mused aloud, "the existence of superhumans, just like in the films." His voice carried across the room, the woman catching his words. "But this case is particularly intriguing. Such a young boy possessing this...gift," he continued, eyes fixed on the large monitor displaying the live feed from an
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This gloomy place was more reminiscent of a wet sewer than a prison, the humid air clinging to the walls and the sparse lighting painting eerie shadows. Chains clasped around Lucius's wrists, restricting his movement as he perched on a rigid mattress that was nothing short of a slab of stone. "I finally made it here," Lucius whispered, his gaze assessing the bleak surroundings. The confinement area was surprisingly vacant, housing a meager five captives during his brief glimpse of it. Lucius had initially envisioned a secret prison packed with countless prisoners. "According to what I remember, a dreadful system surfaced here a decade later," he murmured, recalling snippets of information from his previous life. This knowledge was the reason Lucius had chosen this dangerous path. He had deliberately committed a crime and brazenly declared himself the owner of the system, all to be transported to this location where the system would eventually materialize. Lucius recalled, "Red Lig
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"Aaaaaa!" Lucius woke up with his body drenched in sweat. It felt like after a strenuous physical activity, with his breath coming in gasps. It seemed that he had a nightmare, making the guard who had been monitoring nearby immediately approach. He was surprised by Lucius' cries that sounded as if he was suffering. "What happened?" the man asked not out of concern, but because he wanted to get additional information. The general who led them there had given him the task of seeking more information, with the promise of a promotion in return. "I saw red lightning, red lightning appeared again," Lucius said with a gasp. "Appeared? Where?" the person asked in surprise, glancing into the dank prison room through the iron bars. "No, no. I saw it in a dream," Lucius replied. "In a dream? Are you sure you're not having hallucinations?" the guard asked, and Lucius shook his head quickly. He looked serious now, as evidenced by his frightened face and labored breathing. "What did you see?
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Martial Arts
Lucius never thought that the general possessed such great strength. The clear evidence was how the general jumped without a parachute and fell at the bottom of the mine pit unharmed. "Looks like I have to rethink this plan," Lucius thought as he landed with the parachute attached to his back. He looked around, with boulders and mining vehicles busy moving below. "They are busy mining gold, but forgetting important things like food and drink," Lucius muttered when he saw several trucks carrying gold out of the mine. "Welcome, general," greeted one of the guards there respectfully to the newly arrived group. It was as if they recognized the general in charge of the secret prison who had just arrived. "Oh, Nefion, why are you here all of a sudden?" the general hadn't had time to answer, when suddenly a large man hurriedly approached him. The man with blond hair and a square face smiled broadly when he saw the general present at the mine site. "General Conrad, nice to meet you," sa
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