The End

“Hurry up Andrea!!!”

Yard stood on the side of the cliff and shouted loudly. He saw his friend running as fast as he could. But soon Andrea seemed to be exhausted and slowed down.

Behind him, there was a terrifying scream. Zombies are like crazy dogs. They were chasing Andrea at terrifying speed. They trampled each other and rushed forward. Screams resounded between heaven and earth.

On this side Laura was trying her best to fill in the codes according to the instructions on the paper. Her hands trembled terribly. Sweat ran down his face. The shirt sticks to the skin. The heat of the weather made Laura even more uncomfortable. But she still tried to calmly examine the code. She knew now wasn't the time to be ladylike.

"What's up, Laura?"

Yard watched Andrea while shouting at his victim. Laura wiped the sweat on her forehead with her hand and replied:

"It's almost done."

"Hurry up!"

Yard finished speaking and focused his gaze on Andrea. He saw Andrea coming and to
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