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After enduring three years of marriage to an unfaithful wife, Ethan Sinclair's world shatters when he catches his wife, Maya Reynolds, in a compromising position with his boss, Tony West, a shareholder at Uber Organization. The betrayal leads to a tumultuous confrontation where Maya requests a divorce, setting the stage for a night of unexpected discoveries. In a twist of fate, Ethan learns that he is the heir to an ancestral legacy. As the divorce is finalized, Maya, consumed by regret, returns seeking forgiveness and a second chance, pleading, "I was wrong. Can you please take me back?" However, Ethan, haunted by betrayal, delivers a resolute response: "It's too late."

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Chapter 1: plead for his mercy
A cab pulls up to the grand entrance of the Sunset Tower Hotel, its sleek exterior gleaming under the golden rays of the afternoon sun. The hotel's majestic billboard, adorned with the iconic Sunset Tower Hotel logo, proudly stands guard over the entrance.**"Sir, we've arrived at the Sunset Tower Hotel!" A soft, calming voice filled the air, courtesy of Ethan Sinclair, the taxi driver. His words gently broke the steadiness that enveloped the luxury establishment."Thank you," the stranger replied, a hint of relief in his voice. "Could you please help me with my luggage out of the trunk?""Of course," Ethan responded promptly, exiting his cab and assisting the stranger in retrieving his belongings. As he closed the trunk, the stranger inquired, "How much do I owe you?""Two hundred Bucks!!" Ethan replied, referring to his standard fare."Here, I'll give you five hundred bucks for the extra effort I put in for you today!!" the stranger said, reaching for his wallet. However, upon exa
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Chapter 02: Young Master
Without any warning, the caller abruptly terminated the call, leaving Ethan in a state of bewildered curiosity. He questioned the identity of the mysterious "Young Master" and wondered how an unfamiliar voice had obtained his private phone number.Despite the pain of his wife's betrayal, he pushed it aside and eagerly pressed the down-floor button, longing for the safety of the lobby.As the elevator doors glided open, Ethan stepped out into the vibrant and bustling lobby. His thoughts were consumed by the painful scene of his wife's betrayal, playing on a loop in his mind.Lost in thought, Ethan accidentally collided with a stylishly attired man adorned with sleek black glasses."I'm sorry," Ethan mumbled apologetically. However, the man, his expression concealed behind an inscrutable mask, adjusted himself with composure and silently walked away, leaving Ethan unsettled and unanswered.Moving toward where he parked his cab, Ethan's mind became a whirlwind of apprehension.The unk
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Chapter 3: She Kicked Ethan out
In Ethan's mindscape, digital chimes formed a symphony, harmonizing with the emergence of a serene voice.[New Host Founded. Welcome, esteemed Master. I am Amanda, your Ancestral heir System. It is my pleasure to guide you through this grand initiation?]"Let see what you got?," Ethan replied, his voice tinged with both curiosity and trepidation.[Initiating system loading sequence. 100%... 90%... 60%... 40%... 20%... 10%... Congratulations, Master! You have successfully unlocked the Ancestor System.]The ethereal voice accompanied a mesmerizing display of code materializing before Ethan's eyes. As if guided by an unseen force, the code coalesced into an intricate screen, presenting two distinct options:[ Grand Master Legacy ][ New Mission ][Please select your desired starting point, Young Master.]Ethan, his heart thrumming with anticipation, made his choice. "Let's begin with the Grand Master Legacy."[An excellent decision, Young Master. The Grand Master Legacy unveils the rewar
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Chapter 4: Let's Get Divorce
The iron gates slammed shut with a clang that echoed through Ethan's bones. Adrenaline still thrumming, he stood up, brushing off the dust that clung to his clothes like a mocking taunt. "You'll regret this," he spat.A guttural laugh from one of the guards cut through the air. "Get outta here, loser! No one wants you or your threats."Ethan swallowed the bile that rose in his throat. His mind, a frantic kaleidoscope, ticked away the seconds. 9:46 PM. 59 seconds left. The weight of the timer on his wrist was a physical ache.He stumbled towards his cab, the world blurring into a smear of neon and honking horns. Every stop sign and every red light felt like a personal attack.His mission, once a thrilling gamble, was now a desperate scramble for survival.As he weaved through the city, a flicker of hope caught his eye. A tiny storefront, its window aglow with the warm light of a single bulb. A woman, her face etched with the weariness of a thousand closed doors, sat huddled inside.Et
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Chapter 5: Good for Nothing son in law
"I got this for you, Julia," a woman's voice rang out from across the table, belonging to Lena Reynolds, Ms. Julia's sister-in-law. "It cost thousands of dollars!" Lena exclaimed, presenting a gift containing a set of bracelets with a net worth of $400,000.Meanwhile, Ms. Julia's siblings surrounded her, each adorned with unique birthday artwork on their heads, while Maya entered the room carrying a cake with her mom's name elegantly written on it. "Happy birthday, Mom!!!" Maya exclaimed, wrapping her arms around her mother as she sat, her excitement evident on her beaming face."Let's blow out the candle by spelling your name! Ms. Julia" Sophie spoke out, appearing behind Ms. Julia and placing a hand on her shoulder. With her long black hair cascading down her back, Sophie looked stunning at just twenty-five years old.Suddenly, the clink of a spoon against a glass echoed through the room, breaking the excitement that filled the air."More age, my love, in more money?" Old Ms. Mim
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Chapter 6
"What!" Old Ms. Mimi's body quivered with shock at Maya's accusation. Thankfully, Klein reacted swiftly, moving to offer support and comfort to the distressed elderly woman.Old Ms. Mimi erupted in a fit of rage. "He's a despicable beast! We provided him with a luxurious apartment and a fancy car for three years, and yet he couldn't even show loyalty and devotion to you. How dare he engage in such deceitful behavior!?"Maya cunningly played the blame game, falsely accusing Ethan of infidelity to manipulate the situation and win Old Ms. Mimi's trust effortlessly.Maya's adeptness at concealing her true nature allowed her to maintain a facade of innocence and goodness in front of her family.Had Ethan not stumbled upon Maya in the hotel room and witnessed the truth firsthand, he would have continued to believe in Maya's facade of purity and kindness, despite her underlying arrogance.Maya's parents, who had also fallen victim to their daughter's deception, directed their anger towards E
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Chapter 7: The Encounter
The EncounterAlexander arrived at the appointed spot just as Ethan did, his car's sudden rumble catching Ethan's attention as he waited. Stepping out of his cab, Ethan made his way towards Alexander's stationary vehicle, parked with precision near the cab's bonnet. Alexander remained in his car, a commanding presence even without stepping out."Get in. Grandma wants to see you," Alexander stated, his tone carrying a sense of solemnity.Assuming that Old Ms. Mini wished to intercede on behalf of her granddaughter Maya, Ethan's voice hardened as he responded, "Even if your grandmother pleads for Maya, it won't make a difference. I am determined to divorce her."A look of confusion crossed Ethan's face as he heard Alexander's next words. "You fool, what's going through your head? Do you really believe my grandmother is here to plead with you? She's here to enforce the family's traditions and rules upon you!"Thus began an unexpected turn of events, as Ethan realized that the meeting with
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"Unbelievable!" Klein's voice thundered, his eyes ablaze with fury as they locked with Ms. Julia's in a narrow gaze. "You and your worthless son-in-law, how could you allow Alex to be hurt? You owe me an explanation for this!"The mention of Ms. Julia and her family was necessary because Ethan was their son-in-law, implicating them in the situation. The panic was evident on Ms. Julia and her husband's faces."All that troublemaker does is bring chaos into our lives. The next time I see him, I'll have him arrested!" Ms. Julia snarled with malice."Should we involve the police, Madam?" one of her maids inquired tentatively."Silence your tongue, you imbecile!" snapped the old Ms. Mimi."This is a family affair, keep the authorities out of it! I'll ensure he faces the consequences he deserves," Old Ms. Mimi declared firmly before approaching Klein and whispering something in his ear."Klein, I know you have connections in the triads. Enlist their help to give that scoundrel a harsh lesson
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chapter: 9
Old Ms. Mimi, Klein, and Alexis exchanged knowing grins. Ten minutes later, Ethan pulled up in his cab at the entrance of the Freehand Hotel.He dialed the customer's number and announced, "Mr. Diego, your Uber has arrived. I'm waiting at the entrance of the Freehand Hotel. Please come out with your luggage."Meanwhile, Tony was engaged in conversation with Old Ms. Mimi and the others in the hotel lobby. "Could you come over and help me with some luggage from the room?" he asked.Ethan glanced up at the lavish banner hanging at the hotel entrance, which read "Happy 50th Birthday, Julia."The Freehand Hotel was renowned for its birthday banquets and was frequented by the elite of Los Angeles for various events. The high cost of staying at the Freehand Hotel could easily deter those from a lower socioeconomic background. Ethan assumed Maya's family had chosen this venue for the celebration.Ethan explained, "Uber drivers aren't allowed to enter the hotel. Please call the security team fo
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chapter: 10
Ethan gazed at Maya's outward beauty, yet he saw her inner ugliness. "Haha, you betrayed me, accused me of infidelity, and now you wish to strike me? What a remarkable wife I have indeed. I've married a true rarity!" Ethan's frustration knew no bounds. To everyone's surprise, Alexander seized the giant enforcement ruler and charged towards Ethan."You scoundrel! How dare you hit me? I'll ruin your face!" Alexander threatened, attempting to strike Ethan with the enforcement ruler.Ethan remained composed, swiftly evading the blow. He seized Alexander's arm with his left hand and deftly twisted it, causing Alexander to inadvertently strike himself in the face with the giant enforcement ruler.Smack!The forceful impact left Alexander's already grim visage looking even more distorted.The onlookers were left in utter astonishment at the unexpected turn of events."How dare a live-in son-in-law strike the heir of the Reynolds!?"Old Ms. Mimi rose to her feet, her voice booming, "Scoundrel
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