Divorce For Luxury

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Divorce For Luxury

By: Zqueen Psyco OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Everyone wants happiness in the family. How happy Rosalina and Hazre are with their respective husbands and wives. However, unexpectedly, the husband and wife they trust secretly have an affair without realizing it. "You love me, right?" -Veronica "I must love you..I love you very much.."-Azmar Their feigned happiness melts their hearts after finding out the true truth about Azmar and Veronica's heinous affair. But that's not all, they are willing to kill their own husband and wife after the divorce is over. And on the other hand, the truth is revealed after knowing Azmar and Veronica's dirty plan. "Why..is she willing to do this to me?"-Hazre "Is he surprised.. is he surprised to do this to me?"-Rosalina The closer they get to the real truth the closer they get to the brink of evil. "I promise..I will come back to destroy them both.."-Hazre "After this, I.. won't let you go. I'll make sure.. you get the same reward as if you killed my son."-Rosalina Finally, they take the opportunity to show themselves with a new face. The mission is to reclaim the wealth and death that was created in their lives. "I...Ikmal. Nice to meet you, Mrs. Veronica."-Hazre "Oh yes. I'm Alina.. The wife of a shareholder you know, Ikmal.."-Rosalina "The game has just begun.."-Hazre "That's really strange..He's really suspicious.."-Azmar "I don't care..because you..not against me.."-Veronica Will they succeed in reclaiming everything that was taken from their lives? How will they uncover the secret story of their enemies? How will this game end? The Real Of Revenge..

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  • Anggin Kenari


    Nice interesting opening . Keep your work dear writer !!

    2023-09-21 11:14:06
  • Mjim891


    i like this story

    2022-11-02 10:14:33
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59 chapters
Chapter 1
The bright morning shines on the infinite beauty of nature. Hazre, with a quick smile, opens the curtains of his room. Sunlight began to enter the room. Veronica immediately opens her eyes after feeling the light shining in the room. Eyes open with a twinkle. "Good morning..." Hazre continued to approach Veronica, who was still lying on the bed. Her body was a bit lazy to get up from bed. Her eyes were deliberately closed again. "You look beautiful when you wake up.." Hazre tried to persuade with sweet words. As soon as he heard the compliments, Veronica's eyes immediately opened wide. Their eyes collided. Hazre was calm with a smile while sitting on the edge of the bed looking at his wife's beauty in the early morning. Veronica's face was so clean. "You..don't wake me up. I want to go back to sleep. I'm too lazy to wake up.." Veronica closed her eyes again. Hazre gently stroked Veronica's hair with love. "Hmm, if you don't wake up..never mind. Well, I'll just marry one more tim
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Chapter 2
Azmar is very busy with his work, which starts to attack him early in the morning. That is his daily routine. Due to his busyness with work, he is not able to spend time with Alif. The same is true with Rosalina. But, Rosalina understands Azmar's situation and he works hard for the sake of their family. The company and the property they own are the property of Rosalina's father. Azmar was promoted immediately after receiving Rosalina's father's will. Rosalina should have the right to be the chairman of her father's company, but since she is already a mother and has a child, she is closer to taking care of Alif full-time. Azmar manages everything. "Sir, you have a meeting in five minutes." Secretary Sharul said respectfully. Azmar stood up from his swivel chair and walked out. He also buttoned his suit. They walked toward the meeting room. Throughout the meeting, Azmar was very careful and serious about the appropriate proposals to expand the company. However, a little inconsistency
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Chapter 3
"You..why didn't you call me when you got to the airport? Can I pick you up there.."Rosalina said as she served the drink."Just for a little surprise."After being served a drink, she sat down with Aiysah."Hmm, no need to give a big surprise. I'm not surprised at all.""Even though she wasn't playing anymore, she was surprised outside earlier.."Aiysah scolded Rosalina. She must not have been surprised at all."How are you in America?""It's the best. I can eat delicious food there... But it's really hard to find a halal restaurant. Her clothes.. she's really beautiful and stylish according to the latest fashion trends, you know. And most importantly.."Aiysah intentionally made Rosalina wait."Most importantly what?""The most important thing..he's a man! Handsome, you know, he's a man there. Lose your husband.""Do you want to find a white partner there?""If there is a mate, what's wrong with that?""Yes...I pray."Rosalina only treats Aiysah's strong temper. Indeed, that is Aiys
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Chapter 4
A pregnant woman stepped into Azmar's company. She walked towards the inquiry counter."Excuse me, can I see Sir Azmar?""Sir Azmar? Who are you, miss?"The well-dressed woman in uniform asked. She thought of something."I...I'm Fiqah...his friend..I..really want to see him now."She stammered. Fidgeting every time she uttered words."Ahm, if that's the case, wait a minute."He quickly picked up the phone and dialled Azmar's number. His call was immediately answered."Good afternoon, sir. Miss Fiqah is here to meet you.""I'm busy right now. Talk to her, I don't have time to see her."Azmar in the call said."Okay, sir."His is placed behind."I'm sorry, miss... Sir Azmar said he's busy now. I'm sorry, miss.."The woman said politely. Fiqah, who was heavily pregnant, changed her expression to disappointment. She left the inquiry counter with a heavy step. Her thoughts wandered. Then her steps stopped. She remembered something.'Don't see me again...Just pretend we never met.''I hate y
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Chapter 5
Veronica took care of Mom in the ward until late at night. She was getting bored. Playing on the phone for hours made her feel tired. She started looking at Mom who was still lying on the bed. She remembered his conversation with Erika and Merlyn. The conversation about betrayal. She thought that one day she would be able to control Hazre's family property. Evil thoughts began to affect his mind. 'Should I kill her now?' She started thinking about killing. With a cynical smile, she approached Mama. Then she looked full of evil. A cynical smile. Mama's face looked pale and lifeless. She hugged her body while looking at Mama. "If I killed Mama, wouldn't it be easy for me to replace Mama... All of them.." Veronica had malicious intentions. She sounded low. Her thoughts were getting negative. Her hands started to act like she wanted to strangle Mama's neck. The longer her hands were getting closer to Mama's neck. Her heart almost cheered when Mama died easily in her hands. Her wish w
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Chapter 6
"Damn, how are you going to cook this? Everything is already there, all that's left is the cabbage."Rosalina was also confused about cooking. The main ingredients run out in the kitchen. She was busy biting his fingers."Alif wants to eat that food... But the cabbage is gone. I have to buy it. Before Alif comes back."Rosalina felt a little anxious. Alif will be back from school in a few hours. She looked at the clock on his wall. It was still early for noon, so she hurried to change his clothes."Okay, I'll hurry. The vegetables will run out later."Rosalina immediately went out after changing her clothes. Such is the life of a mother. The child's wishes must be a priority. Since Alif had not returned from school, she took the opportunity to buy something, even for a moment. Guaranteed she must cook Alif's favourite food.*****Azmar stopped for a while at a cafe to buy a drink after just leaving his house 2 hours ago. He looked dapper in a neat navy blue suit. That's how he is every
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Chapter 7
Eyes meet each other. The cabbage is still being held. Who can finish the vegetables?"Give it to me... I want to cook it for my mama. You look for other vegetables. There are many more beautiful vegetables here. You have to look carefully, these vegetables are already round... Do you want to be fat like this vegetable? ?"Hazre intentionally provoked Rosalina's thoughts. Rosalina started to open her mouth to speak but the sound of her phone ringing interrupted her. Hazre sighed."Wait a minute..don't take this vegetable away either."She said before answering the call. It looks like the teacher's phone number at school is calling her."Yes... What's wrong with this phone teacher?""Ma'am, your son wants to call you. I will give him this phone.""My son wants to call me?"Hazre, who was still standing waiting for her, had time to listen to his conversation."Hi, mom."Alif's cute voice was heard on the call. Rosalina smiled happily."Alif, why do you suddenly want to call me."Hazre, w
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Chapter 8
The sky is getting darker. Azmar and Veronica are each wearing bathrobes in the hotel room. They are staying at a five-star hotel. Sitting on a chair facing each other makes them ask each other something."You don't mind if your wife..knows about us?"Veronica said, starting to spoil. Azmar just chuckled."She won't know... Because she's busy sitting at home."Azmar said casually. The smile had another meaning."How about you?"It was Azmar's turn to ask. Veronica smiled blandly."He won't know about us either. Even if he's working, he's a bit slow to know about it...I'm sure, he should..not worthy of me."Veronica said. Their eyes stared at each other for a long time. Seeing each of them wearing bathing suits, their desire was increasing. However, their phones rang at the same time."Who called you?"Veronica asked. Quickly, Azmar showed her the thing on the phone screen. It looks like Azmar put the name Rosalina there. Not a spoiled name for husband and wife."How about you?""Me too
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Chapter 9
Rosalina was already in operation early in the morning. Even though Azmar was not by her side all night, she continued her day with a smile. She also surprised Alif, who was still asleep in a dream. "Alif.. Alif woke up. Alif has to go to school today.." A mother always remembers her son. Alif woke up lazily after Rosalina surprised him. She smiled and persuaded Alif to take a shower and prepare to go to school. But this morning, Rosalina had breakfast without Azmar. It was just the two of them. Because of that, Alif began to wonder. "Mom, where's dad?" "Dad.. went to work. Maybe he will come back today." She said in a weak tone. Alif just nodded his head. Rosalina was also looking forward to Azmar's return. Aren't Hazre and Rosalina facing the same situation in this case? Unfortunately, they both don't know what their husbands and wives are doing behind their backs. ##### Veronica returned home. She looked tired. She went straight to the kitchen. Hearing a noise in the kitchen
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Chapter 10
Taking a car, Hazre quickly got there to pick up Suhaimi. He waited outside the airport. Less than 5 minutes later, Suhaimi was already out of the airport. He walked toward Hazre who was sitting in front of the car with a smile. While dragging his luggage, he approached Hazre from behind."Are you waiting for me?"Listening to the voice, Hazre looked for the direction of the voice. Suhaimi was seen wearing sunglasses and carrying a luggage bag. A smile began to appear when he saw Suhaimi looking stylish in front of him."Wow.. are you trying to defeat me? You're not very handsome either.."Hazre said with envy. Suhaimi just laughed a little."It's not, sir... If you compare me to you, you are more handsome and stylish than me.."Hazre was excited about meeting Suhaimi. All this time, Suhaimi had to be abroad to continue his studies. Even so, he preferred to work as a loyal secretary by Hazre's side. His loyalty made Hazre closer to him."Yes, that's right. I'm sorry I didn't bring any
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