Chapter LXXV

Shortly, they arrived at the precinct. Every other member of the task force joined them for the briefing. It was time for Jean and Claire to share what they had gathered from Jones’ wife Sarah.

“We have found out that, as of last year, Jones was diagnosed of a brain tumor. Being the director of the CPSD, such information reaching the agency could ruin his career. He and his wife Sarah decided to keep it secret as he underwent medication until he met a backstreet doctor who was willing to enroll him in a drug trial for the same. According to his wife, they got lucky and the trial drug worked miracles curing Jones fully. We inquired to know more about this doctor and the drug trial. Unfortunately, Sarah confirmed that, the clinic which went by the name Kibich Nonpareil Medical Clinic was closed just a few days to the assassination attempt that led to the death of her husband Jones,” Claire explained.

“Do you want to mean that, the clinic’s s

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