The Student Billionaire

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The Student Billionaire

By: Icy popsicles Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Damson Malcom is a struggling student burdened by working different part time jobs and running errands for his mates just to please his girlfriend on her birthday. However his heart got broken when he found out his girlfriend cheated on him. He also got treated as trash by everyone around him. He reached his lowest point, where all hope was lost, he got a phone call from his family as the next heir. He went from being the poorest in the school to the richest in the city. He then vowed to make sure everyone who made life hell for him bow at his feet.

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  • Ayomide Adeusi


    Great story

    2024-05-20 03:00:40
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61 chapters
Chapter 1
These clothes are not properly washed!" Caleb shouted from the other side of the room, making Damson groan out loudly. He let out a puff of air as Caleb came into the bathroom. He tried to control his anger, he was at the verge of breaking down, but he seriously needed the money from doing his laundry. He had been working hard, going on numerous and ridiculous errands for his mates. He also did a lot of part time jobs. He needed the extra cash so he could afford a ring his girlfriend, Mia, wanted for her birthday. Damson really loved her and always dreamt of them spending the rest of their lives together. He would do anything to make her happy. He has been trying his best, living from hand to mouth to satisfy her wants, despite him being really broke. He smiled at the thought of the excitement he'll get to see on her face when he gets her the ring and that gave him more energy to work more and harder. He hated the idea of doing Caleb's laundry. He's a rich, rude and snobbish gu
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Chapter 2
I'm the what?" Damson asked, trying to hold back his laughter."You're the next heir to the family's company, young master and we need you.” The caller replied. Damson burst out in a fit of laughter. "Is this a prank?" "This must be a prank.” He said."This is not a prank young master, there's a lot to talk about, which I cannot do over the phone. Would you kindly tell me your location, I'll come and pick you up.” The caller said. Damson kept quiet for a moment. He had no idea who the caller was and he was skeptical about revealing his location just like that. "I'm a student of Palmers University. You can wait at the university gate. I'll meet you there.” Damson said, after so much begging from the caller to share his location. "Thank you, young master.”The caller said happily"I'll be there as early as possible.” He said before disconnecting the call. Damson went back to sleep, his mind lingering around Mia, her betrayal and the call with the stranger. ***It was 10am in the
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Chapter 3
"What is this? A free club membership card?" she shouted angrily. "Does this place look like a joke to you?""Not only are you wretched and poor, you're also mentally derailed." she shouted at him, making everyone look at him. "Security! Please come and drag this boy out of this place." she continued. Before Damson could explain that he gave her the wrong card, the security guards already dragged him out. "I have the membership card.” Damson shouted as he struggled with the security guards.. "You don't have it, you liar." she replied, walking towards him. "I think you need to go for a check up. I understand why you are behaving like this. Poverty can make you think of the impossible.""You do not have the membership card." she continued "Will you at least, let me prove that I have the card, before you come up with your ridiculous conclusions?" Damson said angrily. "I put the club membership card and the bank membership card together in my pocket, so they got mixed up. This is
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chapter 4
Damson was furious as he watched the bank manager call the security on him. "This is the membership card with me. Here is the proof that I came here for a reason, which is to withdraw an amount of money. I just want my money." he said, frustrated."Where did you get this card from?" the bank manager asked as he snatched the card from damson. "This card is not an ordinary card you can see or find anywhere. The only reason that you have this card with you right now is because you stole it!""I know thieves from the first glance and I do know you're one. Not only did you steal this card, you also had the audacity to come into the bank, claiming it's yours." "This might not be your first time stealing but it will surely be the last. You might have thought you would never get caught, but today is not your lucky day." he continued, angrily."The card is mine, I didn't steal it! I am not a thief and I won't let you treat me as one." Damson said as he struggled to fight off the security gu
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Chapter 5
"Oh, shit. I'm going to be late." Damson thought to himself as he looked at the time displayed in the taxi's dashboard. "Can you go faster, please? I need to get to school as soon as possible or else I won't be able to get into my dorm." He pleaded with the driver. "Do you want me to fly? Don't you tell me what to do!" the driver replied angrily."If you knew you were in a hurry to go back to your dorm, you would have left where you were early. It's better you shut your filthy mouth and mind yourself." "Why so angry?" Damson muttered to himself as he decided to keep quiet. The turn of events at the bank was still fresh in his memory and the last thing he wanted to do was to get into a fight with the driver.When he got to school, he realized he was really late and couldn't go to the dorm again. He didn't also want the security to start asking him questions and stressing him on why he chose to come late. Instead, he made his way to the cafeteria. The plan was to enter the cafeteri
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Chapter 6
Damson was surprised to see the vice chancellor and was more surprised when he asked him to come with him. Everyone around watched as the vice chancellor stood in front of Damson and waited for him to respond to him. “How does the vice chancellor know him?”“Why is he here?”“Why couldn't he just call Damson to his office?“Don't you think it's weird that the vice chancellor came with someone in a Bently to see him?”“How can someone poor like Brad get special attention from the vice chancellor?” Murmurs and questions filled the air as everyone was trying to understand what was going on. “Mr Malcom. we need to go.” the vice chancellor said again, clearing his throat. “Alright.” Damson nodded as he followed the vice chancellor to the car, with everyone staring at them till the car got out of sight.Damson kept wondering why the vice chancellor came for him. He also noticed that the vice chancellor called him by his last name with a hint of respect in his tone. It was rare for the
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Chapter 7
“What Is going on? Why are there a lot of students at the door?” Damson whispered to his friends, confusion etched on his face.“I don't know, I think it's best if we open the door before they break it.” Fred said as he opened the door. Damson was surprised to see a number of students at the door. What surprised him more was the fact that they all looked angry and ready to pounce on him. “Where have you been all day?” One of the male students asked, as he faced Damson angrily.“You think you can just promise us dinner and get away with it.” Another voice said “Leave him!” He thinks he can just stay in his room and act like he did nothing? He wants to take us as fools?”“Wait guys, I didn't promise anyone dinner.” Damson said, looking around in confusion. “Oh please, cut the crap. Do we look like we're here to joke with you? You think you can just play us?”“You promised the students in the cafeteria free dinner then you ran away.”“You really think you can escape?” The male studen
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Chapter 8
“What the hell!” Mia screamed out, as she vigorously tried to clean the water that spilled on her ring. The water Damson spilled on the ring came as a shock as she didn't see it coming.“Are you blind? Can't you see? Do you want to ruin my ring?” she continued as her face flushed with anger.“You probably hate the fact that Caleb bought me the ring you couldn't even get for me and you're trying so badly to ruin it.”"You're just jealous and angry I left you for a better option. I'll pick Caleb over you anytime. You're just a servant boy and will always be a servant boy"“Am I to be blamed for your miserable life? You're a good-for-nothing human being.” she screamed at him.Mia's words pierced Damson's heart. His cheeks burnt with anger and he tried to fight back the tears that had built up in his eyes. “What is wrong with you!?”Caleb yelled angrily as he grabbed Damson by the collar of his shirt.“Did you just do that on purpose? Do you know how much I got the ring? Do you know how
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Chapter 9
“What were you thinking? Bringing up a card that doesn't exist so you could save your face?” Betty sneered.“How bold of you to think you can afford the most expensive food on the menu. You could have just agreed to not being able to afford it than making a fool outta yourself.”“Young man, don't waste my time, you need to make your payment or you will not like the consequences of your actions.” The waitress said. “How about you collect the card from me and check if it's real or not? At least you'll find out if it is ancient-”Before he could complete the sentence, Mia walked forward and snatched the card out of his hands, taking a close look at it. “Are you sure you didn't go and dig the ground in one of your dirty places for this card?” she asked.“I don't think I've seen this card before. So black, bare and ugly like you.” she continued, making everyone burst out in laughter. “He probably had planned to try and deceive the waitress, thinking he could fool everyone, but only made
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Chapter 10
“Well, well, well. Looks like the card was not fake after all. It's real.” Officer Ryder said, holding up his hand, silencing everyone. Damson let out a sigh of relief, a smile spreading across his face. “I told you, officer Ryder, I wasn't trying to scam anyone.”“Now that everything has been sorted out. Let me make this clear. I do not want to hear any noise from you guys again. You all need to focus on your studies and stop spreading rumors and causing trouble.” Officer Ryder said, clearing his throat. “I'm keeping an eye on you.” Officer Ryder said, pointing at Caleb. “Any more trouble from you or your friends, and there will be consequences. Do you understand!?” Caleb nodded silently as he was still in shock. He was still trying to process how Damson was able to afford 20,000 dollars. “I'll be on my way now.” Officer Ryder said as he turned and left the cafeteria. As soon as officer Ryder left the cafeteria, the students swarmed around Damson asking him questions. “How did
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