About a week later, after they had buried Jessica and their friends Anderson and Peterson, it was time to get back to work. It was about time they went after Peterson’s clone seeking justice for their loved ones and friends. They met at the precinct to discuss the way forward on how to go about the mission. It was already clear to them that, for them to win; they just had no other option but to go for the Clairvoyant himself.

Having gathered enough clues, they knew he was not of this earth. In order to beat him, they needed to find Rebecca’s missing journal. It was only then that they stood a chance against the Clairvoyant. The journal had the last bit for Jonas to discover his true power and how he was to defeat the mystic with the help of the task force.

The only person said to know the whereabouts of the journal was said to have been killed in prison. Before they could find other avenues to look, they had to make sure they did not miss anything from John

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