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By: Simone Baker OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Harvey Price, the self-absorbed heir apparent to the Price industry, saw his life take a dark turn following his father's demise. Unbeknownst to him, his own family, in cahoots with another greedy dynasty, conspired to strip him of his wealth and possessions. To make matters worse, he unwittingly married into the very family that sought to ruin him. Treated as a mere peasant, Harvey's life seemed bleak until he encountered the members of an elite club, a club founded by his late father. With their guidance, Harvey embarked on a mission to exact revenge on those who had wronged him. Little did he know that this journey would unearth secrets that would shatter everything he believed to be true.

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  • House of julie


    Wow, so nice I really love this book

    2023-12-02 01:24:41
  • Osanife Chioma


    really nice, love the storyline

    2023-12-02 01:16:38
  • Faith


    This book is highly recommended. I'm loving it :)

    2023-11-29 22:46:09
  • Osanife Favour


    i really love this book and I hope to see more of our male lead.

    2023-11-30 20:24:18
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48 chapters
Harvey stumbled into the room, reeking of alcohol and unpleasant odors. The atmosphere grew tense as everyone's gaze fixated on him, filled with disgust. Margaret, seething with anger, had meticulously planned her 50th birthday party for a whole year, only for her disrespectful son-in-law to ruin it.Whispers filled the room, "Quick, get your husband out of here!" commanded George to his daughter.She approached Harvey, intending to calm him down, but he snapped at her, "Don't touch me! I'm sorry for being late, but I didn't even receive an invitation. Can you believe it? I, the son-in-law, excluded from my mother-in-law's birthday celebration!"Margaret's eyes scanned the room, disappointment etched on the faces of the distinguished guests. "You ungrateful fool," she declared, her voice dripping with authority. "Leave this place immediately, or you'll regret it.""Listen up, Harvey. If you dare bring any more shame upon my daughter and our family, your marriage will come crashing dow
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"Whoa, hold up! Where on earth do you think you're coming from? You must be out of your mind pulling that stunt at Mum's birthday!"Her voice filled with anger, she seethed, "All my parents ever did was rescue you from your miserable life, thanks to my love for you. And this is how you repay them? By acting like an ungrateful son-in-law?"Harvey's mind was racing with everything he had just learned about his relationship with Crawford. He had to restrain himself from losing control and hurting Serena right then and there."Serena, I never asked you to marry me. You forced yourself on me. You knew I never loved you. For what it's worth, you were just a rebound. I settled for you because I couldn't have Halle. So deal with it."Serena was devastated. She knew the marriage was a sham, but his words cut through her like a sharp blade.As she raised her hands to slap him, he swiftly grabbed her wrist. "Don't you ever dare! And as for your precious family, I'm coming for all of you," he dec
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Harvey woke up, disoriented, on a moving train bound for a distant county. He frantically searched his pockets and discovered a passport and personal documents, but with a different name and his own face.He had always known Margaret had a vendetta against him, but now she was stealing his very identity. As he turned to assess his surroundings, he noticed the unsettling gazes of unfamiliar faces fixed upon him. In that moment, he realized he must proceed with caution, for they were there to ensure he never returned to the city.Harvey had to find a way to escape. As soon as they reached the train station, he quickly hopped into a taxi, not knowing where to go, but desperate to get away. He couldn't contact anyone since his number had been changed, erasing all his contacts.Harvey tried to stay composed, but then he received a call. Hesitant at first, he suspected it was Margaret, he answered, only to hear a strange voice on the other end. It turned out to be someone claiming to be his
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"With the club's help, they infiltrated The Price Industry. Word got out that it was going up for sale, but there was no way Harvey was gonna let the Darby's sell off his father's legacy.He reached out to every potential buyer, coming up with plans to keep the business in the family. But there was one buyer who proved to be a real pain, Patrick Mann. He was an old friend of Anthony Price. At first, Harvey thought it might be a good thing if Patrick bought the company, considering his dad's high opinion of him. But something felt off, like Patrick had his own hidden agenda.Harvey had no choice but to hire a private investigator to uncover Patrick's reasons for wanting the company.Serena played the grieving wife, just like her mom told her to. It was time for everyone to think he was dead, just like they made sure Monica bit the dust.When Halle frantically busted into the room, tears streaming down her face. "Margaret, Serena, what the hell did you do to Harvey? I know he isn’t dea
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"Dad, can you recall how you ended up here?" Halle asked with concern, visiting George Crawford in the hospital.He had driven out of the house but became disoriented, unable to find his way back. Witnesses claimed he started uttering nonsensical statements, prompting the hospital to summon the entire family. However, Margaret and Serena were nowhere to be found.George Crawford was a man who allowed his wife to manipulate and exploit him. He was just a young boy when he fell deeply in love with Margaret, but she saw him as a means to climb the social ladder.After they exchanged vows, everything changed. He lost his sanity, trapped in a loveless marriage. Divorce was out of the question, as it would result in losing a significant portion of his wealth. Margaret, not wanting to be a divorced woman with two daughters, ensured he remained a mere pawn in her game.For the most part of their marriage, Margaret called the shots. Halle stood there, gazing at her father, once full of life, n
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"So here’s the deal, I shall extend to you the same mercy bestowed upon you by Anthony, but not without a condition. you must undertake a task on behalf of Harvey, And remember, this meeting? It never happened, got it?"Harvey had just encountered the woman who asserted herself as his mother. He stood poised to execute the plan devised by the elite members.They had given him a check to hand over to her, testing whether she cared more about the money or making amends for lost time.Harvey clung to a glimmer of hope, fervently desiring that their suspicions were misplaced. Yet, when he inquired as to her genuine motives for reappearing, she held nothing back. She poured forth her emotions, expressing an ardent longing to assume the role of a mother in his life. Alas, those heartfelt words began to lose their weight as he prepared to shatter her aspirations.Harvey had searched for her on previous occasions, but she had chosen to remain distant, leaving him to face his struggles alone. H
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Jessica was assigned to accompany him back to the city, and she provided a detailed report to the elite Club about everything that had transpired.With the deeds transferring Patrick Mann's shares to Harvey in his possession, he felt a surge of confidence as he prepared to return to the city. However, he was uncertain about his initial course of action. He couldn't help but ponder how Lana, with her resourcefulness, would have effortlessly navigated the situation.Doubts lingered in his mind regarding Jessica's trustworthiness. While she seldom deviated from matters strictly related to business, he couldn't shake the feeling that her loyalty lay primarily with the elite Club. Lana, on the other hand, was an enigma.In less than an hour, their arrival in the city was imminent. Contemplating his next move, he weighed the options of visiting the Darby family or the Crawford family first. Anticipation coursed through his veins as he imagined the shock on their faces. News would undoubtedl
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"That's absolutely brilliant, Richard! Oh my goodness, we must inform Mum about this immediately," exclaimed Serena, her excitement evident in her voice. Richard had devised a cunning plan that he believed would give them a significant advantage in the ongoing race against Harvey. It was years ago when Richard accidentally overheard his father and Anthony Price discussing Anthony's secret child from a previous relationship.Being young and unable to take on the responsibility of raising a child, Anthony had chosen to abandon both the child and the mother. However, when he achieved financial success, he attempted to reconnect with them, only to be met with rejection. Richard had carefully guarded this secret, waiting for the perfect moment to reveal it. And now, he felt that the time was ripe.The revelation of Harvey having an older brother would undoubtedly turn his world upside down. Serena and Richard believed it was crucial to reach out to him first, to subtly influence his thoug
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So, she did what had to be done. She took the child and left him in the last place anyone would think to look - the Crawford house.Yes, Monica's son found refuge with the Crawfords, living under the name Eric Crawford. Halle, against her mother's wishes, bravely adopted him. She even disappeared for a while, allowing people to assume she was simply ashamed and hiding a pregnancy.She chose to endure the judgment and speculation rather than let anyone doubt her role as Eric's true mother. The aristocratic class branded her a disgrace for having a child out of wedlock, forcing her to raise him as a single mother. But none of that mattered to her. She knew his true identity and considered it the least she could do to repay every ounce of pain her family had inflicted upon Monica.The lady slid Monica's journal over to Harvey, and it tore him apart inside. The magnitude of her ordeal was unimaginable, and he couldn't help but frown, clenching his fist tightly as the urge to punch someth
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Margaret woke up in a dimly lit warehouse, her vision hazy. To her shock, Halle stood before her, while she was tightly bound to a chair. The last thing Margaret remembered was Her preparing for a glamorous gala. But on her way there, a chaotic event unfolded. Her tires were spiked, and as her driver went to fetch a spare, they were ambushed with tear gas. Gunshots rang out, outnumbered, Margaret was forced into a van."You've truly outdone yourself, Halle. You've crossed the line," Margaret trembled with fear, repeatedly threatening Halle. But Halle remained silent, her words unspoken.Margaret had managed to get to Eric first, whisking him away to an undisclosed location, leaving Halle completely clueless. She severed all communication with him, leaving him in the dark. Meanwhile, Harvey, consumed by desperation and impatience, found himself considering extreme measures to extract the information from Margaret."So, you thought poisoning Harvey and orchestrating my kidnapping woul
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