Chapter 26

Peninah later came to open up to the Prince and told him of the news that she was with a child. The Prince was so happy, saw this as an opportunity, and guarantee for them to be together forever as it was his dream and hers too. He could not keep this just to himself. He shared it with Kirimi. Kirimi was so proud too and encouraged him to fight on for this girl.

Silviah could not hold on any longer. She could no longer sit back and wait for the Prince to come through. For the time they had stayed together with him, she had noticed that sometimes he could hold on to something without letting go. She decided to have some people trail him whenever he went and find out if they are still seeing each other with Peninah.

It was the only thing Silviah could do because she could not risk stepping foot to the village to warn Peninah to keep her hands off the Prince. Indeed, her guess was not wrong after all. The spies told her of the news that Peninah and the Prince were still

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