The Godfather of Trojans

Gina understood why he was feeling like that as she said:

“Yes I knew, but would you believe me if I told you so? You needed to know by yourselves, not to be taught and deny the truth.”

“This…'' It was Laiyla’s turn to get angry but she wasn’t angry at Gina, she was angry at the system.

What happened to the lovers when they got chipped was all connected to the chip. They had some memory damage, and who knew what else might happen.

“Calm down buddy, there is good news too,” Dan said this to attract their attention again as he added, “the chip had a devastating effect on the brain of humans, as it will stop its maturation and growth. So, no chip would be inserted in the brains of those below eighteen. That explains why we aren’t chipped yet, why we aren’t yet in danger.”

“You seem to say good news, however I don’t feel that happy,” John said with an angry loud voice.

“Did you forget that tomorrow we will return to our time and face that horrible truth?” Laiyla said with disgust and pain.

“I know it might seem ridiculous, but there is an option for all of us to get ourselves from this mess,” Gina suddenly said.

Dan looked to his two friends in a way that made them realize something, he wasn’t annoyed or angry like themselves, he was so calm and steady.

Their friend never had such a case if he didn’t have figured out a solution already.

“What? Tell me?” John said.

“Let’s postpone it for later, as we need to discuss it more privately,” Dan weirdly replied while looking at Gina who raised her two hands while saying:

“I won’t leave you now as our time is limited. Let’s just end the day together and then do whatever you want later when we return. There is still a whole semester before the chipping ceremony, you still have time to consider your options.”

John and Laiyla exchanged looks as they understood what was going on. their friend had already found a solution, but it seemed this one was tricky. So, he knew they would refuse and a long time of discussion was needed.

That was why he didn’t rush to tell them everything from the start, and he was right. If the solution was this challenging, then they had to take their time to think about it in a more calm environment.

“Mentioning the shocking secrets, do you know what we have discovered?” John suddenly said to Dan and Gina.

His tone didn’t carry anything except the worry from the problem they would face in the future.

“Tell me, you know you can’t make an entrance like me,” Dan said with a chuckle.

It seemed that his presence with Gina had changed him a lot, like she completed the missing parts of his personality and thus he began to be more mature and stable.

“Tell me, Gina, who is our biggest enemy back in our time?” Laiyla was the one to speak this time as she decided to back Gina back.

“Trojans, we have none other than them, right?” Gina simply replied.

“And do you know who the first Trojan is?” Laiyla asked with a chuckle that made Gina and Dan look towards her with sudden interest.

“C’mon Laiyla, you suck at roasting others. Just say it, who is he?”

Laiyla looked at John as they both seemed in no hurry to reply, which made Dan return to his old self as he nervously said:

“C’mon, I just told you things I discovered, show some respect to me here.”

John and Laiyla laughed at the same time Dan added with more annoyance and impatience:

“You know you are really mean to me.”

“Oh poor Dan, ok I will tell you but just don’t cry,” Laiyla said with a teasing tone and smile which pushed Dan really over his edge as he pointed to her while saying with a serious tone:

“You know how damn I hate people treating me like this, I’m not a kid anymore!”

“Calm down buddy, she was just trying to mess with you,” John said with a no sincere tone at all.

“You too stop this and start talking,” Dan turned to say to John who raised both of his hands as he said:

“Ok, I got it, you are angry and you have the right to be. But don’t pretend you don’t deserve this, you started and this is just your paycheck buddy.”

Dan didn’t budge as he stared silently towards John who finally cut the play he was enjoying with his friend as he said:

“This info I got by coincidence, do you know that non-chipped running for president, William?”

“Yes, what about him?” Gina said as she tried to give Dan some time to chill out.

“His supporters are the opposite to the chipped guy, Gary. So I heard they call themselves Trojans, as this is some sort of anti-tech program designed to destroy security walls and this shit. The first one to use this name was William himself, as he used this even in his propaganda,” Laiyla explained further.

“Wait a minute, do you mean that Trojans aren’t just some random saboutages? They had this deep and long history, that is insane!” Dan said as he put both of his hands over his head expressing his shock.

“This isn’t everything, we all know that tomorrow, the election day is the day of apocalypse. That means only one thing,” John mysteriously said.

In a few moments, Dan had figured it out as his eyes widened from the shock he felt by reaching this conclusion.

“Don’t tell me, that Trojan godfather had lost the elections against the chipped person, and that started an all out war between the two,” Dan muttered with disbelief.

“Of course when considering that the chipped person will be supported by technology and presidency, it was logical for him to win. However this war had cost us, the whole humanity everything. That is a price of blood on those Trojans’ hands. they should have accepted the result of the election and didn’t stir up trouble,” John said with disgust.

The three looked to him with different feelings and disturbed thoughts. What John said was logic, the Trojans had to just accept their fate and not stir up trouble.

Being bitter when losing didn’t just cost the country to enter war, it cost humanity to lose everything and return to live in fear, cowering behind high walls like dark ages to protect themselves.

This wasn’t a life to live, this was a hell of torture. They all knew this as they all were living the same hell since they were born.

And the funny thing was they knew but couldn’t do anything to stop it. knowing was a blessing, but sometimes it could be only a curse.

They were walking aimlessly in the streets as they ended up in a calm, slightly darker street that seemed off. Just as they entered it, they heard a sudden voice coming from behind:

“You know it’s not polite to step in someone else’s home without knocking the door first, right?”

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