The Abandoned Son

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The Abandoned Son

By: Hander Pake Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Demetrius' life underwent a breathtaking transformation when, after enduring 16 years of destitution and a profound sense of aimlessness, he stumbled upon the miraculous reunion with his long-lost biological parents. Enveloped in their opulent riches and commanding influence, he naively anticipated a brighter future. Alas, reality swiftly shattered his dreams as he discovered himself alienated even within the walls of his ancestral home, scorned and forsaken by every soul, including the very servants. To compound his torment, his adopted brother not only seized the throne that rightfully belonged to Demetrius but also pilfered his cherished love interest. Driven by an all-consuming blend of indignant fury and an unyielding thirst for retribution, Demetrius forged an unwavering resolve to reclaim his rightful position and ensure that those who inflicted harm upon him faced the consequences of their transgressions.


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122 chapters
Let's go home
"You are sixteen years old now. During the summer break, you're able to start working full-time. I have found a job for you. You'll start work next weekend." The speaker was Zoe Torres, the aunt of Demetrius Goodwin.Demetrius had no parents.Zoe Torres told him his parents abandoned him. The man Jerome Brewer was kind enough to adopt him when he found him lying in a blanket on a park bench.When Demetrius was seven, Jerome Brewer died suddenly from a work accident, and Demetrius was brought by Zoe Torres, Jerome Brewer's wife.She is a woman whose life of poverty has been tormented, and she has become harsh.Since Demetrius was ten years old, he had to work various jobs to help financially support this family.She cut the cake, fed it to her son, and cut it for herself, then pushed the rest, sneered, and said: "Today is your birthday; I reward this cake for you."Demetrius Goodwin did not eat. He knows she's not nice enough to buy him a cake for his birthday, it was the birthday cake
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Demetrius glanced at Zoe. She had received a large amount of money, so her attitude toward him was better than usual.She said, "You follow him. He will bring you back to your biological parents. You're the rich kid now! Don't forget my gratitude for raising you."Demetrius asked no further questions and did not pack his luggage. He got into the car and sat down, eyes slightly drooping.On the way, the man talked a lot. He narrated Demetrius's factual background: he was the only son of the most wealthy family in Phoenix.His father's name is Kirk Hoffman, and his mother's name is Ivanna Gallagher.However, he was kidnapped before. His family looked for him and couldn't find him. Then they adopted another boy.He currently has an adopted brother named Finlay Hoffman. The man also advised him on things to keep in mind while living in his new home.When he heard Finlay's name, Demetrius' previously calm face suddenly changed, his brows furrowed, and his face seemed to be contemplating so
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Demetrius was too lazy to face people like Finlay. He asked bluntly: "Where are my parents?" The maidservant, visibly annoyed, glanced at Demetrius. Finlay looked regretful, "Because of some business, they still haven't arrived, maybe half an hour. In the meantime, would you like to visit the piano room?" Demetrius was about to say that he would wait in the living room. However, when he saw Finlay's scornful look and his face that wanted to humiliate him, Demetrius changed his mind. He was a sixteen-year-old boy, and although somewhat more mature than his peers, there was no reason for him to resist a challenger repeatedly without daring to take revenge. Demetrius is not a weak man. He is willing to shed blood to avenge his revenge, let alone when he is confident that he has that ability. So the three of them went to the piano room on the second floor. As soon as he entered the room, the piano immediately attracted Demetrius's eyes despite the other bright furniture arranged insid
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Older brother
His reaction from the moment he stepped foot into this mansion until now seems too calm.This makes Finlay feel at risk.Before that, according to Finlay, Demetrius lived in such impoverished conditions, so he must be very self-deprecating and timid, which would not affect the inheritance position. In contrast, recently, Demetrius has shown his piano talent far surpassing him, though he doesn't want to admit it. Mrs Gallagher patted Finlay's shoulder, "It's late. You should go to bed too."Finlay immediately said, "Yes, good night, mom and dad."He thought to himself, no matter what Demetrius may show, he will not give this position of inheritance to anyone and doesn't expect that he will give in to Demetrius even a little; he will soon find out how to get Demetrius out of this house.Imagining that beautiful future, Finlay smiled proudly.Demetrius lay on his bed, thinking about Finlay.He had met Finlay about a month ago but had not been rushed home until today. He was convinced th
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The test
The car quickly moved to the school. The high school Finlay attended was called Berry Baxter. Berry Baxter is a very famous school only for rich students. There are only three types of people entering this school, one is a student from a very rich family, the other is a student who is both excellent and rich, and the third is a student who is poor but has excellent achievements and receives a full scholarship to study here. Obviously, the area of this school was three times larger than Demetrius' old high school, he quietly looked at the school's architecture outside the car window before the car stopped at the school gate. Demetrius then followed Finlay to the classroom. The homeroom teacher heard that Demetrius was going to school today, so he came to class a little earlier than usual. When he saw Demetrius, he motioned for him to come up to the platform. "Introduce everyone about yourself, Mr. Hoffman." Most of the people had already arrived, and dozens of eyes had been fixed
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In all of his school days, there had never been a time when Demetrius had truly stood out like this, which in any sense was negative.Mrs. Gardner just said nonchalantly: “Didn't he have a student before he moved here? There are no exceptions.”As soon as her voice ended, the murmurs began again.“So pitiful.”“Morrow doesn't need to clean the classroom anymore! Congratulations on breaking your twenty-two-day record!”Someone couldn't help but burst out laughing, leading many other students to laugh as well."Stop it! Even without him, I wouldn't be sweeping today!" The boy with curly hair snorted coldly and said to the boy sitting at his desk.“How long do you think Finlay's brother will set the record?”“I bet at least six months. How can the boy in the countryside get a good education?"“Is that too pitiful?”"Why don't you think we won't have to worry about biology anymore?"“You’re right! Why didn't I think of that?"For rich students, the punishment they fear the most is cleanin
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The inheritance
"Time for the test is over." Mrs. Gardner spoke up. “Everybody put down your pens. Finlay collects the exam papers.”Many groaned because they did not finish all the questions in time. Finlay had just finished his last sentence, he breathed a sigh of relief, then smiled smugly and turned his head to look at Demetrius.Demetrius drooped his eyes at the desk, looking like he just didn't do well on a test.Because all the questions are multiple-choice, the grading is also quite fast. As soon as the papers are collected, Mrs. Gardner starts grading the papers. When Finlay saw Mrs. Gardner about to take the top sheet of the papers, he said:"Mrs. Gardner, could you grade my and Demetrius' exam first?"It was obvious that Finlay wanted Demetrius to be humiliated as quickly as possible.Mrs. Gardner glanced at Finlay for a few seconds, then nodded as well and selected Finlay and Demetrius's papers from the stack of papers.Finlay's request was not unreasonable, and it was clear that the whol
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Who's the heir?
A few minutes later, a car drove up to Demetrius. The driver carries Demetrius to a tall building designed to stand out.As soon as Demetrius entered the lobby, he was overwhelmed by the luxurious design; the massive scale destroyed Mr Kirk Hoffman's villa.A middle-aged man in a black suit saw Demetrius enter, quickly got up from the sofa, and walked over to Demetrius, speaking very politely: "Young master. Nice to meet you.""You were the one who gave me the call just now?"Demetrius asked."That's right, young master, I'm Maxwell Duncan!" Maxwell Duncan laughed and said.Maxwell Duncan then led Demetrius into the elevator and pressed on the 25th floor.Demetrius asked, "Can you explain to me about inheritance?""You just go into the meeting room; then you'll understand everything." Maxwell Duncan replied with a smile.When he stepped out of the elevator, Demetrius realized that this whole floor was for offices. The level of luxury and art has been pushed to the highest level.Demet
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Changed his attitude
Demetrius had just finished taking a shower when someone knocked on his door.It was now 8 pm. After announcing the inheritance, Demetrius went home with Finlay in a car. It was rare that Finlay hadn't provoked Demetrius, nor was Demetrius in the mood to guess what he was thinking.When he saw that the knocker was Mrs Gallagher, Demetrius was slightly surprised, then asked, "Mom?"Mrs Gallagher entered the room and closed the door, saying, "Can I talk to you for a few minutes?"Demetrius paused in his act of wiping his hair, "Sure."The light in the room was not too bright, Demetrius was dressed in clean pyjamas, but they couldn't hide his thin body. There is a scar on Demetrius' arm, which is very eye-catching.Mrs Gallagher hesitated for a long time before opening her mouth, "Demetrius, I hope you don't misunderstand what Finlay means."She recalled that the night before Demetrius returned, Fabian had told her, "You must treat Demetrius well. Children who grow up in such difficult c
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I cheated
Keagan Stephens stepped back up to the podium, slammed his hand on the board, and spoke sternly, "I'll give you one minute. If someone wants to confess, they can copy the test three times and receive a zero. Otherwise, I'll be checking the camera footage, and the consequences will be much worse."Everyone in the class remained silent, and Keagan Stephens asked, "Still no confessions?"Raina Roberson pointed to a few students sitting near her and said, "Mr Stephens, you should check the people sitting next to me."Keagan Stephens looked at the papers in his hand, scanned the faces of a few students, and then stopped at one table."Kai, why are you staring at that table? Got a headache or something?""Stephens, it was me," Kai Cunningham kept his head down, stammering. "I threw the paper."Keagan Stephens was taken aback by Kai's admission because he was a model student. His teachers were very sympathetic to him. Despite not having a wealthy family background, Kai had entered the school
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