Rise of The Heir Consortium

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Rise of The Heir Consortium

By: Earl OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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George was the bullied and belittled son-in-law of the River Family who was forced to divorce his wife but was unjustly dismissed from his job because he was a peasant. However, when all hopes seem to be lost and George has lost everything including his wife, he discovers that he is the heir to the Hawthorne Consortium. Nothing is ever going to remain the same as George had to take his rightful place, as the only Heir of the Hawthorne Family. He's back to the city with the only thing in his heart and that's to give the River Family a taste of their own medicine and get back at the one thing he thought he had.

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8 chapters
Chapter One: The Divorce
It was another day at Hems Corporation, George was mobbing the hallway in the company when one of the Managers walks over the already mopped floor, his shoes were muddy, he sneered at George as he met his weak gaze. "You wanna say something?" He shouted and George just shook his head. The Manager hissed and kicked the bucket, and water poured all over the floor he had taken almost an hour mopping. He chuckles, walking away, as he walks past him, he nudges his shoulder and George slipped and fell on the the wet floor, his trouser becomes soaked. One of the collegues who has been watching the scene while taking a video of it was laughing at him. George knows he was going to upload it on jibs, his social media group where George was the topic of riddicule and humiliation. He frowned at him but he doesn't say anything, George reached out to pick up his bucket, glancing around the water that was poured on the already mopped ground, he knew he had to start all over again to avoid gettin
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Chapter 2: Betrayal
George couldn't move any part of his body. Realising that, he was still stunned, Vanessa flips her hair back. "You don't even have what it takes to be a man, Where did I meet you, George? Why can't you be like Damon or a little like him, he is more of a man than you will ever be in your entire miserable life""Vanessa" George whispered as his heart squeezed, he stared at the mop stick lying on the ground for so long, a thought crossed his mind to pick it up and use it on anyone or maybe himself so he won't have to hear anymore of it."Don't even call my name, You have offered me nothing all through our marriage, I don't even want to talk about the times we lived together" Fury consumed her. "You are not a match for Damon, not today, not tomorrow or ever!" Vanessa compared her to Damon, her new lover. George blinked his eyes, that was all he could do as he couldn't form the right words at the moment, he wanted to scream so she could stop but the words were trapped in his throat,
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Chapter 3: Who are you? 
"Who are you?""It is raining heavily indeed In the city, don't you think?" Mr. Patrick asked. "Yes it is""So can we talk inside the car?"George nodded his head and got into the black SUV, he was confused but didn't bother to say a word as Mr. Patrick joined him in the car. "Reports have it that we are going to have more rainfall this season"As George got into the car, Alison, who had gone out after George signed the papers, stood behind the black SUV. When his eyes fell on the familiar broad shoulders, he could tell that he knew the figure sitting in that car with those shoulders and back.His eyes widened and he took out his phone and called his mother, Margaret."I just saw him," Alison said in a heartbeat"Slow down, Who did you just see?"Who else, mother? I saw George In an expensive car"Margaret paused for a moment before breaking into laughter from the other end."You mean George; George the loser, please, Alison you must have seen wrong. Who does that man know? He has
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Chapter 4: The Consortium
"Come with me George, There is something that I must show you, It is time for you to meet them""Meet who?" George asked as he gently pushed his wheelchair for him. Jeremy smiles, George had not realised that the wheelchair has a control button, nevertheless he enjoyed having his Grandson do it for him. "Where should I take you?" "To the Garden" As George leads Jeremy to the Garden, the cold breeze sinks through their skin. "Who are we here to meet?""Your parents, George, they are buried here" Jeremy pointed to their grave. George stared at their epitaph. His hands quivered. "Your parents were buried together, they died in this city, No one knew it would rain that day, They had just finished meeting up with the private investigators that morning, your father had a meeting and your mother tagged along. They were inseparable you know, they searched for you not knowing that you were just nearby, just around the corner"George was sad, he would have been glad to meet the beautifu
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Chapter 5: A New Beginning
"I can't believe is already half a month" George was staring at the new grave built beside his parents. The grave looked almost the same"Sometimes, I imagined it to be a nightmare that I would have to wake up to and find out that he was right here with me" He exhaled, saddened."I'm just glad you did a lot for me and even in the short while that we spent together, you were the best Grandfather anyone could ever ask for"Tears form in his eyes and George blinks. He knows he shouldn't be crying, even though he was still getting used to life as the Consortium Heir. "You were the only relative I had left, we had such a good time together, I can't believe I am back to being an orphan"His heart was heavy, nevertheless he was the new owner of the consortium and shouldn't be seen by anyone crying, otherwise they would laugh at him and insult him."I think we should go'' "You mean like right now, but you just got here""I am done for today"It was becoming too much for George to fig
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Chapter 6: It's all about Work.
"The company has made its profit over the past few months but the losses are there as well, if the Company is to continue this way, you know what it means"George was trying to keep his gaze on the CEO of the Kirkland branch this entire time, it was still a little difficult for him to look anyone right into their eyes but he knew he had to since he was the Chairman. His assistant, Sawyer, stood by his side."That's alright, what about the other company you were supposed to look into?""I did look into it, Sir""Tell me about it. However, I would not adjust the positions in the company no matter what, you can still manage it as usual, wouldn't you?""That would be an honour, Sir"The CEO felt relieved. George shot a smile at him, the only thing he wanted was revenge."How many days?""Huh? I don't understand what you are trying to say sir" "How many days will it take to purchase and take control of the company that I told you to look into" "Honestly, I don't remember such a company e
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Chapter 7: The ex-wife
"Vanessa" He whispers, he isn't surprised that she will show up, he is expecting her. However, he came for just his belongings and nothing more. George's gaze didn't part from them as he saw her get down from the car with Damon. George looks at Damon as he puts his hand around Vanessa's waist so protectively."I love this car, Damon" Vanessa had to admit as she stared at the flashy car that was parked at the gate of the House. "Yes it is, it is quite expensive you know, a car like this costs a fortune" Damon adds. He was good with cars as well along with many other things which Vanessa chose for him. "A friend of mine almost went insane trying to sell some of his assets just to buy this car but couldn't meet up. This car has a limited version and only a hundred of them exist in the entire world. Anyone who can afford this kind of car must be filthy rich or close"Vanessa and Damon stood close to the gate admiring George's car without taking notice of the figure who stood at t
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Chapter 8: The confrontatiom
As George and Sawyer sat down by the window in La Casa restaurant, one of the most expensive restaurants in the city known for their exquisite dishes, ambiance, and decor too. Booking a reservation means being part of the upper echelon hard due. Every socialite wants to dine here. Given its nice ratings, magazines want an exclusive interview with the owner but have always been unable to.“Here is the report you asked for. Mr. Sebastian will arrive tomorrow. He looks forward to working with you," Sawyer said, handing George the report.“We will see if he is worth my time and if his business is worth investing. I wouldn’t want to waste my time and money on a crappy deal.”Sipping his wine, George flips through the report.“What about what I asked you to look into, have you done that yet?”Sawyer nods her head.“According to my sources, the only reason Mr Wilson is looking for your investment was because he lost half of his money in gambling. He has incurred a huge debt and is now lookin
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