Chapter 04

[Alpha Monroe]

I think mum was right. This food tastes different from the one I eat in the restaurant.

Sira can be clumsy but I think she's a good cook.

Her food tasted so delicious. In just three minutes, I was done with the one she dished out for me. Then I dished out more for myself by digging it.

It's been a while since I ate tasty food like this.

Well, I haven't visited mum for a long time.

I quickly finished up my meal and headed back in to prepare for work.

I don't know who gave Sira the guts yesterday.

She doesn't seem scared of me.

I seriously wanted to laugh at the bitch I bought yesterday when she called her a pig.

What sort of guts is that? Gosh.

She looks so innocent yet a great talker.

"There are all the others, right?" I asked Nikki who nodded seductively.

She wore a skimpy skirt that was barely reaching her knee.

What the hell? Is it to seduce me or? Oh well. That's what I am good at.

"Okay, you can go back to your office, " I said to her.

She turned to go but her pen fell from her pocket.

I know she's doing this on purpose.

She stylishly bent down showing me her perfect ass.

I could see the colour of the pants she was wearing, Light blue. A lace-like pant that was almost exposing her pussy.

I licked my lips at the sight before me

"Nikki," I called huskily.

"Y... yeah Sir."

"Come here." She walked closer to me without any warning.

I drew up her skirt, tore her fucking pant dipping two of my fingers into her.

"Uhm, ahh" she moaned.

"This is what you want right?"

"Y... yes, I want more, oh God."

"Oh yes. There you go."

I removed my hand and took it to her boobs before I began fondling them.

I took my mouth to her right boobs with my hands spanking her butts, I bit her nipple.

She moaned in ecstasy as I pushed her on my desk.

I took off my trousers, bringing out my rod before inserting it into her.

Very roughly.

The image of Sira flashed in my head. I wish it was her I was fucking right now.

I am sure going to have her on my bed, she will be counted among the numerous ladies I have fucked.

I know she must be very sweet down there.


Holy crap.

I jumped up from the bed seeing the time, it's a few minutes to seven.

How the hell did I sleep this long like a pregnant woman?

I quickly rushed to the kitchen and began preparing dinner.

I will just have to make something easier before Monroe comes back.

I took out some noodles and eggs.

Noodles and sauce for dinner.

He won't complain, right?

After all, he didn't give me a timetable to follow.

I feel so good and alive again, I am also sure I am going to add lots of weight before I leave this house.

Lots of enjoyment, just imagine how long I have slept. The house was so boring, there was nothing to do so I had to sleep.

In a few minutes, I was done. The aroma of the noodles filled the room.

Yeah. Just on time, I heard a car honking.

That must be the Alpha.

I quickly picked up the plate I served in the dining room.

You will enjoy eating noodles when it's hot.

The door opened revealing him.

"Welcome, Sir." I greeted.

He only nodded as usual. I wonder if he doesn't know how to respond to a greeting.

Always nodding like a lizard.

Oops. I didn't mean to say that.

He dropped his briefcase, removed his suit, and handed them to me sitting down on the table.

"Keep them in my room," he said without sparing me a glance.

I rolled my eyes and left his room feeling so refreshed.

And who says enjoyment is not good? I pray my charming prince has lots of money like Alpha Monroe.

I have seen him very rich in my dream. I know he is rich anywhere he is.

I smiled and to myself trying to bring the image I see in my dream.

I am being stupid right? Well. You have to know I am stupid sometimes.

My prince charming will never be like Alpha Monroe, he won't dare carry women about and be fucking any lady he sees.

If he tries that and I get to know.

Gosh. Let's leave it till then.

Yawning loudly, I dropped his suit and briefcase on his bed and headed to the kitchen.


I am hungry.

This lady's food is just sumptuous. Wondering if her body is as sweet as her food tastes.

I licked my lips with the image of how she will look when she's clothed in nothing.

Today's Saturday and I have nothing to do.

I don't normally go out on weekends after my morning walkout.

And if I do, that's to bring home some bitches to fuck.

I changed the channel to 231 and it happened to be a horror movie.

I was so lost in the movie when a knock came on my door.

Sira ran from the kitchen to get it open. It must be Mum because I am not expecting anyone.

"Alpha Monroe." My head snapped at the voice and oh my goodness.

"Jenny." I called as her body landed on mine.

Gosh. I have missed this face.

"Goodness. Is this you Jenny? What were you eating in London?" I asked her to turn around.

"What could I have eaten, my dear Alpha Monroe?" she chuckled and hugged me again.

"You've added so much weight and look more beautiful." I complimented and she blushed.

"I know you are flattering me, Alpha Monroe "

"Of course, I am stating the facts."

"Okay. Thank you," she said sitting down while I sat beside her

"So how have you been? You didn't tell me you were coming." I said feigning hurt.

"I am sorry Alpha Monroe, I just wanted to surprise you," she replied apologetically.

"It's fine, take her bags to the last room Sira," I said to her, who was just staring like we were acting in some movie.

"I miss you so much Alpha Monroe." she pouted.

"I miss you so much too," I replied.

Wondering who Jenny is?

That's my best friend.

She is based in the UK with her parents and will visit me once in a while like now.

"Who's she?" She asked furrowing her brows.

"Don't tell me you haven't left your flirtatious ways, Monroe," she said glaring at me.

I smiled in return, I can't do without fucking ladies and she knows that.

We've been friends since childhood before they relocated to London.

"She's my maid Jenny." I chuckled.

"But you are still chasing after all the things in the skirt, right?" She asked.

I opened my mouth to talk but couldn't.

What should I say?

"God, I am so disappointed in Monroe," she said, hitting me.

"Okay. Can we not talk about that now so you can go upstairs and freshen up, then come back for lunch? I suggested.

"Yeah, I need that." She replies.

I can smell something... Sexy. 

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