Chapter 05


Jenny? I wonder who she is to him.

But why was she staring angrily at me?

Not that we've met before.

I dropped her luggage heading out when I met her halfway.

"Hey wait up," she said and I stopped.

She looks so beautiful and classy; I am sure she's from a well-to-do family.

She stared at me up to down. Okay. What's her problem?

"What's your name?" She asked, folding her hands.


"Okay, dear Sira. You are just a maid in this house and I don't like the way you stare at my man," she said and I scoffed.

Stare at who?

Her man?

She's Monroe's girlfriend?

"I don't remember glancing at you both, Miss Jenny," I replied boldly.

"First, do not ever scoff while I am talking to you, secondly, do not talk back at me you lowlife."

Seriously? Just her first day in this house?

I stared at her and smiled.

"And you are?" I asked.

Who will even drag someone like Monroe with her?

A total flirt? God forbid it for me.

"You know what Sira, I will get back to you later." she snapped and entered her room.

Only God knows how I am going to give her a small beating if she crosses my path.

later on.

I wonder why Alpha Monroe isn't at the diner yet.

He ought to have come down since.

Thank goodness that witch of a girl left Mrs. Scott's to spend the night and will be back tomorrow.

She's so proud. Arrogant and rude. How I wanted to pour the coffee in my hand on her this afternoon when she told me I don't know how to cook.

I knocked on Alpha Monroe's room and heard a faint come in.

"Good evening sir, dinner is served," I said.

He was lying on the bed.

He sat on the bed looking at me.

"I am not eating Sira but I want you to do something else for me," he said smiling mischievously.

"What Sir?" I asked.

He licked his lips as his eyes landed on my boobs.

"Did you know how hot you look in this nightie?" He asked.

I quickly covered my boobs. Crap. If I had remembered I was on my nightie already, I wouldn't have entered his room.

"What did you want me to do for you, Sir?" I asked about changing the topic.

"It's simple Sira," he said and climbed down from the bed walking towards me.

"I want you on the bed with me and you will give me a message." He says as I walk a step back.

Wait for What?

He walked closer to me and pushed me to the bed.

Is this man, okay? How can he force me to give him a massage?

"Start with your work already Sira," he whispered in my ear.

I tried standing up but he was quick enough to hold my left hand.

"I don't look like one of those ladies you bring in here Monroe, I am your maid and a rogue, not some massager," I replied.

"Okay then, if you don't want to give me a massage, maybe I should have a taste of you."


He pushed me down bringing his smelly alcoholic mouth to kiss me and I gave him a resounding slap and he held his cheeks falling beside me.

Because I work for him.

Then he thinks he can have me?

"How dare you slap me?" He fumed angrily trying to grab me again but I was quick enough to jump down from the bed.

"What gave you the guts to slap me Sira?" He asked again with fury holding his red cheeks.

"I am sorry Sir, Alpha... but you crossed your limits, the fact that I work for you doesn't make me your sex tool. I don't look like one and will never be. I am a rogue." I replied, shrugging my shoulders.

He deserves it right?

Felt wrong to do it.

But my virgin reflex is awesome.

"That doesn't give you the right to slap me, you are fired, Sira. I want you to pack your things immediately at the sunrise and leave my house, you are fucking fired, stupid rogue." He yelled and I found myself chuckling.

Is he being serious this minute?

My warrior wolf laughed.

"If I can vividly remember, I wasn't employed by you, sir. I only work for you, Mrs. Scott, Luna, employed me and only she can fire me if you must know, I am not going nowhere." I replied boldly, smirking at him.

It's odd talking to your boss in this manner, right?

Someone like Monroe needs it.

"Then be ready, I promise you Sira, I must have you on my bed like I have had others, I get what I want and you are next on my list." he snapped.

My lips opened wide in shock.

"Well Alpha Monroe, we will see to that. Good night my alpha." I replied as I smiled widely at him and left.

I am stubborn, you know?

My rogue gift.

I entered straight into the kitchen, served myself with beef, grilled cheese, sandwich, veggies topped with ice cream.

If you must know, I am a foodie. I love food more than I love myself and don't worry, I will finish all these meals in just a few minutes.

I began eating like a hungry lion, eating foods I didn't have the opportunity to eat then because of money, wow. Money is so good.

Want to give me some coins?

I'd gladly appreciate such help.

Poverty is so horrible.

There is enough food in this house and even if it gets finished, Monroe has a lot of money to supply more.

After eating to my satisfaction, I entered my room.

To sleep actually.

Oh, savours.

What more can I ask for?

Sometimes, I don't care about the work I do, it's just only in the morning I have to clean the house, then the rest is cooking.

No much work in the house.

And Alpha Monroe wants me to leave all this enjoyment?

No way that's going to happen.

I woke up with the doorbell ringing non-stop.

Who the hell comes to someone's house as early as this time?

It's freaking 5 am. What the...?

I sluggishly stood up from my bed still feeling very sleepy.

I wish I could smack the person's head.

I sleepily opened the door to see Jenny standing there looking all red with anger.

"What's wrong with you Sira? You kept me waiting for almost thirty minutes, are you okay?" She snapped and I scoffed.

Instead of her apologizing for disturbing my sleep, she's here saying rubbish?

"Of course, I am okay Miss Jenny, I should be asking if you are okay. Why will you come home this early or did Mrs. Scott, the Luna, send you away? Don't you know you disturbed my beauty sleep?" I asked.

She stared at me.

I know she feels like ripping me apart.

"D... did you just say all those words to me?" She asked, turning around.

"There's no other Jenny here or did you come with your invisible namesake?" I asked.

She was red.

Her eyes turned redder.

She pushed me away and entered the room.

This lady is so rude and I hate people like her.

I smiled.

"You are becoming a thorn in my flesh Sira, you are planning on seducing my man and now you are talking to me in such ill-mannered?" She said furiously. I just don't get how I tried seducing her man.

That thought makes me laugh.

Alpha Monroe is nowhere near my dream man.

I can never be with someone like him. That banger? Oh no, not him.

"Da." She rushed using her wolf strength but I three her off to the wall with my rogue powers.

"How did you do that?... I will make sure you leave this house Sira, mark my words." and with that, she scurried away.


Why does it have to include my enjoyment? And has this turned into a war where I am not even fighting for the Alpha's dick but have been threatened about it?

I looked at my palms glowing.

With all my hair standing in the air but now pure white, as I turned to look at the wall mirror seeing my eyes glow a bright red.

It's Abnormal of me.

Am I just a rogue?

Or something even deadlier.

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