Chapter 06

[Alpha Monroe]

That nerve of a girl. Where on Earth did The Luna pick her from?

With that innocent look, she's a very stubborn person beneath it.

I can't believe she dares to slap me.

I mean a slap.

She freaking slapped me.

Even The Luna has never for once raised her hands on me.

No one else has, she's the first.

I will make her pay for it; I will make her regret it.

She wouldn't leave, right? Well, two can play better.

"Alpha Monroe." my door burst open revealing angry Jenny.

She sat furiously beside me on the bed without saying a word.

"What's wrong Jenny? No good morning? Did the Luna upset you?" I asked knowing well that can't happen.

The Luna loves her some much like a daughter and wouldn't let an ant pass by her.

" Isn't it that lowlife maid of yours? She has the guts to talk back at me, I don't like her Alpha Monroe, I don't want her around this house, I hate her." she blurted out.

Sira? Gosh.

"I am sorry Jenny, d..."

"I want you to fire Alpha Monroe, get her fired," she said and I shook my head.

I wish I could do that. The Luna will be very mad at me and that Sira girl won't leave.

"I am sorry Jenny, only The Luna can.  But trust me, I will talk to her, okay?" I spoke.

She stared at me and hugged me tightly.



"Can we not talk about this The Luna?" I spoke. I shouldn't have visited.

I only came to apologize to her for the other day.

I know it's been almost two weeks but I still have.

I don't even have enough time and The Luna wouldn't let me be with marriage this and that.

I am still very young and I love my bachelor life.

I can't stop having those sweet ladies under me.

I know within myself I can't get married, not now because I won't be faithful to her.

Right now, some bitches are waiting for me at the office.

Jenny will be mad if I bring them home so yeah. The office will be better.

"You are not getting any younger Alpha Monroe, I need you to get married to a woman who will make you leave this life you are leaving," she said hurt.

I know she doesn't like the way I live but I just love it that way.

I will change when the time comes.

"But I haven't found the right woman for me The Luna." I groaned.

"How about Jenny? She's been your friend since childhood, she's loving, caring, protective of you, she loves you, Alpha Monroe, isn't she good enough for you?"


I love her but never thought of settling down with her.

I love her as a sister and friend.

I have never read the meanings of our relationship.

I know she has a feeling for me but I don't want to settle down with her.

I will end up breaking her heart.

"She is good, okay, but...  it's not her, I have never thought of that The Luna " I said sincerely.

We've been friends for a meaningful time now and I don't want to ruin it by getting married to her then possibly leave her thereafter.

I know that must happen.

"I love her and will want her as my daughter-in-law Monroe, she's beautiful and of high standards too if that's what you want in a woman."

"The Luna..."

"You are getting engaged to her son, I already sent a proposal on your behalf, good thing your breed of a wolf can pick a mate."

W... what?

[Sira P.O.V]

"Don't you get it, I need a burger and fries, not this thing you prepared, “Jenny said, staring at me and the meal with disgust.

God knows I am being quiet because I don't want to murder someone right now.

"Really? What's wrong with you having fries and chicken soup for lunch?" I asked.

She Scoffed passing me an irritating look.

What's her problem huh?

"What are you paid for Sira? To cook and take care of the house so why are you complaining? I have the right to choose any food I want to eat " she snapped.

"Of course, you do miss Jenny but I won't be the one to prepare it for you. If you don't like this, then you are free to enter the kitchen and make one for yourself."

I replied and she stared widely at me. I didn't kill anyone, right?

"Are you mad Sira? Did you know you are just a maid here?

This is my man's house and I have the right to talk to his maid and send her too " she said standing up.

I seriously don't want to pick a fight with her. I am not in the mood.

My anger is very possessed more than a deadly spirit

"It's better you bring in your maid Miss Jenny, I was paid to serve Mr. Alpha Monroe not you"

Before I could understand what was happening, she slapped me. Wait. This must be a dream.

It can't be real because I will surely kill someone for the first time.

[Alpha Monroe]


"You there, oh God."


"This is heaven. No seventh heaven."



The slut I don't know her name kept moaning in my ears as I fuck the hell out here.

I turned her around and withdrew my rod out of her taking my mouth to her horny pot eating it.

She tastes so good.

My hands on her boobs and I played with her nipples.

"Oh. Ahh"

"Alpha Monroe."

"I have always loved you."


She moaned as well began eating her horny pot roughly till I was satisfied.

She made me lay on the desk. Well in my office as I said.

I laid on the desk as she took my dick in her hand stroking it slowly before taking my full dick into her mouth giving me a blow job.

I closed my eyes enjoying the pleasure I was having. It's been a while since I was last given a blowjob.

She licked every part of my dick and I couldn't help but let out a loud moan.

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