A Train to Kokoshi

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A Train to Kokoshi

By: Giona Lebraco CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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A young boy named Robin Molth is normally living his life in the poorest places of Piterbern City when one day, he accidentally sets foot on a big, dirty drainage hole. There is nothing but garbage when out of nowhere, he hears small voices around. He walks farther into the darkness and surprisingly comes across an old trainwreck. Young Robin, who has never ridden a train before, is evidently mesmerized. But by the moment he gets on the train, the place suddenly lights up and a rumbling under the ground is heard. The train sets off on a new voyage, transporting the young boy to somewhere he can only imagine in his dreams before. What do you think will the otherworld bring him? A TRAIN TO KOKOSHI novel by Giona Lebraco Genre: Fantasy, Adventure


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113 chapters
I: An Old Trainwreck
“You shall find magic everywhere once you become a dreamer.”   CHAPTER I: An Old Trainwreck; First Peculiar Experience      I WOKE UP without knowing that this day would be different.      Still, it was the same shards of light that blinded my view when I looked up at the sky. A little morning greeting from the heavens, I must say. I then wrapped myself with my usual dirty coat and trod out my tent, eyes puffy and hair frizzy. Yet I kept my mind refreshed. What another bright day to explore the world now.      I caught the shimmers of the vast sea with my eye, and I breathed the air of mist. The clouds seemed to be thin and the birds were lively. The sound of waves and the salty breeze seemed to awaken me from my doze. And I gave off a
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II: Old Man with Horses
“You don’t just fuel your ideas. Your ideas fuel you.”   CHAPTER II: Old Man with Horses; You Have Amnesia, Prince Sigmund      FAIRY TALES DON’T exist, I have known. It is all but fantasy. When I was young, I was told that they are mere illusions put into words. A made-up idea to fuel children’s imagination. To inspire creative people into building something beautiful with their bare minds.       But right now, somehow… I thought I could start believing it.      First thing I spotted by the time I awoke was the foreign environment I was in. The smell of air was different. The sky was unfamiliar. The sea was gone. T
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III: Kingdom of Kokoshi
“A poisoned truth equatest o a magic lie.”   CHAPTER III: Kingdom of Kokoshi; A Woman In Suit      THE CASTLE WAS located at the center of the whole Kokoshi town as I had perceived. The thread of hills I saw from the port earlier today wasn’t the end of the road, instead it hid the entirety of the chateau.      In between two hills, stood up a high, heavy-looking, wooden gate. With iron bars clasping it together, and spiky metals on the above tip, it looked tough and finely compressed—just as it should be. Beside the gate, sat one gatehouse, which I assume to be where the knights settled to guard the entrance.
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IV: The Army and His Troupe
“Playing the role of someone else is hard, until you start forgetting who you are.”   CHAPTER IV: The Army and His Troupe; Details About the Country, Donn Heriota       ON THE SECOND crimson-carpeted floor of the cobblestone castle situated yet another big chamber. I was inside. We were inside: Raul, Beto, and I, with this young warrior lady. She followed us up here in the room where the king and queen presently occupy. I had no problems with that. I couldn’t care less about anything except the way I had to bestow myself to the bloodline, claiming I sure am their child.      I was looking at the two most important people of the town right now. Their eyes were on fire—not the type that could burn me alive. It was filled with compassion and woe and tender
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V: Poisoned Arrows and a Flying Eye
“A mystery is a tribute to another buried mystery people gave up unveiling.”   CHAPTER V: Poisoned Arrows and a Flying Eye; A Sudden Death of a Comrade      I THOUGHT THESE veins around my brain could rupture from so much anxiety. I have never felt so nervous my entire life—not even in those stupid singing competitions I have participated in at school before. I was known to be a composed person, and if I ever try to goof around (which is rare), I make sure it is only when I am with my very trusted friends.      But right now? I don’t think I’m still the same person I used to be.      “Hey, are you alright?” I’ve got no clue about how I could still pull myself together if this
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VI: Chaos of Yesterday Lies Tomorrow
“There is nothing more dangerous than knowing nothing.”   CHAPTER VI: Chaos of Yesterday Lies Tomorrow; A Message on the Black Paper      IN THAT EVENING, the diners were immediately told to go back to their units. I encountered Raul and Beto on my way from the hall and they didn’t seem to understand the situation. Too bad, they were just about to eat and this happened. I did not have the time to explain the details to them anymore, for Meredith was bossing me around. We had to report it to the King and Queen right away after all, as we should. So I commanded some maids to entertain the two and never let them go home with empty bellies instead.      We found the King and Queen in the middle of some business. An
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VII: Before the Big Event
“Forgetting about a problem does not mean solving it.”   CHAPTER VII: Before the Big Event; Preparations and the Big Waterfalls      “I GOT AN important report from the two other kingdoms…” I started, looking at them intently. “It was relayed to me by Mother. They made contact yesterday afternoon and she learned that the poisoning also happened not only in this town but as well as to the other two.”      “Oh my God,” Salina reacted. “This is getting crazier.”      Ragen nodded. “It makes things more complicated, but somehow, also leads us one step ahead,” he pondered.   &nb
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VIII: Betrothed
“And like dandelions, life can be beautiful too, if you wish to seek the beauty in it.”   CHAPTER VIII: Betrothed; The Unexpected Revelation      BY THE SUN was on its way up back with the clouds again, was also when we finally reached a shade—which was the gatehouse. I was not particularly fretting about the load, nor the heat from the sun. I am used to this. I used to work in a hotter temperature than this in a certain market of Piterbern, with two sacks of either farm vegetables or field corn on my back, loading and unloading cargoes, and even assigned to clean a particularly wide stinky area in the market when one of the merchant’s assistant was not around. Of course, I would never decline a task, especially when I know I need extra money. I was that diligent before. <
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IX: Festival of the Witch
“Happiness is there, but finding it is not as sure as you thought it is.”   IX: Festival of the Witch; Each and everyone is invited to Cuisine a La Grandé      SIXTH OF OCTOBER in a weirdly no particular year timeframe: that was what the calendar suggested to me when I tried to check it in my chamber. I even asked some of the butlers I passed by and their answers were all the same.      Today marked the traditional celebration of the Festival of the Witch. I don’t know who exactly this witch they were trying to offer this festivity to, was this their religion or something? Or perhaps a god that they fear for taking their live
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X: Besieging the Royal King and Queen
“It does not only take bravery, but also the capability of you embracing that certain something you only fear to face before.”   X: Besieging the Royal King and Queen; Robin Asking for Consent      “WHAT IN THE world do you think you are wearing?!” I quietly hissed at him. I swallowed and gaped my lips. How in the world!      Ragen was almost unrecognizable. With his thick brows covered in makeup, concealing both, with his nose gotten long and pointy, with his teeth crooked—one of them was literally shining gold, his hair long and frizzy, his body hidden completely under thick dark clothes, and with
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