Plundering In The Apocalypse

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Plundering In The Apocalypse

By: Dakshay OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Do you know if your current life will always be the same? No, it will change sometimes it may be small change sometimes big. The World suddenly changed as the Apocalypse started and monsters started appearing. It was chaos. When all hope seemed lost for humanity. Humans started gaining abilities to fight those monsters. In this chaotic world. Shin gained the ability to plunder. "I'll reach the top of the world. I'll become the strongest." Follow Shin on his journey to reach the top with many twists along the way.

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23 chapters
Start of the New Beginning
'Where am I?....''....What's going on?'In the back corner of the yellow bus, in between the seats, a dark-haired boy was crouching, making himself as small as possible trying his best to hide from someone or something.There were visible bruises and scars spotted all over his body. A gut-wrenching sobs tore through his lungs as his body started shaking in fear."Uwahh."*Clack!!**Clack!!*"Hieek"Even the smallest sound he heard was enough to make him tremble in fear. His heart was beating loudly through his chest and he might encounter hyperventilating at this rate.*Tap! Tap!*'Someone's closing in, Is it a person or those nasty creatures' He thought to himself while tears started falling down his eyes.Every second was like hours to him. He could even hear the sounds of his heavy breathing. Sometimes he could hear the cries of people coming from outside. Wailing in pain, cursing, and dying at the hand of those creatures. He was afraid. He was afraid of dying like this. His lif
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My Regret.
(Shin's POV)After a few minutes of pestering, Simon finally calmed down and we started watching a movie, a boring one at that. Well from my point of view at least.'I don't get it. What's the point of this romance bullshit. Isn't that actress way too pitiful and also arrogant.''Why the hell is she this arrogant, When she can't even afford proper food?'In the movie, which we were watching. The female lead had a terrible character. She was poor so I pitied her, but she was also quite arrogant and bad-mouthed the main character for bumping into her. Even though it was a mistake and he apologized.And'Why would the main character find it amusing and start loving her?'Am I the weird one here? 'I don't get it, I seriously can't understand their logic.'I turned towards Simon who was crying happily over their romantic struggle, solving family problems, and happily marrying at the end.'Look at this idiot crying over their happy ending.'Let me be clear it's not like I am not happy with
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Inside a double-storeyed house. In the dining room, two figures could be seen sitting opposite to each other at the dining table. One was a boy with red hair with a tall build, and on the opposite end of the table was a doll-like girl with obsidian black hair and beautiful purple eyes. It was Simon and Elena. The room was completely silent and both had grave expressions on their faces. If not for her little hand movements anyone could have mistaken her for a sculpture. Closing her eyes for a brief moment, she soon opened them again. A face appeared on her mind. It was Shin. A worried look flashed across her face and her brows knit together, but soon calmed down. She turned her focus toward her brother sitting in front of her. He continuously tapped on his phone with an anxious look in his eyes. She opened her small mouth to something but no words came out. She wanted to console him. But she didn't know what to say. After the announcement was made regarding murders. Soon a second
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True Despair.
In the Northern sector of the Aston city. The number of monsters was by far the highest compared to all the other areas. The situation was dire, death counts were increasing rapidly by the minute. Even though many people grouped up and tried to suppress the monster's attack. The casualties were by no means low and the swarm of monsters soon entered the locality after breaking through the barricade. Those monsters were on a rampage.Screams of pain and agony could be heard from everywhere. Amid this chaos, a majority of them had lost their family members and there were those who had lost their will to fight. Some of them had lost their body parts; forced amputations, and were left handicapped. Whereas, others suffered the most painful death, by either getting stomped on or eaten alive without any means to break free. Each passing minute adds to their suffering and the number of deaths kept increasing.The nice weather and the cool winter afternoon which should have been like any oth
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My Status Points.
Two emotionless mystic blue eyes were directly staring at the dead bodies of two monsters lifelessly laying on the ground. Shin's smile was equivalent to a devil's grin, which scared the monster down to its core. It became even more apparent after seeing the messages floating in front of him.[ You have killed 2 goblins ][ Plunder activated ][ You absorbed 5 stat points ]Soon the grin on his face faded as he started to ponder something. "Status board," Shin muttered in a low voice.*Klink!****[ Name- Shin Wolner][Age - 20][Title - 1st awakened ][ Level - 1 ][-Stats-][STR - 19] [AGI - 10] [DEX - 5 ][Stamina- 5][ Bonus stats - 5 ][Special ability - Plunder]***After some deep thinking, Shin decided to use his bonus stats to increase his agility this time. Shin wanted to balance his other stats too. But for now, increasing speed and strength was crucial.[AGI - 15] [ Bonus stats - 0]After increasing his agility. Shin felt his body getting lighter. "How fascinating." Shi
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The Oath.
"What am I seeing? Am I dreaming? Is this humanly possible?" Two beautiful emerald-colored eyes widened in shock while observing the scene in front of her. Her mouth was agape. She was in disbelief. She couldn't process the happenings in front of her.Anna didn't know what to think or feel anymore. Even the sudden appearance of monsters didn't shock her as much, as when she saw Shin's actions with her eyes wide open. She didn't want to miss a single thing. The person who was her savior. Whom she thought is going to die surrounded by monsters? Not only did he survive. He was moping the road with them. It was a massacre, and he was the one doing it not the monsters. They were not his match at all.She couldn't help but feel pathetic. She blamed herself for being weak. If she was that strong. She could have saved someone's life. Instead of being the one getting saved.Anna saw Shin swinging his iron rod like a blade and defeating them, even with his blunt weapon, the force behind every
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Predator's eyes.
A black-haired young man with mystic blue eyes could be seen staring blankly in the air. As he was the only one who could see the notifications popping out in front of him on a translucent blue floating screen._________________________[You have killed a Corpse eater.][You have leveled up.][ +10 Bonus stats for leveling up.][Plunder activated][You have absorbed 5 stat points.][You have absorbed a skill 'Predator's eyes']_________________________Shin raised his eyebrow as he read the contents of the messages. Soon his eyes widened in shock.As soon as he read the name of the monster he got a general idea about it. Shin's disgust towards those monsters Increased drastically. He turned his attention toward the dead body of the corpse eater, his eyes full of disdain and disgust at that monster.Just by seeing his appearance, Shin wanted to bring him back to life, just to kill him again.But he knew he should calm himself down. His emotions are affecting his decision process. So Sh
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A Teenage Girl.
***[ Name- Shin Wolner ][Age - 20][ Title - 1st awakened, Maniac ][ Level - 2 ][-Stats-][STR - 30] [AGI - 22] [DEX - 5 ][Stamina - 10][ Bonus stats - 60 ][Special ability - Plunder][Skills - Predator's eyes (F) ]***Eyeing his status board for a while. Shin decided to increase his stats and try to stabilize them. He wanted to maintain some balance between his stats.[STR - 35] [AGI - 35] [DEX - 20 ][Stamina - 25][ Bonus stats - 12 ]Feeling the changes in his body Shin felt great. His body felt lighter like he could even jump up a floor of the building with some little effort. His body felt refreshed.Shin's gaze turned towards his blade as he felt a familiar feeling for some reason. His hand movements were smoother and he wasn't as clumsy as before. Even though he didn't know any techniques for weapons. His swings were smoother. He felt he could use it more efficiently.Shin again started heading in the direction of his home. He could have already reached there if not fo
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The Name's 'Alice Kayden'.
Author's note:- Some of you might get confused but please keep on reading. Don't miss out on the later fun by judging half-heartedly._____________________________________________________________________________________________Hello everyone. Nice to meet you all. I am Alice Kayden. I am 16 years old. I am a high school student at the Aston Private Girls academy.Studying can be a little hard sometimes. But I am managing well. The teachers are strict and I don't have many friends, but my life is going pretty well. My grades are also improving constantly. I might be able to get to a university of my choice.My mom had been happy nowadays. Her work is going well and we might be able to improve our lives from now on. Yeah, our lives have been pretty hectic so far. There were just problems after problems.A few years ago, my Father left my Mother and me and ran with another woman. He took a massive debt which later on came to my Mother's head.She was struggling very much. She started se
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The Day I Lost Everything.
(Alice POV)Inside the Donald's Cafe in the Northern sector of the Aston city. The people were panicking. Because of the sudden appearance of monsters, they started losing their reasoning.It was a total mess. Not knowing what to do or where to escape, their unstable minds couldn't think of a proper solution. They just started running in whichever direction they could or followed others who ran first.I turned to look at my mom, Who was quietly standing beside me crying in stress. I grabbed her hand tightly and smiled while saying."Everything will be fine mom. Don't worry."Seeing my smile she calmed down a bit. As my mom calmed down, I turned to look at Mr. Robin. Who was looking at the scene outside but was also very angry at my Ex-father as he was grabbing his collar?"Mr. Robin leave him. Let's get out of here first. There are many monsters outside. If we stay in the cafe we will be cornered very soon. Let's find a safe place to hide."Hearing my words he nodded in approval. The
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