A Difficult Landing.

Lieutenant Jeremy took my helm to guide me to land on the RA. A massive task for me, because I was built to survey planets while being in the orbit of the planet. I was not worried about the hull damage, but during my flights with my creators, one scientist told my commander not to land in an oxygen-rich atmosphere, because the exhaust plasma can burn up the atmosphere. I mentioned it to the engineer who took care of my wing. He set up a cooling adapter to my exhaust port that cooled down the hot plasma and recycled it into liquid helium and hydrogen. Later those hydrogen and helium would have been transported to human facilities where hydrogen was used in energy generations helium was used for scientific experiments.

I was ready to glide down. My helm officer Jeremy was there, guiding me, he was a very talented pilot. He was born in space, from age 7, he started space capsule racing and at the age of 18, he won the United Formula-S championship. He was perhaps the most experienced p
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